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Review by Arda Denker on 14th August 2019
Zest Property Management, 132-134 Great Ancoats St, Manchester
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I have written a review before when I first moved in. Now this is an update to that which will include how my 1 and a half month experience changed my views.

Since all I wrote before was everything what's good about the property and agency services, I will be writing a shorter review that is about what happened this past month.

So first of all, the house was supposed to be "fully equipped" which includes all cutlery and crockery as well as iron/ironing board. However, this wasn't the cas

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Review by Maxi on 13th August 2019
Pavilion Properties, 128-129 Lewes Road, Brighton
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As far as payments go everything went smoothly. However me and 3 other tenants had to pay nearly £200 each in agency fees on top of the £600 each deposit. The house we lived in for the first year was £466 each pm without bills and when we were asked to renew they tried to scam us into a £160 each increase add on saying it would include bills and a gardener and cleaner neither of which we needed and they'd only show up once a month. We managed to reach an agreement having worked out our bills

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Review by James Thomason on 16th August 2019
Mark Antony Estates, 82 London Road, Warrington
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I had previously sold my property through Mark Antony Estates back in 2016 and I found the staff to be friendly, and knowledgeable. The property was sold for the full asking price and was sold very quickly as well.

This year, I was looking to purchase a three bedroom semi-detatched house in Warrington, Cheshire, and I saw a property for sale with yourselves and I knew from the outset that everything would run smoothly due to my dealings with yourselves when I sold my property previously.

I ma

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Review by Adam Carter-Jones on 15th August 2019
Rickard Chartered Surveyors & Estate Agents, 17\/18 Laburnum Terrace, Ashington
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Rickard Ashington
RE 18 Rothlea Gardens, Stakeford

Not only were the owners of this property a disgrace, the staff at Rickard became ignorant, dismissive and patronising.

Long story cut short:

We did everything required; we requested a completion date of 1 September to help the owners and Rickard (it was supposed to be 16 September) and we kept Rickard updated weekly, sometimes daily, every step of the way.

The owners of this property were and are very difficult people to deal with.

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Review by Judy on 18th August 2019
Easthams & Co, 206 Black Bull Lane, Preston
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As a tenant with Easthams for 2 years, we have been met with unprofessional and abrupt emails from staff when leaving the property.

The process at the start of the tenancy was good and largely problem free. We ensured we had sufficient photos taken with our camera for comparison as the check in tenancy agreement photos are thumbnail blurry black and white photos.

During our 2 year tenancy, regular 3 monthly house inspections took place and the Easthams agent made lots of notes on iPad. Th

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Review by Ellie Louise on 15th August 2019
Accommod8, The Basement, 66 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool
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WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS AGENCY TO MY WORST ENEMY. I can guarantee that no matter how nice the flat/house is you're viewing, it won't be worth the promised aggro this company will put you through your whole tenancy. We have had to contact Liverpool Student Homes multiple times throughout our tenancy because this agency is so awful. Would recommend using other agencies such as ADDRESS PROPERTIES instead or staying in halls.

The whole team at Accomod8 take the approach that all students are stu

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Review by Emily S on 15th August 2019
Unity Lets, 96 North Hill, Plymouth
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They make every excuse up in the world to get money from their tenants, firstly dani said the property was £410 a week, and as soon as I liked the property and signed the tenancy agreement it went up to £464 conveniently. They said they’d charge me for wet wipes in pipes which wasn’t anything to do with me considering I don’t use them. And their tenants smoke weed in the property, which they never bothered about, I could smell it in my room 247 and they couldn’t care less, they only ge

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Review by Max jank on 15th August 2019
Kelway Law Estate Agents, The Old Bank, Beacon Hill Road, Hindhead
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Absolutley awful first experience with Kelway, and if only the landlord knew just how shoddy of a company we've been forced to deal with, I'm sure they would have pulled out years ago.

Our Viewing, Liphook Branch: Estate Agent couldn't open the door, so after 5/10 minutes of dead silence whilst she tried... I had to step in and open it for her. She handed me the keys and probably didn't realise I had them on my possession for the entire afternoon until I offered to give them back. She didn't

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Review by Claudina angelino on 14th August 2019
Accord Lettings, West 2 Suffolk Street Queensway, Birmingham
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Avoid, avoid, avoid!!!
Cannot imagine a worst experience!!!!
After signing the tenancy agreement, you will be all on your own. If you need anything from them during the tenancy, they will not give you any response, you are completely on your own. If anything needs to be repaired, they will not reply, be prepared to fix anything that needs to be fixed on your own. They say that they have a ticket system, but nobody ever replies after you raise a ticket. Better be a handyman if you rent with th

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Review by Virender Jamwal on 13th August 2019
Sanderson James Ltd, 902 Stockport Road, Manchester
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Hi all
I wanted to view a property at monton street in M14, the guy at the office said that the owner is willing to accept 165000 pounds ,
Then another guy called Chris at the Stockport office cancelled the viewing for the property scheduled for Saturday and said u can view on Tuesday , on a day before viewing he phoned and said we cannot show you the property as the tenant in the property is out of the town ,and the owner is willing to accept anything above 175000 for the property ,advertise

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