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Review by Sili Tian on 22nd September 2020
Life Residential, 11 Flagstaff House, London
Would you use this agent again? No

I decided to contact LiFE Residential as my friend had a positive experience with them last year. Unfortunately for me, my experience is the complete opposite. My lettings agent was Harry at Nine Elms and experienced several issues with him:

1. Lack of Communication/Professionalism - He was communicating well at the beginning but later on he would not reply to my WhatsApp questions or requests for days, and when he did the response would be vague so I would have to ask further clarification. O

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Review by Daisy on 23rd September 2020
Rockford Properties, 50 Castle Street, Dundee
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Rented from Rockford for about a year and a half. disclosed my disability early on, not that it made a difference. The flat sucked but it was cheap & I could see it sucked at the viewing (although they definitely didn’t clean or decorate before we moved in). During the tenancy they were useless, we had issues with antisocial behaviour from drug users that they were useless to help, basically told me it was my/the councils problem. They also left us with one single electric radiator (plug in) f

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Review by W Lynch on 22nd September 2020
Purplebricks, Suite 7 First Floor, Cranmore Place, Cranmore Drive, Solihull
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Please do yourself a HUGE favour and do not use to sell in London.
I am in the middle of a huge complaint with our purplebricks experience and I would strongly recommend not getting sucked in by the cheap costs of Purplebricks, they are crooks and you must AVOID. They have also tried to remove this review from trustpilot and claim to have contacted me about it, which is 100% a lie.

A quick summary of the issues I came across in my sale and I have now sadly left them to go with another agent

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Review by India Picton on 22nd September 2020
H A M Estates Ltd, 88a Tottenham Lane, London
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I moved into my current property 5 weeks ago and a number of jobs which were promised to us upon arrival are still incomplete. My bedroom which faces the main road still has no curtains which we have been told would come almost every week. I have not been able to dress in private and have sleep deprivation from the street lights and early morning. The sun comes in after lunch and the bay window makes the room into a greenhouse and completely uninhabitable. While the office staff appear friendly

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Review by Alexandra on 24th September 2020
Cluttons, 73 Sloane Avenue, London
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I’ve given one star because that’s minimum you can. I’ve been so excited to move in a flat advertised by them and send the deposit and the rent signed the contract been told the check in will be done the next day so packed everything and was waiting to move in. Last minute I received a call from Alys such a rude lady saying that we didn’t pass the credit references and she can’t have us as tenants not even when I offered to pay 6 months upfront because I needed to move the next day as

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Review by Magdalena Lubinska on 24th September 2020
Purplebricks, Suite 7 First Floor, Cranmore Place, Cranmore Drive, Solihull
Would you use this agent again? No

One star is too much!
First time we rented a property through an agency, and it will deffinitely be the LAST time. They are the worst. They find a way to contact you when they need something, they will even find time to email you at midnight with urgent matters, but when you are looking for an explenation, or for any help, you have to email them multiple times, and it takes them days to answer, and if they do at all, their answer was to contact the Landlady...

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Review by Chloe on 22nd September 2020
Manners Residential, 26 High Street, Woking
Would you use this agent again? No

I did not make a complaint at the time but after receiving an email of the property we already viewed I feel justified in doing so.

My friend and I viewed a property in Knaphill on 28/07/2020. Our original viewing time was meant to be in the morning as we were viewing other properties in the area that day and had lined them up in accordance, I was emailed an hour beforehand telling me that this had been cancelled with no explanation as to why, I then rang their office to be told that they co

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Review by Wenhuan on 22nd September 2020
DaBora Conway, 9 High Street, London
Would you use this agent again? Yes

I have just exchanged contract. During the process Anthony and Jamie were very quick to answer my questions and explain things to me. They also did very well in checking on the solicitors.

I have lived in 3 continents, Asia, America, Europe and now UK. The process here surprised me most, in that a 1-week long process in some countries with more legal protection turns into a 2-month+ one here.

Note that I only viewed 1 property and bought it.

1. Anthony and Jamie are very professional, e

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Review by B Hussain on 25th September 2020
British Homesellers, Suite 5 Arquen House, 4-6 Spicer Street, St Albans
Would you use this agent again? Yes

Despite the difficulties caused by lockdown earlier this year, British Home Sellers managed to maintain my chain and complete the sale of my property. I found the process of signing up, determining the sale price and producing the marketing material smooth. British Home Sellers arranged a number of viewings in my case, and fairly soon after the marketing began, so I personally never had an issue with a lack of viewings. Please do note that, given British Home Seller's business model, you will be

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Review by Lizzelle Wiltshire on 23rd September 2020
Davis & Gibbs, 36 Brixton Road, London
Would you use this agent again? No

-100 stars if possible. AVOID AT ALL COSTS

I'll be reporting this scam to the police, citizens advice bureau, other supporting systems and every news outlet.

59A Richborne Terrace

We lived in an unsafe and unlivable property with a completely unsafe landlord who doesn't understand his responsibilities in contract. Davis and Gibbs take no responsibility and now he's trying to keep our deposit.

He claims everything wrong with the flat that we tried to contact him about is our fault e

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