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Review by Alessio on 17th May 2017
Shaws Estate Agents Ltd, 49 Palliser Road, London
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Very bad experience with this agency, especially in the last period when we (me and my brother) needed to leave the house to move abroad.

At the beginning of the rent they forgot to give us the inventory and, although I understand it was our fault to realise it too late and never asked for it, we were never aware of what was written there, giving full trust to the agency.

At the end of the tenancy, we received an email with a lot of deductions (from the deposit) related to something that was a

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Review by Katie Weston on 16th May 2017
Hunter & Bloomfield, Docklands Business Centre, 10- 16 Tiller Road, London
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Renting from Hunter & Bloomfield was one of the worst experiences of my life. I was paying �675 a month for one room in a poorly maintained (glass in the front door replaced with MDF, everything needed a second coat of paint, kitchen window covered up with tape, no bathroom blind, very tatty shower curtain) flat with no living room and a kitchen that was so small the door wouldn't shut once the fridge was in, something that is sadly normal in London, but would be insane in the rest of

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Review by Onlineagentsarethewayforward on 16th May 2017
MGY, 6 Station Road, Cardiff
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If you have or want to live in Radyr, for goodness sake do not use Nicola at MGY (Michael Graham Young). I've never come across anyone ruder or more useless. We rented a house which she was managing and initially I thought she was helpful. That was until she had my signature and cash in her dirty sticky paws. Once that initial mistake of mine came to light I realised quite how awful she was and apart from telling lies, she simply cannot manage a property because she's far too busy filing her nai

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Review by S. on 21st May 2017
Cairn Estate and Letting Agency, 34 Gibson Street, Glasgow
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I had the misfortune of having to deal with this letting agency for 3 years. I have rented 9 flats over the years (many moves due to University) and have never had an issue with landlords.

Cairn have been by far the most incompetent and unhelpful letting agents so far.

Communication was horrendous. They would be far too frequently send people to the flat for various things; however they would let you know with a ridiculously short period of time; if they warned you at all! I once had a unnervi

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Review by Salina Akhtar on 16th May 2017
Hunters Estate Agents, Mabel House,10a Dartmouth Road, London
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I used Hunters to sell my property after being disappointed with two separate estate agents.
Let me tell you the results they got before I talk about my experience of Hunters:
I accepted an offer within 7 days! (other agents had it advertised for 2 months!)
The offer I accepted was 5k over the price I was asking because Hunters negotiated so well for me.
I advertised my property with Hunters at a price that was �5,000 less than the other agents and Hunters got me the price other agents coul

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Review by Murphy on 18th May 2017
Your Move, Clarence House, Tunbridge Wells
Would you use this agent again? No

Janet ? Pembury Branch, has been vindictive, she is so rude to the point, she doesn't allow you to finish, the question or the enquiry You called about, she constantly interrupts, and never allows you to finish what your saying, she seems to think she knows what you asking, half way through, so impatiently interrupts, and 98% she didn't know, and gave the wrong answer or wrong advice, so you start again, but this time, she over talks, and no matter how hard you try to continue what your saying,

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Review by AG on 16th May 2017
Purplebricks, Central Office, Avon House, 435-441 Stratford Road, Solihull
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If I could give ZERO, I would. Deciding to rent a flat in London with Purplebricks is just one of the WORST DECISIONS of my life so far which unfortunately is not concluded yet. They give wrong information for a start (wrong info about deposit during the view from Angela), they sound and look absent just because that's what they are- they are absent, they look and sound like they can't be bothered to deal with your requests it seems like they don't want to make u rent any flat. . I should have s

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Review by A would be buyer on 21st May 2017
Douglas Gribben Estate Agents, 3 Newbury Street, Wantage
Would you use this agent again? No

Avoid at all costs, has been a nightmare to deal with, poor communication and deceitful​.

After making an offer we didn't hear back for close to a week, whenever we would call we would be told that Graham would call us back but rarely did and on the few occasions he did, it would take 2-3 days.
Even once our offer was accepted no memorandum of same was issues so we couldn't start proceedings.

At the start we were told the vendors were interested in buying another one of the properties

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Review by robbo on 16th May 2017
Walker Sandford, St Georges Buildings 5 St. Vincent Place,, Glasgow
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In early 2017 I received demands for payment for bills and accounts I was not aware of.

Despite having my email address and other contact details and having returned paperwork in 2015 I received threatening letters in 2017 about unpaid bills about a property I own. I was told the correspondence had been sent to the property (they were aware it was tenanted and told me I should contact the tenant and they had various contact details for me).

When I asked for copies of the bills I was told they

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Review by nothappy on 18th May 2017
Seymours Estate Agents, 126 Station Road, Addlestone
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Very disappointed with the service we have received from Seymours. During our 16 week contract we have had three 'sales managers' 'looking after' our sale.

When we were present for the viewings they were quite frankly embarrassing. Barring a couple most of the Seymours staff showing potential buyers round were totally unknowledgeable as they had never been to the property, they didn't know all the details and in some cases even the layout. We therefore decided to take a turn at managing

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