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Review by Lucie on 10th January 2017
Ocean Estate Agents, 187-189 Whiteladies Road, Bristol
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I am writing to you hoping that an email to you will have more impact to improve the estate agents market than trying to help Ocean by sending objective feedback about my customer experience. They obviously didn't care.

In June 2015, my husband & I decided to put our property on the market. We opted to work with Ocean in Bristol, although we heard about potential bad services. We met a smiley, well-dressed estate agents who sold us that they were gonna be amazing (everybody will know about

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Review by Review 123 on 10th January 2017
City Lets Liverpool, 9 Sandy Road, Liverpool
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Please Read: City Lets are BY FAR the worst company that I have had to deal with, so I urge you to read this review before signing up to become a landlord (or potential tenant).

From the original phone call to City Lets, they cannot be more helpful. Their Sales staff are 'on you' in a flash and they talk the talk with ease and do it extremely well. They tell you everything you want to hear and assure you that 'a house like this will be snapped up on no time' - someone will definitely be in wit

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Review by AS on 13th January 2017
Maxine Lester Residential Lettings, 12 Station Road, St Ives
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Another poor review... I'd give zero if I could. From the off, I wasn't satisfied with the conduct. I'll list my issues as its easier to write.

1) Sales tactics purely to put you under pressure to sign - its first come first served policy... common tactic employed designed to make the buyer feel like they'll miss out if they don't commit. Terrible attitude to have from an estate agents.
2) Over-priced reference fees. I had to pay to reference my wife even though I was the one committing to the

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Review by Georgina on 10th January 2017
Martin & Co, 18 Market Place, Grantham
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Before we even moved into the property we had to have home insurance that covered fixtures and fittings, no where would cover that because it's supposed to come under the landlords insurance, they then said this was company policy and we had to have it. We ended up having to ask them to guide us to a company that would cover everything. We then found out a month later by my friend who rents with them in Lincoln that she didn't

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Review by M on 13th January 2017
Benjamin Fitzpatrick, 116 Commercial Street, Brighouse
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I had a great introduction when James came to value my house in order to get it on the market. He was really polite & helpful.

I was then a bit dubious about whether the service would be any good, as it took quite a while for the 'for sale' sign to be put up & then I had to call them as they had put it right in the middle of my garden, really low down, so it was not very visible to people from the road. Again, it did take quite a while & a few phone calls before it was put up correc

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Review by The Tenant on 12th January 2017
Town & Country Property Services, 81 Church Road, Hove
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This review does not apply to either Chris Arthur or Jenny, both of whom were always friendly and helpful.

I rented a studio from this agency on 30 Gordon Road between November 2014 and December 2016. The price was fine for the size and location to begin with.

Between the summer of 2015 and October 2016, the landlord, Paxform Properties, undertook a seemingly never ending, arduous renovation in the flat below me. This caused well over half a year of daily disturbance in the form of unbearable

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Review by Mark Landlord on 11th January 2017
JAC Strattons, 318-320 Regents Park Road, London
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If you are a landlord, you should seek an agency with whom you can grow your business. JAC were useful as a one off, but, curiously, they don't seem to be interested in long term relationships. As a landlord, I sought Japanese tenants and thought JAC would fit the bill. They found a Japanese family before the London Olympics for my three bed flat in SW1 and they left a few months after the Olympics to return to Japan. The property was empty for some time after that as JAC struggled to find t

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Review by TerriQ on 13th January 2017
Northwood, 78 Telegraph Road, Wirral
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Visited this branch to make an application to rent a house which we had viewed with Jillian who was lovely. I attended the meeting along with my brother, who is mentally impaired, he suffers with agoraphobia and is of a nervous disposition. We were greeted by Joanna, it was not a warm welcome regretably. Through the half an hour, we were accosted by Joanna, every question she asked was condescending and interrogative.

My brother had been really excited about the house since the viewing but left

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Review by Z on 11th January 2017
Sawyer & Co, 52 Church Road, Brighton
Would you use this agent again? Yes

Let me start this review by wishing anyone reading this a happy successful trouble-free New Year. Up to this moment I am very lucky and indeed privileged to be a tenant to Sawyer & Co for almost a year (I am very happy and satisfied with their service that I signed a further year contract). My first contact with Sawyer and Co to rent my flat was through their Brighton Branch (Kemp Town) (wrote a previous review of how wonderful that experience was), now although I am still at the same flat (

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Review by LondonByChoice on 11th January 2017
Hunter & Bloomfield, Docklands Business Centre, 10- 16 Tiller Road, London
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Stay far away from this agency! I moved to London from New York and had to find a place before I arrived - I toured the property via video call, my agent was very pleasant, and I agreed to a lease sight unseen. It was only because of this that I also had a two month break-clause.

When I arrived in London and went to the agency to sign my contact, I found the break-clause was not present and they had to write it in. They also said any guests would be £20 a night. The first signs of thin

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