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Review by rob200a on 8th August 2018
Atlantis Property, 23/24 Market Place, Reading
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I rented from Atlantis from January 2012 till November 2012. Upon paying all deposits and agency fees i signed my tenancy at there market place offices and got told that the owner would sign his part then an agent would bring me my copy to the property the day i move in as they would be meeting me at property with keys. I agreed thinking this would not be an issue, move in day comes round and i meet agent at property who states they had not been told to bring tenancy agreement at this point im n

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Review by Silas Bijan Wahedi on 9th August 2018
Linley & Simpson, 54 Street Lane, Leeds
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I contacted this agency on Monday the 6th August to ask about viewing one flat that myself and my girlfriend liked and also any other 2 bedroom flats they have available in the city centre. I was informed by Karen on the telephone that this was perfecly fine but you were fully booked on Thursday the 9th of August for this specific flat (which was when my girlfriend had a day off) and was asked if I could attend a viewing on Wednesday the 8th at 14:15pm. I had to hang up and return the call unt

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Review by Freyaew on 12th August 2018
No Agent, No Agent 65-67 Leonard Street, London
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I'm not normally one to write reviews, but my experience with NoAgent was so appalling I wouldn't want anyone to use them:

* When I first went for a viewing of a flat with them, I waited for half an hour and no one showed. I rang their office and told me the agent had cancelled it, but they did not tell me.
* We got a fixed year tenancy with them. We decided to move at the end of this. They sent me a new tenancy document to sign in the final month (which we didn't sign) and when

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Review by KG on 13th August 2018
Ullyott & Butler Estate Agents, 64 Middle Street South, Driffield
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We let two properties with Ullyotts and then listed one of them for sale with them.

The fee structure was very competitive, and they found tenants for both properties quite quickly. The ladies we dealt with were warm, friendly and professional - they did what they said they would do in a timely fashion.

One property went really well, the other was more problematic, though the only real issue we had whilst tenants were in was that the tenant kept paying late and because he wasn't on DD Uly

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Review by Ms Maria Santos on 7th August 2018
Chancellors, 215 Cowley Road Cowley, Oxford
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My experience with Chancellors has been absolutely terrible. From day one, the agent Mr. Adam McBrien booked the viewing on the house for the wrong time, sent me conflicting information, which resulted in me waiting for 2 hours under the rain. Once in the property, he made me false promises regarding the price of the property, the chance of getting a dryer, and a place to lock our bikes. He encouraged me to make an offer according to his false promises, which came back denied after almost a mont

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Review by JAVAIRIA on 8th August 2018
Regent Letting and Property Management Limited, Room 3, 1st Floor, The Shepherds Building, London
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Went through this estate agent to enquire about a flat in the Kingston area, apparently they work alongside another agent called Lucie white and company. Enquired about a property all went well with the viewing put an offer in and according to the agent 'it was the best offer' so I had hope and felt I was stress free and didn't have anything else to worry about was sent over some paper work to fill out for the tenancy form, was filled out and sent over and after this we would proc

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Review by Crippling anxiety on 8th August 2018
StudentDigz, Churchill Buildings, 128 Walter Rd,, Swansea
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This was the worst nightmare of housing. I do not have one positive thing to say about this company. When we moved in there was mouse droppings all in the cupboards and my room, as well as chicken bones which is utterly disgusting. There was a dead mouse on the 'living room' which even with pictures rs sent to the agency, they still said it didn't exist. Living there made me so ill. Nothing was cleaned before moving forward in, definately not the 'professional standard'

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Review by Jurigig on 12th August 2018
Marques, 48 London Road, Southampton
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There is no adequate way to express the utterly appalling, unprofessional and totally disrespectful service from Marques. The compulsory 'one star' is a total outrage when I consider the continued abuse suffered from Marques. I honestly don't even know where to begin... there is so much that reflects their total inability, inefficiencies, utter indifference, ineptitude and incompetence.

From accounting and management through to staff who either don't exist and are figments o

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Review by K on 7th August 2018
Ashley Samuel, 255 High Street,, London
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ASHLEY SAHNI in particular was a vile human being, a compulsive liar and a thief, he consistently lied and went above and beyond to make my time at abbey road a living nightmare, he is the director of the company and has withheld a chunk of my deposit by stealing from me for no reason.
My stove exploded on me and they refused to do a safety check even though it was their fault as I had reported burnt knobs on the stove didn't

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Review by Mr and Mrs. Rose on 9th August 2018
Village Estates, Sales - 93 Main Road, Sidcup
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I know it would be very easy at this high point to cover this report with the usual positives about all of the members of staff at Village Estates Sidcup, but I would like to actually give some real detail as to why I feel this way. They really were superstars throughout our journey. We have been attempting to move for the best part of 6 months and finally the deal has happened for us. I guess a good place to start is the beginning. Village make you feel welcome. Charlie helped us with the initi

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