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Review by Mike on 16th June 2017
Lawsons and Daughters, 404-406 North End Road, London
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Klara is the agent which have been dealing with all the viewing and contact and Ryan is the manager which I have spoken to, who also doesn't care a single thing about their customers.
Long story - Klara was 53 minutes late to the viewing. I understand London can be busy but I already rang her when she was 10 minutes late. She said she was 2 minutes away, I have made about 4 more phone calls before she arrived, all the answer I got was round the corner, be there within 5 minutes, literally parked

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Review by Filip on 14th June 2017
Gordon & Co, The Pavillion, 4 Walworth Road,, London
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Please, please, please avoid them.

This is the kind of company that you're warned about when you hear about housing in London.

We rented an apartment in the Strata building and here's everything that went wrong:

1. Ridiculous fees. Apart from referencing, you pay �360 for the contract. But this doesn't include everything, as you will pay �90 every year to extend your tenancy. Don't want to extend it? Too bad, as there's a check out fee of �90 in the contract as well. I assumed

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Review by Brooke on 15th June 2017
Moss Properties, 1 Prince's Street, Doncaster
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Describe Moss properties in 3 words:
Deceiving, Fake, Terrible
I have read through other reviews after my recent troubles with Moss, and the same statements keep coming up that they are 'friendly but useless'. This has been the case with myself.
They were quick to get us into a flat in Auckley, but once they had their money, they were done.
First problem occurred as soon as we moved in. We were told that there was going to be a washing machine in the flat, when we moved in there wasn't. It too

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Review by BarbaraJ on 13th June 2017
Hunters Estate Agents, Mabel House,10a Dartmouth Road, London
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Selling your house is one the biggest and nerve wracking things you can do in life. So after having been signed up with two Estate Agents, one of which I found to be quite underhand, I was left feeling very deflated, exhausted as well disheartened. However, that all changed the minute I walked through door of Hunters Estate Agents at Forest Hill. I'll never forget that moment, it was dark, cold and the weather was symbolic of my mood. I was greeted by David Ramadhin a quietly confident, frien

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Review by Little on 17th June 2017
Sharman Quinney, 181 Newark Avenue, Peterborough
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Never ever buy a house through sharman quinney. We paid out �600 for a broker who didn't get us a mortgage and took 6 weeks for this too! Now our circumstances have changed and its cost us the house because he took so long! His attitude stinks and he's the rudest man I've ever met. He'll blame anyone but himself for mistakes (including us!!!) and never apologises. Their solicitors aren't much better - they whack on charges for a chancel repair policy without telling you what that is sng why

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Review by jane on 17th June 2017
Whitegates Estate Agents, 3 Newcastle Avenue, Worksop
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UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO NOT GO TO SELL YOUR HOUSE OR RENT YOUR HOUSE BY WHITEGATES, WORKSOP BRANCH. THEY HAVE KNOWINGLY ATTEMPTED TO GET PAID DOUBLE THE SALES FEES. They have taken �3,000 of my money from the sale of my property in an attempt to defraud me. I sold my property through their auction agent. They knowingly took �3,000 of my money that belongs to me, and are taking the sale fee from the buyer as well. They are after �6,000 in sales fees for a property that sold for

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Review by Victim of theft on 18th June 2017
Morgans, 1 Dock Street, Leeds
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Agents obviously doesn't talk to each other and reply like I don't know what she told you but I just see there... without a confirming of the situation. So don't believe what one of them tells you because second one doesn't care !

One of the problem was they lost flat's documentation so first they tried to charge us for things we were not responsible for. In addition they sent for a check out a person who saw the flat for the first time....

Second problem was, that our check out agent(Kaity)

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Review by FURIOUS LANDLORD on 16th June 2017
Lauristons, 172 Lavender Hill, London
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I thought Foxtons were the worst State agents in London until I met Lauristons.
I will summarise my experience as a Landlord using their services:
1. Miscommunication between tenants and Landlords' needs-meaning they are only chasing the fee and don't care about both parts' needs so my relationship with my tenants started in a very bad way as they were promised/assured things I never agreed (removal of pieces of furniture), unfortunately that was only the beginning
2. First month I realised they

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Review by Myah on 15th June 2017
Tucker Gardner, 16-18 Market Place Ely, Ely
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I am a military member stationed at RAF Mildenhall, and I worked with TuckerGardner for over a month to try to rent a property in Soham. The entire experience was beyond stressful. I am new to both the military and to England's letting services, so I tried my best to let them know how the process worked on the military side.

TuckerGardner was extremely hard to contact, especially Elliot Drewery. Elliot rarely returned my calls or emails; I had to go to the office in person a couple times, just

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Review by Magdalena on 17th June 2017
Asset Residential Sales & Letting, Sirius Building, John Bright Street, Birmingham, Birmingham
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Everything was pretty much alright until we have actually signed the contract. There were issues from early beginning. First of all, when we went for the viewing the lady told us that flat will be repainted as the condition of the walls was very poor, moreover the was a massive mould around the balcony door. When we moved in we were requesting repaint multiple times however they were keep telling us they will let us know what the landlord said. The flat has never been repainted for us. Also when

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