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Review by K Kitson on 20th January 2018
Mr & Mrs Clarke, Garden Rose Cottage, Leamington Spa
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It's taken quite a while to write this review (something else always gets in the way), and particularly when you've moved in to a new house, reviewing the estate agent who handled our seller's sale, not even our own, isn't immediately a priority. However it is testament to how good our experience was with Mr & Mrs Clarke, that we did not want to neglect to review them, we owe them that much.
When we came to look at the property being listed by Mr & Mrs Clarke, we had

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Review by Ian on 18th January 2018
Zone Letting, 30 St Stephen Street, Edinburgh
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I was a tenant with Zone Letting for around 9 years. There weresome landlord issues related to the credit crunch at the time but that was more a sign of the times and I don't have an issue with the agency over this.

The process of viewing and application was simple and straight forward and Chris (not sure he's still there) was very helpful.

At the time I had a friend who was a letting agent for another firm and she told me to avoid Zone Letting as they were 'sticky' at th

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Review by Agent to the Landlord on 17th January 2018
Chase Buchanan, 20 Red Lion Street, Richmond
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Chase Buchanan would appear to be a very efficient agent but what if things go terribly wrong?

I rented a cottage in Richmond from Chase Buchanan a few months a go.

On the day of check in I met with both my landlord and the estate agent.

Whilst the landlord was checking the carbon monoxide alarm I asked to open the doors leading to the garden which didn't have a key in the lock at the time.

I pushed on them to look outside and they opened up at which point my landlord casually commented

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Review by Russell on 18th January 2018
Whitlocks Estate Agents, 229 Pagham Road, Bognor Regis
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My family and I have used Whitlock's Estate Agents on a number of occasions for the selling and rental of houses. Every time the service has been first-rate: professional, reliable and always to the utmost standards. A number of years ago my parents were struggling to sell their house through larger Estate Agents in the region, which was affecting their ability to purchase another property. As a result they turned to Whitlocks who managed to sell the property very quickly ensuring they coul

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Review by Not pleasant on 20th January 2018
Arthur Wheeler Estate Agents, 46 Regent Street, Shanklin
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My hair is actually falling out..i am not sleeping and crying due to the psycolgical form or pattern that this office practices..i am told i am dramatic or an invitation of trouble because I talk different or perhaps because of my past life or skin overwhelmed with the joint forces of one perception and the lack of diplomacy...i have been lied to consistently..and exploited for entertainment.."something for the office to laugh and talk about at the expense of my health..when I am

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Review by AGW_London on 18th January 2018
Purplebricks, Central Office, Avon House,435-441 Stratford Road, Solihull
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I have been trying to sell my property through Purplebricks for a year and have had NOTHING but time wasters. I can also confirm that other experiences listed in these review are correct, once Purplebricks have your money they lose interest in helping you sell, I have seen nothing but incompetence from my local property 'expert' and I deeply regret choosing Purplebricks. I feel a fool for not realising that, as you pay upfront, they have no incentive to sell your property. On the in

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Review by An Unhappy viewer on 20th January 2018
Hastings International, 167b Rotherhithe Street, London
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Had a HORRIBLE experience with Hastings and will not recommend it to Anyone. Whilst the Hastings team was alright and somewhat helpful towards the end, my main point of contact was Dalal, who was an absolute disaster. He was unprofessional, he went MIA after we paid the deposit and never gave us the confirmation (apparently was away on a holiday), would not respond to emails, was RUDE when spoken to, made FALSE PROMISES about the house we were meant to view and then took a Decade to refund the d

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Review by Sian Cox on 16th January 2018
Felicity J Lord, 313 Upper Street, London
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We have been extremely happy with the service we have received from Felicity Lord Islington. We asked Guy to value our house a few years ago, and were very impressed by his understated professionalism and clear understandung of the market. Although we postponed selling, Guy was a natural first choice when we decided to sell a few years later. Again, his understanding of the market was spot on, neither overvaluing or undervaluing our house, as evidenced by our getting a regular stream of viewings

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Review by Dan F on 19th January 2018
Benson & Partners Ltd, 49 Lower Addiscombe Road, Croydon
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Bensons made purchasing a flat an awful experience and they should be ashamed of their behaviour. We had an offer accepted on a flat and from that very second they were hounding and hounding us to speed up the process. We were looking for a quick move and the seller a quick sell so we were wanting to move quick on our own accord but bensons were relentless. they were calling us daily asking for updates and telling us to push through even though we were going as fast as us and the conveyencers co

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Review by Caz on 17th January 2018
Knight Partnership, 3 Red Lion Street, Stamford
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After recently ? selling a property through knights i have found some members of staff helpful & polite and others i will try and be polite here rude, abrupt uncooperative. I do feel i was mislead with the guide price, they wanted the open house within days of it being put on the internet, open house day one member of staff 15 minute slots on a large property viewings back to back all day, not enough staff or time i ended up doing viewings, some potential buyers were not happy about the 15

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