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Review by Jess on 15th June 2018
Breckon & Breckon, Twining House, 294 Banbury Road, Oxford
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When we were applying/moving in they were fine, and in general problems got dealt with reasonably well by the maintenance team during the tenancy, which is what the 2 stars are for. However, we were treated badly at renewal and particularly at the end of our tenancy.

They really dragged their heels with returning the deposit, giving very vague communication about whether the landlord planned to make deductions. Eventually, after one month, they accused us and tried to deduct for things which we

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Review by Peter Baxter - Baxter Property Services on 13th June 2018
Chelton Brown, 4/5 George Row, Northampton
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Having worked as a contractor for Chelton Brown I have seen from the inside how this Agent enforces the terms of the lease to the letter on behalf of their fee paying landlords yet is prepared to turn a blind eye and to close their ears to the cries of the vulnerable tenant who has the misfortune to find themselves in one of their managed properties owned by a rogue landlord. I have known tenants who have been model tenants, who have paid their rent on time for several years and yet find it ext

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Review by Elly on 14th June 2018
Michael Richards & Co, The Power House, Isleworth
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Mr Adam Goldwater, of MR colluded with the Chairman of Chiswick Village Residents Ltd, Mr Martin Weaver, to cause me loss of the flat that had been my home since 1974. I am a pensioner on the basic state pension. I was put into financial difficulty by having to move out, and having to meet the full Council tax for where I could not live, plus 50% penalty.

In the 10 years since MR took over the maintenance of Chiswick Village, none has been done to the exterior of my home. Photos show saturatio

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Review by The 'wife' on 16th June 2018
Homepoint Estate Agents Ltd, Unit 20 Kingstanding Shopping Centre, Kings Road, Birmingham
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Rented our property out with homepoint kingstanding. Seemed to be an average estate agency at first, once tenant moved in it went down hill. Kingstanding doesnt manage the property walsall does, people at both branches are unprofessional. Members of staff passed comments about myself to the tenant, once we found out the manager did speak to the members of staff and we were told the person wont be managing our property anymore. Well that didnt happen we still had to deal with her. The inspections

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Review by Charles on 17th June 2018
Anscombe & Ringland, 2 South Grove, London
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We went through a horrible and traumatic experience while being tenants of a property let and managed by Chancellors Highgate. Chancellors jeopardised our safety.
Last summer, on Saturday 8th July 2017, while we were away on holidays, a Chancellors contractor entered our property without our knowledge or consent. Chancellors had allowed the c¬¬ontractor to take the keys of our house without our knowledge or our consent. During several hours that afternoon, the contractor indecently exposed him

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Review by Stranm on 13th June 2018
Property People, 156 Ormeau Rd, Belfast
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The fee they charge is a disgrace, and you are not even told about it until you tell them you want the room and they send you the contract.

The room I rented looked ok at first but it soon became apparant there were many problems when I moved in, mainly that the room was not worth the £340 due to how paper-thin the walls were (house was a comlete patch-up job with no modern renovations in God knows how many years), only one small fridge for 7 people with Property People ignoring requests for a

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Review by Peter Baxter on 13th June 2018
Belvoir, The Belvoir Hatehouse 24 Victoria Promenade, Northahampton
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Richard Baker the franchise owner of Belvoir! Northampton has acted with heartless disregard when dealing with a very elderly couple in their 80's (the gentleman is suffering with Parkinson's Disease) who live next to a property managed by Belvoir!

A fence owned by the property in question blew down in January and Belvoir did nothing to repair it despite repeated requests from the elderly couple to do so. They have a cat and Belvoir!'s tenants a dog and something needed to be d

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Review by 1234ABCD on 16th June 2018
Gordon & Co, 200 Lavender Hill, Battersea
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Having read a number of negative views about Gordon & Co i was inclined to believe that the majority of these were down to clients who lacked experience in the renting market - however, sadly now I see why there is a common theme with these reviews.

The renting process initially was very easy, however having to travel from another city to sign documents when 99% of other estate agents use e-signature is very inconvenient and something which they should look at to bring the agency in to mode

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Review by Steve on 12th June 2018
Purplebricks, Suite 7 First Floor, Cranmore Place, Cranmore Drive, Solihull
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Our experience with PurpleBricks's agent Samantha Webb (West Lothian Property Expert) has been rather negative. Samantha seem to be very attentive when we were about to sign up with PurpleBricks. At the start we were quite impressed. Once we did sign up we had to come up with most of the marketing ideas ourselves, Samantha took days (a week on some occasions) to get back to us and we have been told that our house is not worth what it was valued. We were even accused of over-inflating our ho

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Review by ad2297 on 13th June 2018
Oakmans Estate Agents, 11 Oak Tree Lane, Birmingham
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I am a student living with 3 others, we decided to go to Oakmans and live in a shared student house together. At first it was a good few months (aside from the extortionate amount of almost £450 pp we payed a month) months down the line we started to see things wrong with the house that needed to be repaired, to which we would email them to fix it, they would come a do so but to such a poor standard we'd have to email again and again. On one of the occasions we asked for electrical repairs

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