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Review by Eni G. on 21st April 2017
Tate Residential, 16 Battersea Park Road, London
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My friend and I had the misfortune of dealing with this agency's top man about a month ago, Clive Gregory. You ready to read something that you never thought would happen in this day & age? We are european, I am a professional in an outstanding international corporation, my friend is a Director in Notting Hill. We had impeccable references & high salaries. From the start we had to deal with the utmost unprofessionalism & were subjected by this individual to deception, mind games and

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Review by MiguelV on 19th April 2017
PVL Properties Ltd, 27 Gloucester Place, London
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The following is my testimonial dealing with PVL Properties as a tenant at Grenbeck Court (30-34 Trebovir Road, SW5), a building that they manage.

I would not recommend dealing with this property agency, nor with the landlords at Grenbeck Court.

From my first contact with PVL Properties, their lack of professionalism and lack of honesty was very apparent to me.

Their lettings negotiator, Daniel Bojas-Marton, ignored my phone calls and messages for several days after I paid the deposit to s

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Review by MELLER BRAGGIN'S HELL on 18th April 2017
Meller Braggins, 21/23 High Street, Northwich
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The worse estate agents you will ever deal with. Please never use Meller Braggins if you want a web of lies!!

I rented a property through Meller Braggins. Before moving in I was promised multiple things by Hayden Bennett (who has now left) which did not happen.

To start with the property was filthy and was told it was apparently cleaned before moving date. I struggled to see where. The house was smelly dusty and dirty it took days to clean to a suitable standard.

I was told that the gas fire

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Review by Investex69 on 19th April 2017
Southcourt Property Management, Rivington House, 82 Great Eastern Street, London
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I purchased the full Southcourt Property (Lettings opportunity & Estate Agency add on) package plus website and ongoing support for not too shy of �500. The Estate Agency add on is not worth the paper it is written on in my opinion. Extremely basic in nature and the consumer would be better served spending an hour or so online in the property forums for more precise up to date relevant material.

Whilst trying to secure my business Southcourt were attentive and informative even if a lit

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Review by disgruntled on 24th April 2017
Leaders, 459 Hartshill Road, Stoke on Trent
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Dear current and future tenants

here is a plea for you to avoid Leaders agency.

* please read on....

"All our staff live in the local area, meaning they remain in touch with all the latest developments in the property market and are able to advise you accordingly.

The branch works with all the latest industry legislation and guidelines in mind, so you can have complete confidence in its operations.

Most importantly of all, you can be assured of a warm and friendly welcome fr

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Review by Akis Pribojszki on 21st April 2017
David Daniels, 49c Leytonstone Road, Stratford
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Disgusting!!! Our story: We moved in on 22nd January 2016. Signed a 14 month contract. On the first night the fire alarm went off in every 15 minutes, so we removed it, next day they told us to replace the battery probably that was the problem. The replaced battery hadn't solve the problem, so we put the fire alarm away. It was not a big deal, but when we moved out they charged us £50 repairing fee of the alarm! (Funny) And this was our smallest issue with them.
Next issue we signed a 14 mont

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Review by Olivia Bell on 18th April 2017
Orlando Reid, 6 Clapham High Street, London
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I started looking for somewhere to live when I got a new job and had to relocate from Nottingham to London. Having never been a Londoner, I had a nightmare trying to find the right place and had a lot of difficulties with many different estate agents.
Orlando Reid was probably the sixth agent that I started looking with, having had no end of problems with other agents trying to sell me properties that were nothing like I specified.
The first and only property that Orlando Reid recommended that I

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Review by Person123 on 24th April 2017
Gascoigne Pees, 13-15 Richmond Road, Kingston upon Thames
Would you use this agent again? No

My housemate and me lived in USA for 2-3 years renting apartment, and we never had any problems with contract, payments or service. We would have help from the agency, compromises and NONE threats to be kicked out of the apartment. I CANNOT say the same about Gascoigne-Pees. Misinformation form the agent about payments, threats to be kicked out, no help, no compromises but always trying to make problems. we were misinformed that we have to pay 6 months in advance and then monthly. They did not w

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Review by Aly Elmadany on 21st April 2017
SB Lets, 146a Church Road, Hove
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Summary: The quality of the place was not acceptable and they refused to refund me even though I didn't even stay there and I checked out immediately!! They practically stole my money!

I found a room in a hotel online that I really liked the size of the room very much and the quality of it was good ( not excellent ). So I called them and I asked for the name of the hotel but they refused to tell me except after I pay ( probably so that I can't go directly to the hotel and book for a cheaper pr

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Review by Scott on 19th April 2017
Aston Fox, 196 High Street North, London
Would you use this agent again? Yes

Well what can I say about Aston Fox? A small independent firm that come at the market in a very different way to anyone else I've ever seen! They drew us in with the no fee for vendors, which seemed too go to be true, but it wasn't! Our buyer took over the fee, so was one less thing for us to worry about and could use that money saved on decorating the new home!

But you want to know what realty won us over to use Aston Fox? It was their passion. The whole team from start to finish were impressi

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