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Review by AAAAA on 6th November 2019
Belvoir, 69 The Arches Whitworth Street West, Manchester
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Oh boy, where do I start with these guys?? For a short version of the below, simply read – DO NOT USE THIS AGENCY UNLESS YOU HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE.

Move in - When I moved into this flat, not only was it not professionally cleaned as promised, it was actually dirty in many areas. The sofas especially were disgusting. To add to this, they insisted on my paying for a professional clean at the end of the tenancy despite verbally agreeing that this could be waived earlier on in the process. If yo

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Review by Lianna Davies on 6th November 2019
Ocean Estate Agents, 201 Gloucester Road, Bristol
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I used Ocean Lettings for 3 and half years as a renter, When we had the first person who looked after our property Janna all was well until towards the end of our tenancy a man named Jacob took over.

During our year with Jacob, it took 6 months to respond to a broken tap that had rotted away and mould all over the bathroom (we had just had a baby - this was a big concern of ours)

6 months, until we said we were not going to pay our rent until something was done about it.

Our other pr

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Review by farah razavi on 8th November 2019
Searchers Letting Agency, 1043 Stratford Road, Birmingham
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I used this agent for finding a tenant as well as to manage my brand-new apartment. They were supposed to manage my property for 18 months and the whole experience has been an absolute nightmare.
In summary:
They were totally incompetent and did not have a clue about the responsibilities of a property managing agent. Throughout they acted unprofessionally and failed to fulfil any of the tasks expected of them. I considered taking legal action against them as I found them responsible for the fi

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Review by Joe newman on 7th November 2019
Leaders, 11-12 Cornmarket, Derby
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When viewing the property there was a locked door i asked what the door lead to the agent said it’s a massive cellar, the size of the house with plenty of room, I put the security deposit down and view the property a few days later, heartbroken I find a 1.5 meter tall 3x3 room half flooded (and then told me it was a flood room, even though it has a fireplace in it, how can it be a flood room with a fireplace?) at this point I still want to rent it because of its location so I continue, they th

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Review by Marc on 7th November 2019
Global House Estates Ltd, 35a St Georges Road, London
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I wanted to provide a positive review to Anthony Antoniou due to his consistent and extremely professional work with us throughout a period of almost twelve months since we've been renting a property managed by him. The rating for Anthony has to be five stars.

I feel compelled as well to provide a review for the end to end experience with Global House Estates, which unfortunately has a short rocky beginning, in which Anthony was not involved but other GHE's employees were.

In summary we ha

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Review by Steve miller on 6th November 2019
FirstPort, Queensway House, 11 Queensway, New Milton
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Like everyone else who has posted a review here I am also a “customer”, more of a victim, of FirstPort. I own a leasehold property that they “manage”. Just like other reviewers here this means that I have to pay them bills periodically and have to stump up for vastly overpriced buildings insurance. In return for this I receive basically nothing.

Like many others, I wonder why it is that the “service” provided by FirstPort is so bad. What on earth could be behind it? Where does the

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Review by Helen Angeli on 5th November 2019
Robsons, 53 Green Lane, London
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Robsons Northwood. Worst Property Management Team.
I was a tenant at a property in Northwood which was managed by the letting agent, Robsons Northwood. When I moved into the property, there was no heating, no hot water, the carpets were soaking wet, the place was damp and dirty. The Checkin company even advised me not to sign the report and the only positive for me was that when I checkout "I couldn't leave the property in a worse state". I spoke with Shirley Wells, a Director who was extr

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Review by Zena marie on 6th November 2019
Edwards (Bournemouth), 172 Tuckton Road, Bournemouth
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I've had dealings with Bournemouth Edwards and found them to be polite,Wimborne and Ferndown Edwards r amazing staff and very friendly.
However I found verwood edwards to be very in-house chatty slanderous offensive and extremely upsetting,Paul really shouldn't be an agent an his offensive wording when speaking to clients should be addressed immediately,I'm so offended by my treatment by Edwards Verwood I've been in contact with the CAB and the ombudsman,I was and still am disgusted by this bra

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Review by Vidya on 9th November 2019
1 Click Homes, 320 High Road Leyton, London
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I recently changed to One Click Homes after the end of a tenancy contract that had been handled by a different agent. For that first tenancy in my property, it took almost a month to find suitable tenants - with One Click, there were more than five viewings booked within several days of advertising, and a tenancy contract agreed by all parties before the first week was up! I had instant email notifications of viewings that were booked. I have to stress that it was very important to me that I was

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Review by Jake O'Neill on 5th November 2019
Walker Singleton, Oak House, New North Road, Huddersfield
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With walker singleton i experienced dreadful service, dreadful customer care and dreadful reception every time their were need to communicate.

We had a a car crash into our living room, yep you heard it right, we were sat watching TV when the front end of a car came smashing through our wall , busting a huge gaping hole in our front bay, the entire window frame came out of place, the entire wall was broken, launching our TVs and TV's stands just at our feet, so lucky to be unscathed.


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