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Review by Irene on 11th October 2018
DRM Residential Property Letting and Management, 1a-3 Comiston Place, Edinburgh
Would you use this agent again? No

Possibly the worst renting experience I have had until now.
D.R.M., how do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways:

-Move-in date and no one shows up. After half an hour I call and they clearly have no idea who I am or what I'm talking about. The agent who was supposed to bring us the keys is on holiday.
-3 Pieces of furniture had to be replaced within our first week because either they didn't check the property when the previous tenant left or they didn't care. We had to assemble t

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Review by Charlotte on 11th October 2018
Connells, Unit 3 23 Salisbury Street, Salisbury
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Having never sold a property before the only comparisons I can draw on Connells in Amesbury are through other people's experiences of different agents. Connells have seemed to come out on top from each of these conversations and that is certainly how I felt our experience was.

Earlier this year we decided to look at new build properties to purchase and through one of their schemes we ended up having 3 agents visit us to value our property. We immediately bonded with Amy and she gave such

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Review by Trevor Shuttleworth on 9th October 2018
Mosley Jarman, 226 Moss Lane, Stockport
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This is a little belated as we moved house just over two years ago. That said, it has been on my mind to offer this review and, in these days of "on-line estate agents", it's maybe worth commenting even now.

Neil Clubley, and all the team, provided an excellent service to us. Initially, we were not quite ready to put our house on the market as we had not found anywhere to buy. However, Neil did all the preparatory work ... photographs, overview, description, measurements, web-s

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Review by Alarmed parent on 13th October 2018
Fresh Estate & Letting Agents, 48 Uplands Crescent, Swansea
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I am a parent and guarantor to a lease. My daughter has unfortunately rented via Fresh for two years. Last year was tricky and they were unhelpful once they had the money and contract, but issues were minor. Her second letting resulted from circumstances beyond her control. The standard contract is almost 99% what the student is responsible for and barely mentions tenants rights. That in itself should serve as a warning. FACT.

There are hundreds of reviews from students on-line and all tell the

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Review by stanway on 10th October 2018
Andrews, 9 Wellsway Bear Flat, Bath
Would you use this agent again? No

I rented a property from them last year (2017-18). Not only did the pictures not convey the truth about the property, at the end of our contract, we were swindled into paying for certain "damages" that was clearly set up beforehand by the agency. 1) My room had a desk. The desk was missing a drawer, but I did not make note of it to the agency, thinking it was pretty obvious they should know that an entire drawer was missing, and I just dealt with it. After moving it out, I was informed

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Review by One of many disgruntled customers on 11th October 2018
No Agent, No Agent 65-67 Leonard Street, London
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I cannot emphasise how poor this company is. They have rebranded, but do not be fooled. Landlords, if you are considering using this company, do not unless you want angry tenants. Prospective tenants, do not use a property under this letting agent. Anywhere else will serve you better.

Another update: We have now had an illegal, unauthorised visit of our property by the landlord. No Agent have r

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Review by P. I. on 12th October 2018
Smith & Winborn, PO Box 112, East Horsley
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We used SWR as our agency for two years. Initially David asked for our price range as well as what preferences we had for our letting. He then showed us a selection across our price range. Which we then settled on a house we liked.
We then began the process of the paperwork for moving in what was all explained to us and was some and easy to do. Any questions were quickly answered. We wanted to make a few changes to the tenancy AST agreement which we talked through with David and had ammended in

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Review by Andy W on 10th October 2018
Manners & Harrison, 1 Bishop Street, Stockton-on-Tees
Would you use this agent again? No

Excellent salespeople at first visit and during the valuation of my property, but their service went downhill very quickly afterwards. Some of my highlights include:

* Being told by sales rep (valuer) that to get the full valuation price my asking price should be the same as the valuation, then every member of staff afterwards tells me it should have been on 5k higher and that if I'd told them they would have recommended this!

* Promised there were numbers in the double figures of potenti

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Review by Samantha on 10th October 2018
Wensum Properties, 69-71 St Augustines Street, Norwich
Would you use this agent again? No

I rented from Wensum Property Management over 10 years ago, and still have occasional nightmares about it.

You dreaded reporting problems which required repairs, partly because it involved speaking to the abominably rude and unhelpful person who answered the phone in their Norwich office, and partly because you knew that repairs would take an eternity to be completed and would be done cheaply and to the lowest possible standard.

The property was a direct danger to health, and they seemed not

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