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Review by AJ on 1st July 2020
Property Link Liverpool, 405 Smithdown Rd, Liverpool
Would you use this agent again? No

I don't even know where to begin with this one. All I can say is what an utter disgrace this company is. 1 Star is the lowest I can rate otherwise trust me it would be a heck of a lot lower.

Firstly we found property link online as we were looking for a 7 bedroom property for our 3rd and final year of university and we came across one that was in the process of rebuilding. We arranged for viewing and were shown the plans for the house and after a lot of back and forth, we decided to settle an

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Review by Ella McGuire on 3rd July 2020
Giraffe Lettings, 2nd Floor 29a High Street, New Malden
Would you use this agent again? No

I have had the worst experience with Giraffe Lets. My partner and I thought we had found a perfect place to move into. We went to the viewing and stated we could move in at the end of August when our current tenancy ended on our current rental property. This meant that we had been upfront and honest on two occasions informing our preferred move on date. There was no issue flagged up on the phone or at the viewing and the estate agent suggested we would be the ideal tenant. After viewing the pro

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Review by Kazaan Rathor on 30th June 2020
Southcourt Property Management, Kemp House, 152 City Road, London
Would you use this agent again? Yes

I purchased the full Southcourt Property Business package which included a website and a detailed training package to set up my letting agency for a few hundred pounds. I was a working as a taxi driver, and for a while doing both jobs until I packed in the tax. Southcourt offered an all in one package that seemed profesional so I took it.

Both the Letting and Estate Agency training and support are outstanding value for what you get: full start up procedures, operations, methods to find an

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Review by Priyanka on 2nd July 2020, First Floor, 3-5 Globe Road, London
Would you use this agent again? No

This is the worst experience with an agency ever! I would not recommend it if you are an INTERNATIONAL student. I feel like the 9 months living in property was really adding extra stress. I moved in to a newly refurbished property and from a couple of months there was always something going wrong.
Because of this experience I'm shocked as I had really good experience with agents before them.
And once you sign a contract, it's off course expensive to get out...
They use their lies to sell t

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Review by Stephen Frost on 5th July 2020
Blackshaw Homes, 451 Southchurch Road, Southend on Sea
Would you use this agent again? No

I really don’t know where to start with our experiences trying to offer and secure a property through Blackshaws in Eastwood weekend of 21st June.

I truly believe we lost because we were discriminated towards by the agent due to my occupation!

Calls not returned when colleagues said they would. I was told of you want this property and you Don’t get a call by 9.15 call us. No call so I called at 9.20am to be told colleague now out for the day and there was no answer about my offer.

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Review by Oliver Lines on 1st July 2020
Walton & Allen, The Pavilion,1 Lace Market Square, Nottingham
Would you use this agent again? No

I rather resent having to select at leat one star... ZERO STARS! Water pouring through the roof of my beautiful mezzanine apartment in a converted £1.7M Print works in Nottingham. Both my agent and I reported an issue with the roof 2 years ago with nothing done. A year ago this got so bad that cold winter air and rain were coming into the apartment. Still nothing! We have requested access to the roof ourselves to access the situation - Refused. Chased for several months, eventually told a surv

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Review by Vivienne on 2nd July 2020
Martin & Co, 5 Raglan Street, Harrogate
Would you use this agent again? No

Where to start? I rented with Martin and Co Harrogate for a couple of years. This ended with my partner attending a mental health course due to sleep deprivation and stress. That may sound extreme, but we were plagued with noisy, drug using neighbours that M&C refused to do anything about. The neighbours smoked drugs constantly and made excessive noise throughout the night. The Andersons wrote countless emails to the crackhead neighbours but what good did that do? They claimed they had no contro

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Review by Richard a on 2nd July 2020
Findlay Property Investment, 73 Broadway Market, London
Would you use this agent again? No

Warning to all landlords that wish to use Findlay's service!

Please please don't be Conned by their false promises!
6months since I've decided to use Findlay's service to fully manage my flat!!! This should have been a smooth experience and I should have been overseas by now,and sadly still here, and trying to deal with the mass the have created!

I am upset and disappointed with Findlay in many ways..

In honestly, my aim was to support my local small business by choosing them over a b

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Review by Anonymous on 3rd July 2020
Foxtons, 1 East Street, London
Would you use this agent again? No

Awful. Disappointing. No tenant care.
If I could give them 0 stars that would be too much.
Long story short: if you are looking to rent a property and it is through Foxtons, refuse. No matter how nice the property. Try to make an arrangement with the landlord to go privately and not through Foxtons. They are insensitive, greedy so and so's.

I am in the process of buying a house. Due to COVID there have been significant delays. We have kept continuous communications with the landlord to sa

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Review by Alexander John Boyle on 5th July 2020
fish need water, 1-2 The Parade, Felbridge HouseDog Kennel Hill, London
Would you use this agent again? Yes

We used James at fishneedwater as he seemed down to earth, and honest with the initial valuation. We’d had the inflated Foxtons valuation in the past :(

I also liked the fact he charged a sensible fee and then a bonus structure that gave me the confidence he’d work hard to get a good price, as he’d be chasing a bonus, so a win-win for both of us.

When he suggested putting the property on at a lower price and using ‘offers over’, I’m not going to lie, I did have doubt

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