Property Valuation

Are you asking yourself "How much is my house worth?"

allAgents presents a faster way to get a valuation for your home from selected experts in your area!

How to use it?

Information about the property

The most important step is to enter the postcode of the property you want to sell or rent. You will then be able to select your address from the drop-down list. This gives us the most essential information to be able to find the estate and letting agents in your area.

All about you

You will be asked to enter some of your personal contact details such as name, email and phone number. Please leave a message indicating your preferred time to contact you for your convenience. Also, let the agents know any specific details about your property and other important information. We want to know the most to help sell or let your home!

Final steps

Make sure to tick the right box whether you are a landlord or a property vendor! The next and final step is to select the agents. We have made it very easy to see current rankings and review volume of each individual agent. If you want to do some research before sending your valuation request simply click on the estate agent logo to open a new tab to their agent review page. Once you are happy with your choice, hit that “Request Valuation” button and let expert agents do all the hard work.

What you need to know

How accurate is the valuation?

Each estate agent has a valuation accuracy percentage shown at the top of their agent page on this website. How do we calculate it? Every time a person leaves a review, they are asked to let us know whether they got an accurate or inaccurate house valuation.

What is a property valuation?

Also known as real estate appraisal, is a process of determining the value of a property, usually done by a property market expert. House sales require specific valuations because each home is different and located in unique areas that determine how desirable it is in the current property market. It is essential to get an idea of your house worth by a qualified valuation surveyor when thinking of selling your property.

How do we estimate your home value?

We don't! All of the information you give us gets passed on to your selected local experts. We work with the top estate agents throughout the UK, so rest assured you wills receive home valuation estimates from experienced professionals.

Why do you need a house price estimate?

It is a crucial step when moving house. Valuations provide an idea of how much your property might be worth to understand what is the current market value before you do decide to sell. If you are not rushing to move, you could still find out the current value of your house to get an idea on what improvements could be made to increase its value.

What are the main issues?

Vendors and landlords want to get the maximum price for their properties. One of the biggest mistakes in this industry is choosing an agent based only on the high estimated house price. Overpriced property will put off many potential buyers who like the property but want to turn away because of the price. Make sure you choose an agent that will give you a realistic valuation to increase your chances of receiving the offer you want!

Why online valuation tools?

It is one of the most useful ways to get a quick estimate of the full price of your home. However, this is not just an online tool. You fill the forms online but you can also be contacted by real-life professionals and experts of the property market value in your area. If you want to get a house price estimate now, visit our free instant online valuation tool.