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Let good feedback from customers help you find new business.

Use your profile and reviews on allAgents to demonstrate to prospective clients that you are, committed to best practice and are transparent when it comes to receiving feedback via an independent source. Here you can guide visitors to access your independent reviews AND display how you deal with praise, issues, complaints and disputes.

Link your profile on allAgents to your own website home page by adding our approved image link. Any agent is free to use this link. The ideal position is at the top of the front or home page (as part of the header if your website is designed this way) or in a section that allow other pages to show it. We understand that all websites are laid out differently and are happy to work with you and/or your developer in finding a solution that best fits all parties.

allAgents have a development team that will be more than happy to place the banner on your site FREE OF CHARGE. So please get in touch if you need assistance.

If you wish to download allAgents assets, please click here.

To setup the links the instructions are below:

Transparent Agent images for dark backgrounds
Agents text
Agents text
Transparent for light backgrounds
Gray agent text
Gray agent text

Solid white background
Allagents 192x113
Transparent background
Allagents logo 192x113
Select Images
  • Open a new browser window and find your company profile on all agents and copy the full address that appears in your browser address bar (e.g. paste it into a new text programme document such as MS notepad
  • Select which of the images above you want to use and copy the text from the text box by highlighting it with your cursor, right click and select - copy, then paste this in the text document under your profile address
  • Now edit the image text by replacing the first with your full profile address (be careful not to delete the " characters)
  • Paste this amended code in a prominent place between the <body></body> or selected <div></div> the front page of your own website.
High Resolution Images

If you want to include our logo for printing purposes you can download them from the following links:

If you give us ftp access to your site we can place the image for you.

If you have any issues with installing the images please contact us .

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