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We recommend that you read and adhere to our Terms and Conditions before you rate and review an agent.

  • From the main page, please click on the ‘Write a Review’ button (top left) and type in the agent name, then select from the agent suggestions provided.
    • If the agent that you would like to review, does not appear, please select the ‘My agent isn’t listed’ button and add the company from here.
  • You can also go directly to the company or branch profile page and select the ‘Write a Review’ button from here.
  • Select the star rating that you would like to assign to your review (ascending scale from 1 – 5, with 1 star being the poorest service level and 5 stars being the best service level)
  • Ensure the correct branch has been selected from the options provided
  • To associate your review to specific staff members, select their names from the list provided.
    • If the staff member does not appear, enter their name into the staff box and confirm, to allocate them to your review.
  • Enter the text for your review – please see Top Tips below for additional information
  • Select if you would recommend the agent
  • Enter your comments regarding the fees charged to you by the agency
  • Chose a ‘Display Name’ for yourself, to be published alongside your review
  • Enter the details of the property relating to your customer experience
  • Complete each question in the feedback section
  • Upload any attachments you feel are relevant or add value to the review of your experience
  • Enter your details, as requested, then read and confirm each statement.
  • Click on the "Submit Review" button.
  • Now go to your own email account and look for the account activation email from (Check your junk/spam folder for the email if you can't find it straight away.)
  • Click on the link contained in this email to activate your allAgents’ review, prior to publication on the site.
Top Tips
  • We welcome all constructive reviews.
  • You must be honest and fair - where you provide your opinion, this view must be genuinely held.
  • Your content must be accurate, where you state facts, as well as genuine and compliant in all views/opinions stated.
  • Only review and rate agents that you have direct experience with and received first hand service from.
  • We do not accept positive reviews from prospective customers
  • Use of any offensive language is not acceptable.
  • If you wish to nominate a representative or member of staff in a review, please use the suggestion drop down boxes or insert their name.
  • Do not use a temporary email address.
  • Do not leave a review from within an agent’s office network. Reviews found to have originated from an agent will be rejected.
  • Submissions may be reviewed, and done so within these guidelines, before publishing.
  • You can log in to your account at any time to edit/amend/remove a review – if you do not action this through the tools in your own account, manual administration by allAgents may result in an administration fee being charged
  • We recommend that if you have concerns to raise with an agent or company, that you have followed the company's own complaints procedure in the first instance, and are using our website as a review platform.
  • We recommend that all reviews are responded to, with a professional comment, whether the review is positive or negative.
  • Should you wish to challenge or query any of the review content, please select the “report abuse” button and provide us with as much detail as possible. Our moderators will then look into this and provide you with an update, conducting further investigation, if required. The moderator’s decision is final.
  • Agents should have the ‘Right to Reply’ and the comments box, on each review, is there for agents to respond to the reviewer.
  • Agents can request for reviews to be archived, after a period of 5 years has lapsed. This does not allow agents to select which reviews they would like to have archived, this applies to all reviews which exceed 5 years from publication, should an agent wish to request review archiving. In archiving reviews, this will affect and potentially change the overall ranking position in our league tables.
  • Agents/companies should not offer inducements – money or gifts – to customers to write positive reviews about your business
  • Agents/Companies must not pretend to be a customer and write reviews about your products or other businesses’ products – or pay others to do so do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the materials or content of reviews.

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