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There are plenty of Letting and Estate Agents around. Whether we are buying, selling, renting or letting a property, we always want to try and make sure that we use a reliable and efficient Estate or Letting Agent.

allAgents is an independent directory and review site allowing consumers to search for and write reviews about - Estate and Letting Agents in the UK. was born in Bristol, England in 2006 as a result of a frustrating experience that a web developer had with his property agent. Slowly and steadily the site gathered a following and got regular mentions in the national and trade press.

Things changed dramatically in August 2011 with the new ownership and the injection of private investment. The website has now been redesigned to allow agents to make use of all the online tools FREE OF CHARGE, including our property portal. For many Agents in recent months the website has become an invaluable marketing tool.

In addition, unlike other sites, the agent has the ability to exercise the right of reply to each review and reviewer. In this way allAgents provides the tools for a balanced view of the issues being aired.

The core services of the website are FREE to Agents and consumers alike. allAgents generates its income by offering advertising on agents' profile and review pages. As more and more people use reviews to aid them to build shortlists of companies and products, the review profile page becomes more important than the home page of their own websites. So agents can add branding and other sponsorships to their allAgents pages. Please note we have a firewall between advertising and the moderator of reviews.

The company has introduced a number of agent orientated features to help generate business. In September we introduced the 'Transparent Agent' Scheme and the allAgents Annual Awards.

'Transparent Agents Scheme'

'Transparent Agents' is a FREE scheme that any Estate or Letting Agent can sign up to. However once signed up, you MUST adhere to strict guidelines including displaying our banners on your website and to promote openness and access to your independent review page. You give up the right and the ability to cherry-pick testimonials and to whom they are made available.

allAgents Annual Awards

Secondly we are running the allAgents annual Awards that will rate agents based purely on what their customers think over a twelve month period. Every agent starts from a blank page so history counts for nothing. Agents will be judged locally, in an area, a county and nationally. Unlike other awards schemes these are not chosen by colleagues, trade bodies, journalists or peers - they are chosen by those who pay the price in cash and experience.

If you would like any further information please use the form on the contact us page

Your input will be very appreciated. We believe Estate and Letting Agent reviews help customers to compare UK property companies and choose the best one for their needs.

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