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UK House Prices

Check what price properties were sold across UK

Actual House Prices 1952-2016

This graph illustrates actual house prices in the UK from 1952 to 2016. These prices have not been adjusted for inflation, they are the initial prices at which buyers purchased their properties.

UK house prices graph

Real House Prices 1975-2017

UK house prices from 1975 to 2017 adjusted for inflation. These prices are reflective of today's currency value in order to demonstrate the boom-crash cycles.

UK house prices graph

Number of properties sold in UK
1952 - 2016

Yearly house sales numbers from 1952 until 2016. See how the demand for houses changed throughout the years

UK Sales Numbers 1952 - 2016

Number of properties sold in your region 1995-2017

Select your area and see how the demand for houses changed over the years.

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