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Self Service links "update staff and update details" are to the right hand side of your profile page, click the appropriate link and the site will generate an email to the registered email address for your branch. On this email click the link and enter the updated information then submit. Please note this will not update in real time, this will normally be actioned within 48 hours.
Self service links
If you are a Premium Support customer, please see the question below.
If you are a free listed agent,you can login but with limited access only to our property portal and review invitation tool.
To update your details as a free listed company, you need to use self service links on your profile (update staff & update details) and follow the instructions.
The dedicated telephone support line and email address were given with your welcome details. If you cannot locate these, you can,sign into your control panel using the branch or superuser account details also provided. If you cannot locate these go to the Contact Us form an ask for the support team to call you.
Go to update staff or update branch details. Click the box 'I don't remember email assigned to my branch' this will generate a reminder email to an address of your choice.
Self service links
If you are the agent, below each published review there is a "report abuse" link. Click this link and complete the form fully. Please note is not satisfactory to simply state this review is false. The agent must provide a valid argument or evidence to challenge the review.
Report abuse
We have both automatic and manual checks in place for authenticity, each reviewers information is checked and then every review is moderated by a team of experienced industry moderators before it is published. On average, 1 in 5 reviews fails the moderation process and are not published on allAgents.
As you are a UK business advertising your services freely on the internet, your business details can be featured on business directories and review websites without the publisher seeking consent. We do not remove companies from the directory listing. If a business closes or is sold we will amend the listing to show the updated status.
Staff awards run from 1st May to 30th April consecutively and agent awards 1st September to 31st August. The awards are announced around 4 weeks after closing date.
The league tables contain the total review figures from every year that the company has been listed. The awards cover a specific 12 month time period.
Complete the Contact us form at the bottom of the site.
Yes they can log back into the account they have set up and edit or remove the review.
Click the agents tab at the top of the site, then select add agent and provide us with your companies details. Once this has been set up someone will contact you.
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