after-care and technical support is second to none

Review by: Dominic Subbiani

'Director at FBM'
Aug 31,2016
It is all well and good someone selling you a product but the back-up when you encounter a problem falls short.

We certainly find with Reapit that the โ€œafter-careโ€ and technical support is second to none. Their staff are knowledgeable and approachable and most certainly donโ€™t shy away from trying to find away around or even through an issue!

They are able to help with both the most difficult issues and talk staff through the easiest of problems without hesitation. At FBM we can rest assured that our Reapit system will smoothly from the beginning until the end of the day.
Value for money
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67-74 Saffron Hill
Greater London
0843 218 1660

Website : www.reapit.co.uk

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