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By far the MOST POPULAR REQUEST we receive from estate agents is to be personally recognised for their good work. After all, our reviewers are rating and commenting on the people they deal with as much as the organisations they represent.

Therefore we are delighted to announce the launch of - Staff Profiling!

This means that as well as companies competing in the rankings and ratings for customer services feedback, their people are also in the challenge to be recognized as the industry - 'best of the best'. Individual staff members can have their own profile now and will be able to so take personal credit for the service they provide.

Uniquely, this track record will be built independently, online and in real time; a live record that they can choose to display, keep, manage and take with them if they move company. At the same time, because of its portability and the fact that it is fed by customers, the intention is that staff profiling will play a part in helping to identify and eradicate rogue agents who frequently have to slip between jobs to hide a poor or 'unsavory' history.

Claiming a Profile

Claiming and managing your profile means that you will be able to demonstrate that you have an independently constructed track record of your customer service skills.

  • Control what details are kept private or made public
  • Stand out from your competitors and show customers why they should be doing business with you
  • Prospective customers will be able to ask for you by name having read your personal reviews
  • Your profile is completely portable. Take it with you from job to job
  • Demonstrate to employers why you deserve to be considered for promotion or a pay rise
  • Use your profile as part of your CV and career development tools

How it works

We have added 2 new form fields in the agents' 'write review' page. This allows the reviewer to name up to 2 staff members when posting a review. So be EXTRA NICE to them!


Where a customer has selected the staff's name in these boxes (see diagram 1 above), the staff's name will appear in a list on the 'Staff Members' tab for the agent or their branch profile (see diagram 2 below). By selecting a name, the staff profile will be revealed along with all the reviews that are attributed to that name. Profiles will continue to grow as reviews are added to names.

The named staff representative must claim their profile to take over the management of it by clicking 'Claim your Profile!' (see diagram 2 below).

About staff profile

When I have claimed my profile:

What happens if I move from my current employer?

Your profile page is portable and a copy of all your reviews will follow with you.

Does my employer loose the reviews and ratings if I leave?

NO. Both you and your employer keep a permanent copy of the review and ratings.

I have previous reviews there that are not attributed to me. Can I claim those?

Absolutely! We can attribute them in the following ways as part of our agent support programme:

  • If it clearly mentions your name in the review
  • If a director/owner of the business confirms your claim
  • By contacting the reviewer direct and asking them to confirm by email

Cant find your name?

We have only just launched this feature, so it will take time for reviewers to add staff members to the site. Agents can also add staff names by logging in to their branch profile. To have your name added to the branch list you can:

  • encourage all future clients mention you in a review by adding your name into the correct fields
  • subscribe to our agents support programme and we can help you deal with this

Which staff members get a profile?

Every one in the organisation can have a profile page, not just the management and top sales people. All positions get mentioned including:

  • Receptionists
  • Viewing Agents
  • Valuers
  • Mortgage advisors
  • Legal advisors
  • Sales and lettings negotiators
  • Move in / move out agents
  • Property Managers
  • ...and so on

I have a duplicated profile page. What happens there?

This happens if a reviewer adds your name twice. We can manually merge these together.

We have mentioned some of the benefits of claiming and maintaining your Staff Profile, here are some more:

  • get recognized within the industry as the "best of the best"
  • get that promotion or pay rise earlier by demonstrating to your employer just how good you are
  • win business more easily by referring clients to your reviews
  • get recognized in your own right in our allAgents staff awards

To claim your profile go to your company branch profile and select the 'Staff Members' tab. If your name does not appear or you want to claim unallocated reviews then you can contact us.

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