allAgents icon About reviews is an independent review site for estate agents, letting agents and essentially anyone involved in the property chain.

Our objective is to help consumers make a more informed decision on which agent they choose.

We aim to do this by encouraging both past and existing customers to place reviews about their experiences with their agent. All reviewers must follow the review code and be fair and honest in what they write.

In order to allow a balanced review process, allAgents actively encourage agents to comment on every review. If they feel they may have been unfairly represented or they wish to offer an alternative view, they can. This also helps prospective customers evaluate both sides of the story and more importantly, view first-hand how the agent deals with complaints as well as praise, during the decision process. In addition to this, helps Agents to actively promote their reviews and to this end, has just launched a voluntary agent transparency profile scheme and all UK agents are welcome to sign up.

The Transparent Agent Profile scheme is open to agents that embrace the opportunity to become transparent about what their customers have said about them on this site(good and bad). In order to deny any "cherry picking" influence by agents on which reviews customers get access to, each agent has to display the logo in a prominent position on their own website linking back to their profile and reviews on The position of this logo MUST be approved by allagents transparency department before we upgrade their profile and recognise their new status. The Agent becomes transparent. Whilst this is a voluntary scheme, allAgents believe that if an agent genuinely cares about their customers and has nothing to hide, they can discover very quickly how being transparent becomes the best marketing tool they ever got for free. Agents who choose not to adopt any level of transparency will be left exposed and subsequently find that new business is harder to come by.

Not every agent is aware of our transparency profile scheme. Please help us make them aware by asking them to become transparent. Further details can be found by visiting our transparent agent page .

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