Great company to work with

Review by: Shaun Carlton

'Operations manager at Karl Tatler Estate Agents'
Aug 31,2016
The big difference between Reapit and our previous provider is that they deliver on the service promise that so many suppliers in the industry make but rarely live up to.

We have regular meetings with our account manager Dan and this isn’t about ‘techie stuff’ although of course its covered if needed, no, the focus mainly is about how Reapit can help us on the business side of things, whether that’s looking at being more efficient or the most recent example with their Value Reports. These have been great for us as Reapit essentially does an MOT on our business highlighting what we’re doing well and what we can do better.

To have that facility, that ability to show you where to win new business is gold dust.
Value for money
Would you recommend? Yes

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67-74 Saffron Hill
Greater London
0843 218 1660

Website : www.reapit.co.uk

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