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Review by: Mark Towell

'Lettings Director at Prospect Estate Agency'
Jul 15,2015
There's nobody that offers the same solution that Reapit are currently able to offer an estate agent in terms of having everything. What I mean by that is there are lettings, and accounts specialists, there are front office sales and lettings specialists, there are providers that are almost able to bring it all together but they are heavier in one element and lighter on another. Reapit's enabled us to do absolutely everything. Itโ€™s been a very informative and positive journey to go on in terms of encompassing everything into one software, itโ€™s been the best decision weโ€™ve made and being in this position we feel confident that weโ€™re going to go even further forward especially with our lettings and property management division in terms of being able to maximise revenue.
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