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Review by: Mark Manning

'Sales Director at Maning Stainton'
Mar 13,2015
Our loyalty to Reapit has been borne out of a great relationship and a great system that has helped our business grow and develop. Having shopped around we realised that Reapit weren’t the cheapest option, but by far offered the best balance between an off-the-shelf package and a system that could be bespoked to suit the requirements of our business.

Before Reapit we had a number of different systems; sales was separate to lettings and then we had a separate web design company as well. We always found there was a real missing link in not having that single database where we could integrate across all of our different offices. With Reapit, the sales, lettings and web alignment creates a real synergy across the whole of our business. It gives us a great competitive advantage, and the idea that someone can walk into an office in one part of the city and talk to somebody about a property that’s in a different part of the city makes it so attractive and work so well for our clients.

"Reapit provide us with an effective toolbox that allows us to effectively manage existing clients but also win new business too. For example the property tracker they have built into our website is such an innovative piece of kit. For our guys to go out there and be able to tell vendors they can track their viewings, see their feedback, show them their web hits and track their sale if they use our conveyancing services is a big win.

"I believe them to be the best provider of software and of web products in the market for estate agents.
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By: Simon Whale
Apr 15,2015
Mark, much obliged. Emm's said enough so for the first time in living history I won't say much!
By: Emmeline Goulden
Mar 19,2015
Thank you Mark - very kind of you. Your loyalty is much appreciated, and we have mutual appreciation for your terrific company and wonderful team. Great to have you guys as clients. Onwards and upwards!

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