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Review by: Simon Woodcock

'managing director at Robinson Michael and Jackson'
Mar 02,2015
“Like any MD I have to scrutinise any cost I put on the business so it wasn’t without trepidation that I signed with Reapit in the depths of one of the worst recessions in 2009, especially given the increase in costs that it meant over our previous supplier.

What had impressed me was that this was a company that understand the rather more niche requirements of a multi office agency like our own. If you’re just looking after a start-up then I can see how it comes simply down to the look and feel, but for a company like ours there are specific challenges that come from having a branch network. It was clear to me that unlike with our last provider that we weren’t just going to be a big fish in a small pond and that they had experienced the same sort of challenges time and again.

What we found that although there was an increased cost per office the flip side was that many of the tools that Reapit providers have a corresponding cumulative effect against turnover. One in particular was their vendor referral tool, absolutely invaluable in ensuring that every single opportunity is seized if a buyer has something to sell.

The last analysis we did with our Reapit account manager showed that 4.1% of our completions came from this tool, who can afford to turn that down in this market, sorry in any market? Since 2014 when we’ve had this working like clockwork Robinson Michael and Jackson have increased our profit by over 50%. Whilst this is not totally down to this one area, we can equate a certain percentage towards this.

We have also been working with Reapit in other areas to improve both front end operations to speed up efficiency and time for the staff along with improving the journey for all clients. Giving great benefits in the amount of business we can now handle and deliver.
As with all business time is precious, so Reapit have helped us become efficient as a company to the point of analysing all areas of our business.

This lead us through our close consultation with Reapit and doing a full analysis of RPS we’ve found that by opening a call centre we’re going to be able to add an extra ?450,000 to the bottom line just by getting 1% of my client bank to move each year.

The largest benefit I see to date is the flexibility and constant change to improve and build a better system within an industry that is forever changing. Reapit is a multi-million pound company and it is refreshing that they understand it is essential that we can communicate with the owners and fellow directors who fully understand the importance of us having a constantly improving system that fits with our own culture “challenge to better”.

Reapit are one of the few companies we work with that can show us a demonstrable ROI and why I jump on anyone who describes it as a cost. It’s an investment and I’d back it as one of my best”

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By: Simon Whale
Apr 15,2015
Cheers Simon, great to see you're getting so much out of RPS but of course its only the best that have this focus to make it work so exceptionally well.

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