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By: Fine & Country
May 16,2017
Reviewer: Edward Pires
Position: Property Consultant
Would you recommend?: Yes
Fine & Country
I contacted Rabiya on a bank holiday Monday via email with some difficult requests and within 5 minutes I received a response informing me that all my requests had been completed already! outstanding service!

By: Thomas Morris Estate Agents
Jul 07,2016
Reviewer: Jordan Connor-Gray
Position: Valuation Manager
Would you recommend?: Yes
Thomas Morris Estate Agents
I recently wished to amend our profiles for my office and was a little lost. I emailed All Agents and within minutes Rabiya came back to me. We spoke on the phone, she was thorough, polite and funny! My queries were answered and all sorted. Thanks Rabiya, great help!

By: Northwood (Derby)
Jul 05,2016
Reviewer: Karen Wesson
Position: Sales and Marketing Adviser
Would you recommend?: Yes
Northwood (Derby)
More landlords seem to be using this website now and we have gained business from it. We always recommend that prospective customers check our reviews. The staff are always helpful and efficient, they deal with any requests for assistance in a very timely manner too. The system used to request a review from our customers has improved greatly and is very convenient for them to use.

By: MLK-properties
Jun 06,2016
Reviewer: Lesley Cornish
Position: Manager
Would you recommend?: Yes
Having these reviews has helped me tremendously having them on a specialised site, new landlords read them, they are impressed! If landlords and tenants are genuinely impressed with the way they have been dealt with, I have found that they will always post, however, you will always have some that just dont want to. I must say though before it was a bit awkward when the clients had to authorise their post, now a lot easier! I will continue to use allAgents to convince more new landlords to use MLK-properties, I have only been running my own lettings agency for 6 months, and am really pleased of the progress so far.

By: Move Happily Ever After
Jul 16,2015
Reviewer: Deborah Jane Gray
Position: Managing Director
Number of branches: 1
Areas covered: Midlands
Would you recommend?: Yes
Move Happily Ever After
I have used AllAgents for many years now to allow all of my vendors and clients to comment on the service and work I complete on their behalf. Now that I own my own Estate Agency, it is even more important to show new clients reviews and information on the services I provide. Anyone can add comments or so called reviews on their websites and advertising however only AllAgents provide a safe and secure vetted review service where every review is checked for its authenticity as well as matching up to valid sales and purchases. This ensures any prospective client can see true and accurate reviews of my work. I strive exceptionally hard for all of my clients and have been fortunate to have been awarded Estate Agent of the year awards for 2014 and 2015 - Knowing that these awards have been based on reviews that have been verified really means a great deal to me. I will be continuing to use AllAgents for all of my client feedback for my own company and look forward to many more years working together.

By: Lednor & Company
Nov 19,2014
Reviewer: Andrew Barber
Position: Managing Director
Number of branches: 1
Areas covered: Midlands
Would you recommend?: Yes
Lednor & Company
We have been getting clients to post their reviews about Lednor & Company for over a year now. I have been very happy with the site with one small exception which was when there is a duplication of staff names caused by clients mistakenly adding them to the list when they are already there. I recently subscribed to the premium support package and found Martin extremely helpful. He tidied up our allagents page and made suggestions as to how to make best use of the site. The best thing we now have is the Certified Customer Experience Report that we print out and take with us to valuations. The reaction from potential vendors has been brilliant.

By: Berkley Lettings Agent
May 22,2014
Reviewer: Jan Lancaster
Position: General manager
Number of branches: 1
Areas covered: Midlands
Would you recommend?: No
Berkley Lettings Agent
I agree with the post of 'Disappointed Agent' Reviews should be validated. There has been a posting about me personally and I have never met the person concerned and it is slander. I have reported this abuse and I will keep an open mind until I get a response from All Agents.

By: Nicol & Co
Nov 12,2013
Reviewer: Matt Nicol
Position: Managing Director
Number of branches: 2
Areas covered: Midlands
Would you recommend?: Yes
Nicol & Co
I was recommended to the site by a highly respected estate agency trainer and professional whose opinion I take very seriously. For him to push the site I knew it must have been special. The service I have been provided with shows they care as much about their own reputation as we do about ours. We went for transparent and premium support and I highly recommend it to all. I now find myself constantly checking to see if either office are in receipt of more feedback and on valuations we're constantly pushing it as part of our presentation. More recently we won a couple of awards and needed the certificates promptly for a newspaper deadline - Martin and Peter worked on it straight away and for this we a truly grateful. Also from a social media point of view I genuinely think they've cracked it, I find the tweeter engaging and they often promote those agents that interact with them. Surely that's what its all about - promoting each other!!

By: Newman Estate Agents
Nov 11,2013
Reviewer: Caroline Newman
Position: Director
Number of branches: 7
Areas covered: Midlands
Would you recommend?: Yes
Newman Estate Agents
In our opinion the launch of AllAgents has been the best thing to happen to estate agency. It has raised the level of standards and customer service in an industry that is constantly under scrutiny. As an award winning and innovative agency we have taken great pride in ensuring all of our staff are aware of the benefits of encouraging clients to write honest reviews. It motivates our staff and encourages consistent first class service. AllAgents is a great listing tool as it provides future clients with independent proof of how good (or bad) an agent is. Great for the consumer and great for the agent who does perform well. Trip Advisor for Estate agents !

By: Heritage Property
May 19,2013
Reviewer: Richard Hill
Position: Managing Director
Number of branches: 2
Areas covered: Midlands
Would you recommend?: Yes
Heritage Property
Open and honest reviews about your business, its staff and the level or customer service you provide to your clients. So much better than the reviews some competitors write for themselves! It also creates a fantastic online "CV" for your staff which will benefit their careers as well as your business. You can't & don't keep all your staff forever so I think it helps if they embrace the concept of for mutual benefit.

By: Underwoods Town & County
Jun 14,2012
Reviewer: Laura Hawthorn MARLA, BA (hons)
Position: Marketing Director
Number of branches: 2
Areas covered: Midlands
Would you recommend?: Yes
Underwoods Town & County
We have been endorsing for some time now and our team has worked hard to achieve some fantastic reviews on the site which has been extremely motivational for all of us. Promoting the positive reviews about our service on the site has been a valuable marketing tool and we have certainly received new business as a result of customers being able to read impartial and honest reviews about us.Laura Hawthorn MARLA, BA (hons), Marketing Director

By: Purple Frog Property
Jan 01,2004
Reviewer: Patrick Garratt
Position: Director
Number of branches: 3
Areas covered: Midlands
Would you recommend?: No
No image available
A fictitious review was written about our company in January and despite the person who wrote the review asking for it to be taken down and our reporting it multiple times, no one from allagents has contacted us or taken the review down. The sales person hangs up any time I have spoken to him other than to discuss paying for membership to this website and despite multiple requests I am still unable to even respond to any reviews written about our company. The only way this company will correspond with agents is if they are paid hundreds of pounds per month; they are happy to leave fictitious reviews on their website unless agents pay them. These are unfair business practices and I strongly suggest that no agents use their services.
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