Jun 07,2013
Richard Candy
By: 'Angrymum'
Jun 07,2013
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I acted as guarantor for my daughter when she rented the above property as she was in receipt of housing benefit. Before signing the rental agreement, Mr Candy promised that the house would be cleaned, a secure stair-rail installed, as the staircase was open to the room below on one side, extremely dangerous especially as my daughter has 3 young children. He also assured us that an electric shower would be installed.
When she moved in a couple of weeks later, the house was in a filthy condition and neither stair-rail nor shower were installed. It took two months of persistent chasing to get the stair-rail put in, two years later there was still no shower.
The day the first rental payment became due, money had not been received from the Council, so no payment could be made. Unfortunately this often happens with a new tenancy, a fact of which the agents must have been aware. Mr Candy immediately telephoned me and threatened to take me to Court and to ensure that my credit rating was destroyed if I did not immediately pay the rent. A couple of days later he rang again and was very aggressive, again threatening to cause me a lot of trouble if I did not immediately pay up. I spoke to the Housing Department and they assured me that he was acting unreasonably and could not legally take action against me at that point.
I sent a detailed e-mail to Mr Candy but when he phoned and threatened me again, he said that he would not put anything in writing. He kept phoning me until I threatened to report him to the Police for harrassment.
My daughter completely redecorated the house, again pictures available, and made it a very attractive home. Recently the owner sold the property so my daughter had to move out. Now Mr Candy is refusing to release the deposit and is demanding a further £200 plus because of the "poor state of the property". Yet the owner stated that my daughter\'s care of the house had increased its value! I have photos of the house at the beginning and end of the tenancy which I am happy for anyone to see.
If you are in any doubt, ask other letting agents in the town for their opinion of this man, I did and it was very interesting to hear their views.
Mr Candy is completely untrustworthy, dishonest and nasty. He caused both my daughter and me a great deal of distress making threats which he knew were unreasonable and unenforceable. Nobody should rent property from him if they want to feel safe in their home.
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By: Jo
Jul 10, 2013
Hi angry mum - I can assure u the house was left in a poor poor state and crammed full of disgusting rubbish - why on earth should I b left to clear it up and ship it out - plain lazy . I know your daughter had access to a van - the house was sold straight after her vacation so if the new owner chooses to keep it in this way that's his choice- as for my partner threatening your daughter - he is my ex partner and his story is very very different - lets not forget your daughters ex partner kicked the door in! without lettings r us I would have been owed much more money - they will also support me in the small claims court to retrieve what's owed to me - I could have lived minus 1 months money thanks to their intervention with housing benefit but to have to clear the house of filth and rubbish and urine stained furniture was too much - take your own rubbish away.
By: Lettings R Us
Jun 28, 2013
This case is now in the hands of the adjudicator at the deposit protection service and any dispute needs to go through them. As shown in the landlady's comment the rent is outstanding and the property was not left in a good condition which the landlady has photographs to prove. We are only claiming for rent on behalf of the landlady through the deposit protection service due to more rent owing than the deposit. What the landlady claims for after this has been released is up to her.
By: Angry Mum
Jun 28, 2013
To Lettings-r-us: How do you know the landlord is interested as you stated that you did not know which property was being described? You also do know that you were sent the photos two years ago.

As you obviously do know who I am, I will e-mail the photos again, but do not contact me in any other way than writing, I have had enough of being bullied and intimidated by you

To the landlady:, I did not see any rubbish, except filthy sofas which were left in the house when my daughter moved in. However, the house was squalid, filthy and totally neglected when the TENANT (note, only one "n") originally leased it, and, without a stair-rail with a sheer drop into the living room, it was criminally dangerous for children.

Your lettings agent was sent the original photos two years ago, so he could show them if he wanted to. I would be happy to e-mail them to you.

The house will be a mess now, windows have been left wide open to the elements for about five weeks - an open invitation to squatters especially on a main road next to a pub.

Relations were not helped by your aggressive and very drunk boyfriend turning up on my daughter's doorstep late at night, threatening her even though her lease had not ended. She left when she was asked to and left the house in far better condition than she found it. Please let's not have any more threats of violence.
By: jo
Jun 20, 2013
This is the landlady that angrymum refers to in the above rant. I would like to fill in some of the many gaps that give another side to this story.
Firstly said tennant owes me in excess of £800 in back rent. It would be in excess of £1300 if lettings r us had not known the system well and been able to recover some rent directly from the housing benefit office.
Secondly whilst the photos, on leaving, may show a relatively tidy house they do not show:
EVERY single cupboard filled with tennants rubbish
urine soaked matresses abandoned
a garage crammed FULL with said tennants rubbish
soiled nappy in cupboard
toilet covered in excrement
the house stank
TV dumped on the doorstep
beds and furniture just abandoned inside and outside the property
Every available 'closed area' was full of RUBBISH
In fact it filled 1.5 cattle box and a pick up truck. Clean up costs after this tennant were in excess of £500 and yes I have the photos too.
The tenant did decorate the house and did improve it - however due to the decline in housekeeping from september 2012 onwards the house returned to me was squalid, filthy and totally neglected. Incidentally lateness of rental payments occured from here on in with no forewarning at all.
Lettings R Us definitely have the landlord interests at heart. If I had managed this property alone I would certainly be owed more money by this tennant. So as you can see there are 2 sides. The big question is why on earth would they have their deposit returned when the tenant owes me in excess of £1300? I am NOT a charity and why on earth is it OK to leave tons of her vile RUBBISH for ME to clear up? Its simply WRONG.
By: Lettings R Us
Jun 18, 2013
We deal with around 400 properties in the BA11 area so unfortunately as you have not stated your name then we do not know which property you are referring to. As with all of our tenancies the payment of rent is liable by the named tenant on the contract (This does not matter where the money is coming from i.e. council) or the guarantor if there is one. We only claim through the DPS system on deposits if there is outstanding rent or there is damage to the property as the landlord requests this to happen, if there is a dispute then this will go through the ADR system at the deposit protection service. We would be very interested in seeing the photographs that you have as would the landlord.

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