May 28,2013
By: 'Neil_Scott'
May 28,2013
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Complete cowboys. Avoid like the plague, or more so.

I first arrived at the property to find it to be a complete tip, everything from the previous tenant\'s discarded underwear, bog roll, cannabis grinders and cat fur amongst the furnishings and drawers. No effort to clean the property had taken place at all.

It soon became apparent that the shower, central heating, window blinds, fridge, cooker, and numerous other things didn\'t work at all. The fire extinguishers were spent, light fittings didn\'t work, and there were increasing damp patches coming through where they had been painted over.

Getting them to fix anything was beyond a joke. They promised the world, and never delivered. Eventually the considerable damp problems were located to a roof which should have been replaced some decades ago, and whilst the landlord got quotes from roofer after roofer to find someone who would do it on the cheap, rubble was continuously falling from my bedroom ceiling as I slept for several months.

They also eventually decided that central heating not working at all should be fixed, so they sent a man with no english and a second hand boiler to replace the boiler. Half way through the job, he did put it cigarette down for two minutes to explain that he didn\'t really know what he was doing as he wasn\'t a trained plumber (or CORGI registered for that matter), so to excuse him if it was taking a while.

On one occasion I returned to my flat from London to find my things were all over the place, and a few minor furnishings (such as a computer chair etc) were gone. I was going to report this to the police, but baffled as to why they took furnishings and left the iMac, TV etc I called Tiger. They explained it was one of their members of staff, but have never explained why they felt this was appropriate.

As I write this, for seven months I have had a significant damp and mould problem in the bathroom. I have sent email after email, but their response is simply that the landlord is trying to find someone to fix it cheaply as all quotes so far have been over £1k. I don\'t think this is acceptable. When sending further emails, the Chief Executive, a Mr Nigel Loughtman, simply called me "impertinent".

Obviously I have decided to move out. They have tried to have viewings in my absence, but since the theft of property incident I do not wish for them to come into the property in my absence, so ask them to seek to agree times for viewings with me so that I can be in. They have refused to do this, and simply state that these viewings will happen with or without my consent, which is totally against the law. On one occasion I refused a viewing as I was in bed having been released from hospital that day, having just had an operation. Again, they simply stated that the viewing would go ahead anyway, and that they would "try not to disturb me too much when in my bedroom".

I could go on, these are just the highlights of frankly a shocking cowboy company only interested in taking your money and nothing else. They are well known to students in Manchester, and I have heard several similar stories elsewhere. Please don\'t make the mistake of innocently signing a contract into which you are tied for twelve months, and putting up with damp, rats, people routinely popping in when they feel like it and taking furnishings, and routine six month waits (if you\'re lucky) when something goes wrong.
What agent could do to change your mind?
Replace the entirety of the staff with competent individuals, stop trying to do everything on the cheap, learn the laws within which you are supposed to operate, and get some business ethics. How this business is still going I will never understand.
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By: Tiger Property Partners
Nov 21, 2013
Dear Neil,

I saw this review you wrote a while back but I delayed replying to it so I could check a few facts in the meantime.

Firstly I'm truly sorry you felt compelled to write such a bad review of Tiger because on the whole I'd hoped we had parted on amicable terms.

When I came to see you personally before the end of your tenancy to return your deposit cheque in full we shook hands and I apologised face to face for certain things that happened during your tenancy.

In all the 3 years you lived in the apartment I agree there were a couple of occasions when our workmen entered without you having been told what time they were coming - although you did know to expect them after you'd reported the maintenance work. Also it's true that it took us a while to spot what was causing those damp patches on the walls in your flat but even at the time I did explain a few times that this was only because yours was a 3rd floor flat and hairline cracks in the mortar beds of the external brickwork are hard to see from the ground when they are 30 feet up. And this was at the time last Winter when the weather was either pouring down, snowing or absolutely freezing so the issue was not simply one of price, although the first quote we got was nearly 3 times what it should have been, but also one of safety as many workmen won't work at height when it's icy. And it was icy for 4 months last winter.

Last winter was the coldest and the wettest on record for 30 years which is why we were asking you for your help in managing condensation levels inside your flat through ventilation etc. This was after the remedial works had been carried out to the property, but you weren't happy with this and you contacted the Council who sent an environmental health officer to check your flat out.

Their department certainly has powers to intervene where it's necessary but in this case they clearly didn't agree with you that your apartment was damp because no further action was requested from us. I don't think they were too impressed by you running an online business selling car parts from your one bed flat though, and I don't think they, like us, could believe just how many parts you had in there. I remember seeing piles of car tyres in there, alloy wheels, wing mirrors, and for months you had an entire nose section from a Vauxhall Astra (I think it was) in your bedroom.

I just don't think that you wanted to accept some of the responsibility for helping to manage the environment in your flat. I mean please take a moment to think about what effect on the living environment your one bed flat experienced by being packed with so much stuff. And by you choosing not to open the windows much you were not helping the space breathe properly.

Furthermore the bedroom of this property measures about 15 foot by 15 foot, in which you had a double bed, wardrobe, drawers and desk supplied for you, but you also put a weight bench in there and the component parts of half a car. So with the benefit of hindsight can I please ask you to have a think about what you could have done differently to help us stop condensation problems in there ?

Tiger turned a blind eye to all of that because we could see that you were just trying to make some extra money during your time at university, and to be honest Neil I never considered we'd have this conversation agian if you hadn't decided to post your review in this public place.

Despite all of the problems you've written about you chose to continue living there and did so for 3 years, willingly signing three tenancy agreements. I was and still am bemused about the accusation you make regarding Tiger removing a desk from the flat. And looking back I see that it was you, not I that used the term "impertinant". You're correct about the timing of that comment though because the sales and viewing staff were trying to make viewing appointments with you at the time - always with at least 24 hours notice - but you kept refusing access to the flat. This was just after you'd been away on holiday for 2 weeks and given us strict instructions not to go in, which we didn't and it was only a week or two later did you tell us you weren’t well and had been in hospital, so it’s true that we had been getting rather frustrated with you but you, but at the time you told 3 different staff members you were ill with 3 different things. Earlier in the year you'd refused us maintenance access to the flat for a period of some weeks and then complained about things not being fixed, so even we find it difficult organising appointment after appointment with outside contractors who themselves are busy. The year before I fielded complaints about you from some of your neighbours after you'd gone away for the weekend and blocked their car in the driveway.

So in closing Neil I want to acknowledge that I appreciate how much time it must have taken you to write your review, and I felt that you were owed a thorough reply. The current occupier of your apartment has lived there since July and to the best of my knowledge hasn't had any problems and all I can say is we did get all of the problems fixed for you during your tenancy and these fixes are still fine.

In your review you inferred that you wouldn't sign with us again and I'm disappointed that you felt that way so I hope it's some comfort to know that we did take some of your criticisms on the chin. I feel that a lot of your feedback was unfair when it was a total of almost 4 months during which you either refuced us access to the apartment or asked us to rearrange pre-booked appointments with outside sub-contractors. We've made a few changes to our systems based (in part) on your feedback and because I know that your last year of Uni was very stressful for you holding down a job and doing your finals too, so Neil I do sincerely wish you the very best of luck in your career with the Bank of England in London.

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