May 01,2013
May 01,2013
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Fought long and hard with these guys over several months to get my deposit back. Threatened with legal action, all sorts of voicemails whilst at work and eventually got my money back when they incorrectly paid me £400 more than I was owed and then gave me the account details of where the funds should've went. Lee Dickens, Toby and Jeremy all need an ethical compass, unfortunately you wont pick that up in a B&Q lads.
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By: jeremy
May 03, 2013
To correct the story - deposit is currently going through the adjudication process as required - we requested funds for the clean after the end of the tenancy - the tenant disputed, the disputed funds were sent to the deposit scheme with the balance of deposit sent immediately back to the tenant. the dispute is going through the correct legal procedure as set out under the terms of the deposit scheme - nothing unethical about that.
What is unethical is that the tenant has been paid a sum of money in error (which he has admitted he received!) and is refusing to pay this back. This sum is nothing to do with the deposit.I would say that is illegal, very unethical and tantamount to theft. If the deposit dispute goes in his favour and the deposit scheme pays back the funds to him it meaning he has stolen £763. Lots of honesty there then - why is it always the landlord that gets given the bad rap when we are doing nothing wrong and have followed all the correct procedures...Everyone can make there own mind up on that one!

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