Apr 23,2013
By: 'Clare'
Apr 23,2013
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I thought it was just me being unreasonable - think Damien has a problem with Tenants who expect repairs done and sorted within a certain time span !
After my Landlord handed my tenency over to these cowboys everything seemed to go downhill . Damien feels he has the right to talk to you like s*** .
My so called Landlord was more of a friend when he let out his 2 bed semi - coming from a small country house with no heating the cosmetic look of the house was superficial and overlooked by us .
Most landlords repaint and clean for new tenants but not this one . Bright navy blue glossed skirting boards and bright red walls with a mis match of half broken furniture , bits of plaster missing off walls and old appliances .
Rent was agreed lower than normal market rate as he said he would prefer long term tenants who would look after the house . We excepted , over the next 7 years we had a good relationship with him , him often coming for breakfast or taking us for dinner when we managed the let of his 2nd house . We decorated this rental property throughout , new carpets , Laura Ashley wallpaper and paint , new curtain poles , had the ceiling and walls re plastered . £500 spent on garden as it was an overgrown mess !
Rent always early and upped £75 to cover insurances but landlord was very happy about house .
I then got cancer - then 6 months after that my son was diagnosed with a life changing spinal problem of which he would have major surgery .
I was forced to quit work and had to receive help from the government . This causes lots of problems and time delays due to paperwork by the masses - my rent was late a few times due to this but paid in a matter of days after being due , as payment dates had changed by council . Landlord was kept in picture .
Next thing to hit us was a letter saying I was to deal directly to appalling propities as landlord had handed over the property . Nice to tell me .. I then was handed an eviction notice !!!!! Reason " landlord wanted to do repairs " the repairs were not large ones just lots of little ones .. I refused to go . Damien then contacted me to say Landlord wanted to up the rent inline with other local propities . Fair enough , but went against what he said . I therefore passed a list of repairs I was just about to start myself to them as the rent was upped £100 -
Different workmen were sent , some let themselves in the property with keys given by Damien with NO notice at all given !! Shocking !
3 monthly inspections started with notes left to ask me to clean !!!!!!
Damien has all the talk , it\'s rubbish - stuff he\'s taught himself from a text book but he likes to think he knows the score . During my sons admission into hospital I awoke with intention of getting to hospital early to open the door to front room to be faced with hot water falling out of light fitting and 3 other places - holding a newborn !!! He came out and muttered I\'d have to leave the house there and then as they may have to take floor up . On finding out that it was a bung that had come loose he blamed me saying that the light fittings that had been up for 3 years prior must have caused it as they must be new as they had no cobwebs on and the kitchen light had a cobweb ! Laugh able really ..
Work men came to fix tap and said they were unable to unblock the radiators in the same day as Damien had not given them a job number . Had been asked 3 months prior !
Other repairs asked for have still not been touched .. Damien is NOT professional at all , maybe to landlords above as he is taking their fee for not doing much apart from paying off his new merc !
Only met him once but he looked exactly how I imagined !!
Tenants beware renting a property from Appauling Properties - especially if you think you may need repairs or understanding . It\'s all about greed and fees .. Tragic !
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By: Clare
Apr 25, 2013
Can't be busy in the office Damien having time to type that out ! !
Jesus what a crock of bull that was - total rubbish re lower rent in order for us to fix repairs ! The rent was lower due to state of house and the fact he wanted long term lets . . No mention of us repairing anything !!
We had fully decorated before we even moved in property !!! Constantly informing landlord of small repairs that needed doing .
It was 4 years into tenancy that he asked if we would do the minor upkeep - painting etc . He still upped the rent slightly .
No repairs ??????
We had new carpets put down in bedrooms - nearly all walls re plastered , dodgy wiring sorted , house painted throughout twice . Ceiling plastered after ignored reports of leaks 4 times and garden sorted £500 .. Think thats hardly classed as not maintained . !!!!

He was happy to let me get a new kitchen and sink fitted before handing it to you as he said we could have first refusal at buying !
This house is not dirty at all !!!!! Yes it's cluttered with toys at times but that's because there is only a under the stairs storage and that's it !
How you have the cheek to comment on the tidiness of the house when your job is to make sure the house is maintained not bloody kept spotless ! There is nothing belonging to the landlord in this house ! Only rotten oven which is past cleanable and has broken my toe twice due to door falling off !
Son had 2 stitches in foot when the bodge job repair to kitchen floor left screws and metal sticking out !
He's lucky I've paid any bloody rent !
As for saying I'm leaving , I asked once about the notice as had something in pipeline . Never have notice - as it is there is no tenancy or contract in place so I could up and leave today if I wished !

I will be leaving - but with a child in recovery I can't go anywhere that does not suit .
Again , when I go you can be assured I will be leaving property exactly how it was let to me blue gloss and all ... Lets say what your " inspection card " will say then ?

Nothing personal you say ? You crossed that line the minute you started talking down to me !
Bad move !! Luckily I have before and after photos - and tape conversations of you and another in the house .. Yes Damien your so professional !!!
I'd recommend a social skills course ..
By: Damian Marsden
Apr 24, 2013
Hi Clare,
I'm sorry you feel this way

From what I understand from your landlord (who has managed this tenancy for the last 7 years himself, and as you point out) the property you have rented was in need of repair when you moved in, but a lower rent was agreed with your landlord on the basis you did the work at your expense, you never did the work, so it remains in poor repair. According to the landlord the tenancy was fine initially but in later years there were problems with non-payment of rent etc, so passed the tenancy (of a property in poor condition and type of tenancy (not professional) that we would not normally manage) to us in the hope the rent would be paid on time. As we have mentioned before, the landlord intends to refurbish the entire property when you vacate as you have not done the required work at the reduced rent. You have indicated that you are vacating on numerous occasions, but then haven't. As I'm sure most will understand, it is pointless spending the money to improve a property when it will not be looked after.
You reported the leak to us, we had it rectified and back to full working order within 5 hours, you left because you were going to the hospital to visit your son, not because we asked you too.
We are authorised by your landlord to do certain works, but you do need to understand that we are acting on behalf of your landlord and cannot simply do work to improve a house that we have not been authorised to do.
We are not forcing you to live in a house you do not enjoy, as agreed, the landlord is happy to accept that you vacate with minimal notice, a week would be fine, as he, like you, wants peace and harmony and to get on and refurbish the house, but this is just not feasible whilst the property is occupied/tenanted.
We have managed your tenancy for less than 6 months and it has been a less than ideal situation all round, I guess if the rent was paid on time and the property better looked after the landlord may be more inclined to improve things but it is all one sided, you want all the work doing but other than once, haven’t paid the rent on time yet.
As I mentioned to you yesterday when we were in communication, I appreciate your position and situation and I’m sorry you have been dealt the things you have; health wise, it is never a pleasant thing and I do hope all recover and things improve for you entirely.
It is very regretful that you blame us for a tenancy you have endured for more than 7 years, when we have only been involved for the last few months. We would never have agreed to letting a property where the tenant is left to their own devices to repair, repaint, maintain a house themselves; we would let it to them in full working condition and maintain it as such. But this was passed to us by the landlord in desperation and we wanted to help where possible. The responsibility of the managing agent is to maintain the house to the standard in which it was let, that is exactly what we are doing. As I say, I’d love the house to be vacated then the whole house will be refurbished and a new tenancy can commence and be maintained to the high standard any professional tenant would expect.
The question that will remain on most people’s lips is why you have put up with such a property for 7 years…. Maybe it is time for a change!?

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