Apr 10,2013
By: 'stpaul'
Apr 10,2013
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I am writing this report on behalf of my brother who purchased a property
in Atlanta from Property4peanuts company number 07384189 and run by
Emma Cornah. The property was sold with outstanding taxes which amounted
to over $6000. His contract stated that the property would be sold free of
liens and he paid $1100 for legal fees.
Property4peasnuts would not contribute towards the taxes unless my brother
signed an agreement not to post blogs about the company. However, it is
in the public interest that my brothers experience with this company are
made public.

He made the final payment for the property in February 2010.
Although the money was paid to \'The Foreign Property Shop.com\'
company number 06027122. Incidentally they have applied for the company
to be struck off from companies house. Although the money was paid to
The Foreign Property Shop.com the contract had the seller as
Oleksandr Abramovych, a citizen of the Ukraine. The question is did
The Foreign Property Shop.com use my brothers money to purchase the
property from Oleksandr Abramovych and what is the connection between
him and The Foreign Property Shop.com and Property4peanuts. They said
that the seller was known to them.

The contract stated that the property would be refurbished and tenanted.
In fact the refurbishment was not completed and my brother has photos to
prove it. They have not provided any proof whatsoever that the refurbishment was
completed. Their excuse was that the tenant moved in so quick that there
wasn\'t time to take photos. If there was a tenant he did not receive any
rent payments as the rent money was deducted from the payment made towards
the overdue taxes.

Regarding the alleged tenant, there were no obvious signs of a tenant
existing, they disappeared after two months for no apparent reason.
At the same time the propety management company Solutions Enterprises
informed him that they no longer wished to be his management company.

Although my brother paid for the property in February 2010, he did not
receive the quit claim deed until July 2012. The date on the quit claim
deed was 10th August 2011 and that date had been amended from 10/8/2012.
Even if the date is to be believed it means the document was missing
fro a year. It also means that Oleksandr Abramovych was still the owner
up to that point. The address given for Oleksandr Abramovych on the quit
claim document is that of Property4peanuts, Foxwood, Chalky Road,
Stockbury, Kent ME9 7QR.

From the period of his payment February 2010 to 10th August 2011 the
property belonged to Oleksandr Abramovych. He did not have the property
managed and consequently it was vandalised and a vagrant was living there.
My brother used a agent in Atlanta to visit the property and take photos.

My brother continually pressed Propery4peanuts to provide him with the
title deeds. They claimed it took time whereas he phoned the court house
that deals with them and was told it takes two weeks. He also asked for
the name of the title company and was told it was SouthEast Title
Corporation, 1409 North Highland Avenue NE Atlanta, Georgia 30306. He
contacted the company and they said they did not handle the title they only
acted as a messenger service.

My brother challenges these companies to answer the specific questions
that has gone unanswered:

Explain their relationship with Oleksandr Abramovych. Why was he the
seller when the money was paid to The Foreign Property shop.com

Why did it take 29 months from the time of payment to the receipt of the
quit claim.

Provide proof that South East title did in fact handle the transfer or
provide the name of the company that did. They should have invoices from
the Title company.

Explain the whereabouts of the quit claim between 10th August 2011 and
12th July 2012.

Provide proof that the property was refurbished, it can be photos, names
of contractors, invoices etc.

I challenge Property4peanuts to answer the above questions, but I doubt
if they will.
If they think my brother was in any way responsible for this mess then
explain why.

To summarise:

My brother paid a lot of money for a house that was supposed to be refurbished
and tenanted but wasn\'t. The title was not give to him in a timely manner, in
fact it was 29 months before he saw any documentation that showed him as
being owner. On the date of the quit claim deed the property was empty
and vandalised not refurbished and tenanted as per the contract.
When the property belonged to Oleksandr Abramovych it was not managed
and was completely trashed. It is in a wrecked state today and will cost
a lot of money to repair. It is over three years since the purchase, he
has lost lots of money, had enormous stress and still has a property
that is wrecked and accumulating taxes.
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By: stpaul
May 07, 2013
First of all you will notice that none of the questions have been answered.
There were no tenants or proof that the refurbishment was completed.
I have asked for the name of the title company and was told it was
South East title, I contacted them and then denied dealing wit it.
They have also conveniently glossed over the dates. The property
was paid for in February 2010, the first indication I had of
ownership was July 2012 which is 29 months after the date of
purchase. This isn't a delay it is a disaster. The quit claim
which is the lowest form of title was dated August 2011 and
the year of 2012 had been crossed out. The client did not receive
$6000 from them, that money was used to pay taxes which should
have been settled at the time of purchase. In fact the city council
sold off the debt to Riah capital management which increased the costs
further. The total bill for taxes was $6036.56, Property4peanuts only paid
$3858.54 as they deducted $1400 from the alleged rent payments. Can you
believe that, it indicates the type of company that they are.

The property has been vandalised substancially and this occured during the time
it was owned by Oleksandr Abramovych, the mysterious person who is known to
Property4peanuts. The property is not in a sellable state therefore the offer to
sell is meaningless.
They need to answer specific questions which I know from experience they
will not.

Q1. Who is Oleksandr Abramovych, he was the seller on the contract.

Q2. What is the role of Oleksandr Abramovych in the property4peanuts company.

Q3. The My money was paid to the Foreign Property SHop.Com company number 06027122
yet Abramovich was the seller. Did they transfer my money to Abramovych.

Q4. Why didn't Abramovich have the property managed as he was the owner.
He was the owner during the alleged tenancy and subsequently when
the property was vandalised.

Q5. There is no doubt who owned the property as the title records are
in the public domain, and so called property specialists would know
this and could check for themselves.

Q6. Why did it take 29 months for the first notification of ownership.

Q7. The date on the quit claim is 12th August 2011, which had been crossed
out from 2012. If that date is to be believed then where was the quit claim
from August 2011 to July 2012.

Q8. Why weren't the taxes paid at the time of purchase, the contract
stated that it would be free of liens.

Q9. Provide proof that the propery was refurbished. he was told that the
tenant moved in so quick that there wasn't time to take photos.
If the tenant was so keen to move in why did they disappear without
trace after two months.

Q10. They claim the property was tenanted. However. at the time of the alleged
tenancy the property did not belong to me it belonged to Abramovych. So
in fact there are in breach of contract as it was supposed to be tenanted
when he bought it. Furthermore he paid them $1400 towards the taxes
otherwise they would not have paid them.

Q11 They blame the title problems or third parties and not themselves.
he paid $1100 for the legal aspects of the sale, it was the
responsibility of Property4peanuts to ensure that third parties did
their job. He continually told them of the title problems and they
said it takes time. He phoned the court house that deals with it and
they said it takes two weeks. Property4peanuts were totally
responsible for the delays yet they try to pass on the blame to

Q12. What was the name of the title company who were allegedly responsible

You will see from the reply by Caroline that they are never specific when
it comes to dates or naming those responsible. All the important items are
glossed over. If they are as innocent aS they claim then I challenge
them to answer the above questions. I Guarantee that they will not, it
isn't in their nature. He can back up all statements with proof, much
of which is in the public domain and indisputable.

Three years after purchasing the house from Property4peauts he has lost
lots of money, and has a house that has been vandalised and taxes still
have to be paid. I would not want anybody to suffer the experience that
I have had by buying a house through property4peanuts.
By: Caroline
May 02, 2013
This client bought a bargain detached property in Atlanta, for a discounted price – just before the upswing in prices there over the past year or two. After tenants left, the property suffered vandalism.

We admitted the refurbishment went slowly and compensated him. Then as a Title company didn’t do their job and there was a delay in registering the property (which we were unaware of), we paid to clear his taxes for the period and extra as a goodwill gesture. In total, he has received over $6,000 from us, which shows that we don’t abandon clients post sale.

Despite this help, the client continues to press for money. As it seems he is unhappy with his property, we offered to help sell his property into what is now a good market in Atlanta, but he has not taken us up on the offer.

In summary, this sale didn't go as smoothly as the vast majority of sales we handle as it was affected by poor service by those 3rd party providers that we rely on. But that’s very different from the tale presented by this client.

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