Apr 12,2013
By: 'Lond0ner'
Apr 12,2013
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Our experience with City Zen has been fantastic for the entire time that we don't need to talk to them. They're very good at sitting there doing nothing and collecting our rent each month.

The minute you need them to do something, they're horrendous. We've had issues where we've had no running water at all for about 4 days. This, apparently, was not deemed urgent enough to send someone round to fix straight away.

We've also had a continuous problem with our boiler for the last 5 months. In 5 months, it's broken 3 or 4 times. Each time we're without water for normally a 4 day stint before they send over a retarded plumber who, if you're lucky enough for them to actually turn up, does a "temporary fix" for about 3 weeks before it breaks again.

After reporting it numerous times we reached the end of our tether and said we wanted compensation for the days we've been without hot water. Think that's fair enough when you're paying a huge sum of money to live in London and can't shower, wash clothes, wash dishes.

City Zen's response was no and that we should speak to a solicitor before making threats!!!!! It's joke.

As a sidenote, we're still without any hot water, it's about to run into the weekend, we have people coming to stay over tomorrow and I can guarantee we'll all be stinking until Monday or Tuesday when one of these retarded estate agents decides to actually get a plumber out. Their idea of "getting a plumber out straight away" was to email a plumber, not even ring him, and then sit back and wait for their response. So god knows how long it'll be until it's fixed.

They are bullying, rude, incompetent, lazy estate agents. If you're a tenant, avoid them like the plague. If you're a landlord - ask yourself - do you want to be paying a monthly fee to a company that is this incompetent? It may well be easier to go private and deal with the tenants direct.

City Zen sucks.
What agent could do to change your mind?
Actually done their job. Not been rude. Followed their end of the contract by giving us 24 hours notice before people would just waltz into our flat. Also actually fixed things like boilers. Not got very abrupt the minute we suggested we wanted compensation for the fact we've been without water for 3 separate four day stints in the last 5 months, and often it runs out very quickly anyway - because the boiler is broken - and because it STILL isn't fixed - and because they don't treat us like clients, they treat us like an annoying job they need to sort out... possibly after they've gone for lunch or something. Horrendous company. No wonder estate agents have a bad reputation.
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By: Lond0ner
May 08, 2013
1. The flurry of spelling errors and grammatical mistakes in this response is completely reflective of the care and attention I'd expect from CityZen.
2. Saying that every time our boiler has broken you've sent someone round within 24 hours isn't true. You may have "reported it" within 24 hours (sent an email which has got lost in the plumbers inbox and not bothered chasing up) but I can guarantee on a number of occasions it's not been looked at within 24 hours.
3. Whilst "calling names" is a fair point, this is in response to the same engineer coming round and failing to fix the boiler 3 times in a short amount of time. Each time I pointed out that it could be because part of the boiler was **hanging off the wall**. I'm no engineer, but surely that's a tell tale sign that something isn't right. Lo and behold, when a proper engineer was finally sent over, it was indeed this part that needed replacing.
4. You mention that sometimes ordering in parts can take "several days" - again, to clarify, this time period was 3 weeks.
5. I wasn't posting a review on here to get any issues resolved. I was posting a review here to let people know the kind of service you can expect from CityZen. The issue has been that unless you want something from us, it's radio silence. You don't call us when we ask you to. You don't update us when we ask you to. And when we say that we feel we deserve compensation for the amount of time we've had no hot water of late, the aggressive retort is one of advising us to speak to a lawyer before making threats.
6. I'll admit, however, there was no need for name calling. The facts alone probably told the story in itself.
By: CityZEN
Apr 22, 2013
Thank you for your review.
Whilst i appreciate the inconvenience that you have suffered regarding the boiler issues, i would like to state that each and everytime that you have reported the issue, an engineer has been called and sent to the flat within the same day or 24hrs at most.
You state that you have not had running waterfor 4 days - this is not striclty true - the hot water may not have been working but you have still had water running into the flat. Where you have not had any water supply, this has been down to either the suppy of water into the development via Thames Water, or through the developments own pumps which have had issues - again this is out of our control and we do try all we can to get any issue expidited. As you can imagine, we have litle influence over any issues Thames Water may have!
The delays that have occured are caused by having to order and have a new part fitted - as you can imagine this is not something that can always be done immediatley - most engineers these days do not carry spare parts with them and these have to be ordered, collected and then fitted - this can take several days. Any temporary fix has been done to ensure that you do have hot water whilst a part is being ordered. Each and every time you have reported an issue, CityZEN has dealt with it in a timely and effecient manner. Unfortuanelty the boiler has broken doen on several occasions recently which again whilst we appreciate the issue that this has caused,is something that is out of our control. As stated, i understand your frustration - it is not in our interest to have tenants with no working boiler - we will try and get any issue repaired asap but can only work as fast as the engineers and parts are available.
On a side note, calling us and our engineers names is hardly either helpful or professional.i appreciate that you expect a working boiler at all times - sometimes things break and we try to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible, but calling people names is not really the way to go about getting issues resolved.

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