Mar 22,2013
Mar 22,2013
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Worst service we have ever received! When we first moved into the property it was flooded, full of damp and filthy! When we complained, we were told by Kim "We have your deposit now, so we dont have to do anything to help you". Truely disgusting.
We forever complained about the faulty front door (we got locked in or out on more then 10 occasions!), and the damp bathroom, nothing was ever done in the 2 years we lived there.
We recently moved out, we painted and cleaned and left the flat in perfect condition (better than when we moved in!), yet have been told they are taking £525 of our depoisit for cleaning! We have photos and witnesses when we left, showing the property in perfect condition, cleaned, hoovered and painted.
This is the worst company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. I have always rented and never been treated so poorly.
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By: KF
Jun 10, 2013
We were informed of no such thing before we moved in! All lies, as normal.

Yes we complained, it took weeks to get you do the repairs, weeks and weeks of us complaing, and living in the flat, so yet again, LIES.

You continue to say the property was left in shocking condition when vacated, I have photoographs and a signed statement from our removal company to say the extreme opposite, so yet again, LIES.

It seems to me that your company continues to rip off your tenants, time and time again. This website is full of all the same story, you do this to many innocent people.

I have had nothing but rude poor service, and am glad that I have to have no more dealings with yourself! I feel sorry for anyone that has the misfortune of dealing with you in the future.
By: Mr James Thomson
May 08, 2013
Harringtons always falsely and rudely accuse their tenants of leaving property in a 'filthy' state, and claim extortionate deposit deductions as a result. Kim, you really need to stop coming on this site and continuing your despicable lies and outrageously rude, unwarranted comments.

Above you admit that you rented out a property in an unfit condition, and then you pretend that the tenant didn't leave it clean enough for your exacting standards? Imbecile.
By: Kim Dixon
Apr 12, 2013
Hi Kellie, Thank you for your review and sorry to read that you believe you have received a bad service from us.
However, I do believe your facts to be incorrect. The tenant before you moved in did not leave the proeprty in a good condition and lots of works were required. This could not all be done in time for your move in and you were informed of this and decided to proceed to move in regardless. You did them complain when you moved in and contractors were immediately instructed to deal with all of the maintenance issues that you raised and these were resolved. At no point were you told that "we have your deposit now, so we dont have to do anything to help you".
There was an ongoing problem with the design of the lock but each time this was reported to us contractors were sent round to deal with the issue. On vacation, the proeprty was left in a shocking condition and was very unclean and we have taken photos to this effect. Our cleaners took many hours to clean the property, hence the bill was so high.
As caIf you wouldlike to call we will happily discuss the matter with you.

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