Jan 10,2013
Diana Lagun
Daniel Burton
By: 'Lesley'
Jan 10,2013
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Tell you what, I\'ll just copy and paste the email i sent them upon vacating the house.....

"Diana, Carrie, Alex and whoever else works for your disgrace of a company, you\'ll be pleased to know that I\'ve vacated Room B of the house in Kilburn.

I just thought I\'d bring a few things to your attention before you are surprised by the letters you\'ll be receiving from Camden Council, Environmental Health and Trading Standards about your ridiculous company and the house that I was unfortunate enough to have residence in for 2 months.

So, if you\'re wondering why Camden Council.....a few things really! Firstly, the Agreement signed with you should have been a Tenancy Agreement, NOT a License agreement as none of your "tenants" fit into any of the categories that would be needed for you to hold a License agreement (oh that\'s right, research and legal advise has been sought which has given me this information). As you are probably well aware, the Landlord would have to be living in the premises with us (which he or she was not), as a holiday home (which again it is not) or if any of the people living in the house were working for you (which again...none of us are). Since none of these are the case, you legally had no right to take a deposit from me OR any rent as legally I was under no obligation through the ridiculous contract you made me sign!

Also, there were a few clauses you put in the contract such as the fact you can enter the house at any time? You legally cant even put that in a contract because you\'re going above Tenants rights which all us the Right to Peaceful Enjoyment. In other words, it\'s a load of CRAP you thinking you can come in and out anytime.

Speaking of Peaceful Enjoyment, I couldn\'t very well peacefully enjoy my bedroom for the fact that the radiator in the room had not been properly serviced and I didn\'t appreciate Diana telling me that it would cost me £75 for someone to come and look at it and if i hadn\'t \'turned it on\' they\'d charge me more. Are you serious? If I hadn\'t turned it on? Right then.

Your hard sell tactics are amazing, going to a viewing and being all nice, offering tea and biscuits to get people to sign that piece of paper. But really, i should have google\'d you and your shoddy company to see that you are a bunch of crafty con artists! I expect a call within the next half an hour but that\'s only because whenever I try and ring you the line gets disconnected, goes to voice-mail or you just don\'t answer.

Now here\'s the important thing, you want your money, well you see I actually want mine. The deposit I gave you on the 30th of October, NOT on the 7th of November, which you claim to be the date on my certificate which is WRONG. That certificate should have been given to me 14 days after i moved in, or at least I should have been told where my deposit was protected. But we all know that the deposits weren\'t protected because I checked that fact the week before you sent the ridiculous email to explain why it would \'seem\' as if my deposit wasn\'t protected. So legally, that needs to be returned to me, or my solicitor (which has already reported you to the tree faculties that I mentioned previously, will be taking this further and instead of getting £500 back i will be getting £1500 back.

Trying to fight this wouldnt be wise because given that at your last annual review your cash in bank was £2,939 I don\'t really think you can afford to take this head to head with me, which I can tell you now I am willing to you.

Don\'t forget that your breach of contract (which yes I have sufficient grounds for) would be more than enough for me to prove my case, just by the shoddy License agreement, lack of facilities promised, all the verbal agreements made (which are legally binding through me being a Licensee), misrepresentation of the house, failure to carry out the survey correctly on the house (faulty wiring) and providing an inhospitable environment in which a tenant is supposed to live (faulty heating during the winter months) I think I\'ll be fine. I expect an EMAIL not a call to discuss how you are going to return my deposit to me IN FULL including the £50 key deposit (when i return the keys to you obviously)

The room is locked and has been left in quite good condition, I didn\'t bother which an extensive clean, Any tenant wanting to view it i\'m sure you\'ll be able to cover up a lot of things like you did when i first moved in, you\'re masters at that really (re: every single review about your company online). I\'ve even left you a glass of wine on the table to celebrate with you.

Now, when you £550 for me I\'ll gladly speak to you."
What agent could do to change your mind?
The best thing for Unida Place to do is shut down.
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By: Chris
Sep 02, 2013
I am a victim as well. I left my room on the 31st of May. After chasing Jennifer Hartmann and Daniel Burton I still did not manage to get my deposit back. They are just thief! I am going to start legal action against those people.
By: George
Aug 28, 2013
I am a victim of Unida Place's practices. I am a student that just left London, but had started a dispute resolution with mydeposits, the agency with which my deposit was supposed to be protected. I had signed an initial contract, but then forced to leave after 4 months. I needed a short-term contract by then, so I used them again, and they found a new room for just 2 months. They told me that they would just transfer the deposit, but as I just found out, they never did. After reading some reviews I would like someone to please provide me with the information about the solicitor they used, and/or who they contacted in order to obtain their deposits back from this fraudulent agency. Please help! Thank you.

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