Jan 09,2013
Lynn Randall
By: 'Minahlikeredwoodjokers'
Jan 09,2013
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I first saw a lady called Joanne, who advised me the property would be let unfurnished, (she was talking badly about the current tenants too, which I found unfair) I paid the holding deposit to secure the place. from this point onwards I never had contact with her, oh my how worse it got. I then had the misfortune to deal with Lynn Randall, we went to look at the property and hand keys over Only then did i find out they would not be renting unfurnished, and that the old broken rickety furniture would be staying, she assured me the property was ready (professionslly cleaned etc) it wasn\'t you can tell she had been up here moving round dirt with a wet cloth, there was still dried food particals on the floor, black all over the windows that only needed a bit of bleach and then re chalking ( she said they wouldn\'t be rectifying that ( i later had to do this myself as I have a baby who was just tall enough to reach the mould) the was lights hanging out of their sockets, broken lights, but worst to come was when I entered the bedroom, there was a weird smell I couldn\'t place it was everywhere!! the beds in both rooms, were covered in mould and stains that looked fresh and not quite dried in ( at that point I heaved and was nearly sick) I quickly told Lynn I would not be moving in until it was up to scratch and the beds taken out, the rickety furniture apart from the beds would have to stay she said, blaming everything on what the landlord will and wont do( cant confirm this to be true as they have not as yet given me the LL details.

After about a week I had contact from Lynn again to say it was not ready (again) sure the beds had been taken and everything was as it was not clean and wobbly furniture insitu............now fast forward a few months and i\'d say 8 out of 10 emails get ignored, the person you need to speak to is never there conveniently and then i\'m sitting at home one evening and I smell burning, the wobbly wall unit was on fire, it had been resting on a light, whos idea this was I dont know, thank god I was awake, I would hate to speculate on what could of been, I immediately set to try and move it off the light, it would not budge, just wobble and nearly fell on me, I had to ask a friend to come and dismantle it, now, had Lynn of arranged to have this removed when i first asked I wouldn\'t of ended up with a fire in my flat. I informed lynn what I had done all she said was it looks better without it when she visited, no concern for the saftey of me or my daughter, she really is a piece of work this one!! NOw she doesn\'t deal with me at all, I only get to speak with Nikki who for all intents and purposes is pretty much following suit!! ICANT BELEIVE THEY ARE ALLOWED TO PRACTICE BUSINESS, and just to point out to anybody reading these, the 3 reviews that are good are all from redwood themselves to balance out the negative feedback they get!!
What agent could do to change your mind?
fixed the unsafe things in the flat, answered my questions when asked....too many things to mention, i am so frustrated with them.
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By: Matt Leckenby
Feb 25, 2014
I've stated in previous responses that we are not here to upset anyone, we grow every month mainly through recommendation especially on the Estate Management side. Also Lynn Randall doesn't work in letting, she is the Sales Manager, Lynn McDonald a previous Letting Manger did cause a lot of issues for everyone sadly. Emily I'm shocked as we all are here that after 2 years you are still writing unpleasant comments about us, this really is very strange. The only reason you are writing all these attacking remarks is because the tenant had to be evicted from the property before you bought it which you blame us for, also there was a leak under the bath which no one knew about even the surveyor who you paid to check the property. The landlord felt sorry for you so he painted the whole flat, re-carpeted it as well as reduce the asking price by £2000 but nothing he or we did reduced your anger towards anyone, it seemed then and now nothing seems to please you. Trying to damage my company like this manor is totally uncalled for and I disagree totally which I to9ld you at the time. You are more than welcome to visit my offices if you still have anger toward, Matt Leckenby – 0208 316 8990
By: Emily
Mar 09, 2013
Totally agree with you Amz. Unfortunately I bought a property from them and they manage the whole block of flat! Can’t get out. :( Lynn is definitely the worse person I have ever met and I want the company to close down too. At least that way they will not manage my property….
Lynn & Nikki thinks that they are so much better than everyone else, but actually they are so small!
By: Amz
Feb 19, 2013
I am also a tenant of redwood estate they are a disgraceful company & also can not believe they are allowed to practise. I moved into my property in 2009 & originally it was run & owned by matt. he was a fair & honest guy who always dealt with us professionally, but matt has been pushed to the back & Lynn & nikki deal with everything now. I have only spoke to Lynn once & I would say that this one to many times. She is the most rude, obnoxious & dishonest person. I called to tell her some maintenances issues I had in my property & why I am waiting this long for someone to get back to me. All she did is try to palm me off with excuses & how its the landlords fault. After reading your similar problem I can see now that this is a lie & they do this tactic with all tenants. She did not even try & resolve my issues instead got into a fight with me how professional!!! I then had enough & thought I'm not having this so I told her what I thought of her, she didn't take this very well & tried saying its not her fault I should blame the whole team so should she put me on loud speaker so I can shout at the whole office. I mean I have never heard such thing I told her do it put me on loud speaker I shall tell the whole office as I am not scared this then soon shut her up. Since then I too have been dealing with nikki she also is rude, unorganised & does not know how to do her job properly. I have been telling them bout the serious damp problem in my property & every time I call for a resolution all she seems to do is bide her time & give me excuses that they are looking into it. I then found my own resolution through city airport who said as I live in a property in their area I am enable for free ventilation as the planes flying from city airport are the reason for dust & noise. Even when I told her off the free ventilation systems that would be installed with no cost to redwood or my landlord she still was not listening & was not taking down the details that was going to provide this. I got mad & told her I'm not having this she then took the details & actually started to listen to me. How can two people run a company like this it astonishes me. They are running what use to be a reputable company into the ground. I am a good tenant with a high rent, who always pays my rent on time & keeps it to the highest standards & I don't know why I bother. They never reply to emails & when you call them the person you want to speak to is conveniently never available & what really angers me is that when they say they will get back to you and they never do. But it's got to a point now that I have had enough of their lies & am constantly on their backs as this is the only way to get stuff done with them other wise they just hide & take your hard earned money. If your a tenant & have an issue with them I advice you to keep on at them because the softly softly approach does not work & they are such a lazy company they are happy to not resolve the problems for months. There biggest problems is that I am forever chasing them & am always fobbed off. But when it comes to taking my rent it goes straight away. They should not be allowed to trade & treat tenants like this. I advice any new or prospective tenants DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Once they take your money it all goes down hill from then. They are the worst estate agent I had the misfortune to deal with. They are liars, unorganised, dishonest & can not do their jobs properly. Lynn is a stupid, obnoxious manager & her little side kick nikki is all those things & a liar, who tries to turn issues on you. I hate the company & wish they close down that's how much I hate them now. This is a warning for potential tenants to stay away as I regret the day I signed in the dotted line

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