Nov 29,2012
Julie Zevenester
Kirsty Mellor
Nov 29,2012
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I have been with Coastal for 14 years and last week received a 2 month eviction notice. I have been a good tenant and very active locally, installing cycle racks and designing a family area in The Square. When asked why, they said they don\'t have to give me a reason, they\'re within the law, to which I suggest the law needs changing! My neighbours were also evicted, probably so that they can increase the rent with new tenants, having reached a restriction with us. 2 years ago my rent went up twice in one year! Our properties are in bad repair; leaking rooves, bad floors and plumbing, and have ignored my emails to fix a faulty boiler. They\'ve been slandering me to new tenants, and when faeces, yes faeces, came over the top of the loo and up the bath drain, left it for 3 days and told me I was "over reacting"! This is only one small example of their appalling treatment of their tenants and I strongly suggest Coastal Letting Agency is avoided.
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* Be honest with tenants. * Don\'t be sarcastic. * Don\'t slander tenants. * Allow tenants to be honest with you, rather than live in fear of eviction. * Don\'t shout at tenants down the phone. * Don\'t keep changing who handles a property. * Don\'t evict tenants who have done nothing to warrant it. * Decorate flats when it is your responsibility to do so.
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