Oct 24,2012
Katie Sharpes
By: 'Ben Hodgins'
Oct 24,2012
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An awful experience from start to finish, so I feel I have to inform other people to just turn around and vote with your feet. How a company can perform so consistently poorly is frankly astounding. An summary is included below, it is long, which reflects the shear volume of problems we had:

1. Check in - delayed 4 hours "Just go out for some lunch in the village" said Sanjeeta when I arrived at 1pm. The check in clerk didn\'t show up till 5pm. Que a lot of sitting on my backside waiting.

2. Property mis-advertised, the agent (Carlos) showed a different flat that was fully furnished. We arrived at our flat - no sofa, coffee tables, tv stand, bedside tables....pretty much nothing except a bed each!

2. Chase chase chase, emailing and often with no reply. Whilst all the while sitting on the floor. Almost 1 MONTH later, Carlos appeared with a sofa from a skip, it was disgusting; scuffed, ripped and dirty. Obviously we complained again and 2 weeks later a sofa in decent condition turned up. So nearly 6 weeks with nothing to sit on - completely unacceptable. And we also had to buy all other furniture ourselves. We looked for a furnished flat as we wanted a furnished flat, instead we had to pay for lots of items of furniture at great personal expense, all due to mis-selling by the agent.

3. We asked on several occasions for the dirty horrible sofa to be removed. I moved out a month ago, 1 year on - it was still there. You can ask these people things until you are blue in the face, it feels like they are completely inept at using that \'reply\' button on an email.

4. A dishonest check in clerk (Kirk). He took a picture of all the keys for the report, we asked where the car park fob was and he said Brinkleys would be in touch about that. We didn\'t have a car at the time so didn\'t follow it up immediately, but when the time came that we needed a fob, I contacted Brinkleys who said I had to pay £35 for one myself. Kirk said there was one there, conveniently forgetting our conversation, and he never did explain why if there was one there it appeared to be invisible in the photo of all the keys??

5. We came home to find people looking round the flat. No 24 hrs notice, no permission asked - just waltz straight into our home whenever they damn feel like it. They \'tried our mobiles\' and emails - no voicemail, no missed call, no email. Hmmmm - in the days of carrying our mobiles everywhere and receiving emails on the go, this was just a bare faced lie!

6. Check out. The place was domestically cleaned at move in, so was domestically cleaned when we left (not professionally cleaned). 3 weeks of backwards and forwards as the landlord wouldn\'t accept we hadn\'t had it professionally cleaned - even when we didn\'t have to! I was asked to SEND BRINKLEY\'S a copy of the check in report \'for their records\' to confirm we had no obligation for a professional clean. Don\'t they keep records of this stuff themselves?? It beggars belief!

7. 1 month on, all deadlines in the contract have passed for a return of the deposit. No money - they STILL have nearly £2000 of my money.

I can honestly and truthfully say, if you are looking for reviews to guide a decision, please take heed. I am a normal guy who always paid my rent on time and we paid all the extra fees they \'add on\' (incidentally a practice that is now illegal in Scotland where I have moved to). I expect a level of service, professionalism and courtesy. I expect responses, I expect issues to be dealt with promptly and professionally. This isn\'t too much to ask.

It should never be up to tenants to chase, email, ring, email and be ignored for days or weeks on end. It should\'t take 6 weeks to get a clean, decent sofa when the agents mis-advertised the property in the first place. I shouldn\'t get home to find strangers in my home. I shouldn\'t have to act as a bloody admin assistant and send them copies of their own paperwork. And it shouldn\'t take over a month to return a deposit.

You shouldn\'t give these amateurs the time of day, let alone a penny of your hard earned cash. If I breach the contract, if I don\'t pay my rent - I will get stung. Brinkely\'s arrogance means they feel they can make as many flagrant breaches of contract as they like and get away with it.

I am looking forward to seeing what the Ombudsman has to say about their conduct.

Ben Hodgins
What agent could do to change your mind?
Conduct themselves in an efficient and professional manner and do their jobs. No outrageous demands, just simply, courteous and efficient service. It is the arrogance of Brinkely\'s that makes things worse - they act like they don\'t care.
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By: Fi_phi29
Nov 13, 2012
Hi Ben,

What a coincidence that we have had a similar level of incompetence, unprofessionalism and poor service from Brinkley's, and another coincidence that Carlos was involved.
We have had to chase, chase, chase them for any communication and any response to a query. We have had rising damp and a mould problem since we moved into the property three month ago which we are still waiting on a 'quote approval' for. We were told we would receive all bills as they have already put them in our names for us and low and behold we get whacked with overdue council tax because they have not assisted in the transfer of names, When I queried this I got a rude response from Kirsty our "Property Manager"(who has managed sweet b****r all since we moved in) saying we should have organised it ages ago when we moved in and our bill will be 'HUGE' now. Excuse me, but how are you earning your admin fee??? When I responded with a question about which other bills tehy have conveniently forgotten to tell us about, guess what? No response!!
A disgraceful service and I would NEVER EVER recommend anyone to rent through them, let alone sell or buy through them.
By: Katie Sharpes
Oct 24, 2012
Dear Ben,

I must say that I am rather surprised with your comments, as busy estate agents with thousands of tenants each year, we rarely get complaints. Yet, as I am sure you can understand- more people do take the time to complain than review a happy service.

I can note from the issues within your complaint, that the most of your tenancy, you were a happy tenant.

The issue with the inventory clerk cannot be blamed to us- we HAVE to employ an inventory clerk, not connected with the company to conduct an unbiased report. You do, as your contracts states, have the choice to use your own professional clerk- did you think to use another company at the time of check out?
If you wish to follow up the complaint with 9Grey, please do let me know.

In regards to the sofa, I would have to look into this further and re fresh my memory.
Carlos was reprimanded for his role in this, so hopefully you will take some satisfaction with this.
I believe that the issue were highlighted to my director by you- and never followed up with me again after September 2011. However, this issue still seems a sore point now, and it surprises me that you didn’t follow up this request for removal.

In regards to the return of the deposit, we have to seek written notice from the landlord that he is happy with the release. This was delayed due to the matter regarding the clean. Lauren didn’t actually work for the company when you moved in, so not privy to the information regarding the changes in the inventory. When she directly asked the clerk- she was also sent the non amended report. To fasten the process up she asked you for the copy; asking for the report from you was not meant to offend or prove that we lack any professional skills, simply to attempt to fasten up things.
As a commercial banking system, money takes THREE days to clear in your account- this I believe was in your account first thing this morning.

I would be happy to answer any further questions you have, and would be happy to deal with a in- house complaint, that must be raised before going to the Ombudsman,

Kind Regards,

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