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Oct 04,2012
By: 'Jen'
Oct 04,2012
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Renting with Cedar Estates was possibly the worst decision we have ever made. Our experiences with renting in the past have always been pleasant but only because we went through private landlords; we thought we\'d give these agents a chance, what\'s the worst that could happen? Ahem, where do I start?!

Firstly, this is NOT a \'malicious review\' written by another agent. I see that Cedar are commenting on the bad reviews suggesting this just to cover themselves. It\'s NOT fake and is written by a tenant who was renting with them for one miserable year. As you can probably tell, there are several FAKE reviews for this agency. It\'s so obvious by the way the estate agents names are dropped and come on, nobody sits there for 5 paragraphs complementing the agent and basically kissing up. Ugh! Sickening.

When we first went to view the flat, I was a bit put off by the fact that the communal front door was in an alleyway but as it was on a main road with lots of light and people, I somewhat felt at ease. On entering, I was a bit taken aback by the smell of must and damp and that the communal hallway looked as though it hadn\'t been decorated since the 70\'s. The 1870\'s that is. This building was extremely old. The front door to the actual flat was a bit battered too. Going in, I really admired how much space there was and the period features. The rooms were huge and the ceilings were high.

As for the condition, well, the carpets were filthy with large stains and ripped in places, the walls were patchy with filth, dust and had turned black from when the storage heaters were on. I believe the walls were once a cheap shade of magnolia. Woodchip as well, can you imagine? The huge windows were thick with black scum and possibly had never been cleaned. The poor excuse for a bathroom had mould around the bath and the thing that they called a shower was a rubber pipe with a mouldy shower head \'secured\' on to the taps with 2 rusty bits of metal. The kitchen was spacious but looked dirty due to the filthy wallpaper. Notice how I use the word \'filthy\' a lot?

We were told by the agent that the place was going to be redecorated, professionally cleaned and that there was going to be a new power shower fitted. As we had no experience with estate agents before, we had no idea that he was LYING through his highly polished teeth (We know where the money for that came from!). The property was above an empty shop which used to be a salon. We asked what was happening with it as we weren\'t sure about living above a shop and we were told nothing was going to become of it for a long time. As we were just looking for a temporary place to live so we could get used to the area, we decided to put an offer on the flat. It was accepted the same day.

Thinking about it now, I feel so much hate for Cedar and that agent who showed us the flat in particular. When we moved in, the place HADN\'T been professionally cleaned, the walls HADN\'T been redecorated and that horrible looking shower hose pipe thing was still hanging miserably in the mouldy bathroom with a shower curtain that I think used to be white. It was a not so lovely shade of grey, brown and black from, you guessed it, mould. There was a tatty old bed left in the bedroom and we had our own so we contacted them about it and to question why nothing had been done maintenance wise. I was in disbelief by the response we got. "You saw the state the flat was in before you made an offer. The landlord refuses to maintain or replace anything that isn\'t in need of it. If you want to bring your own bed in, you will have to pay to replace the one we\'ll remove when you move out or leave yours." Erm, what? This was when I knew we had been conned. The emails were so aggressive, blunt and poorly written. How deteriorated does something have to be before it\'s replaced?!

We were constantly threatened to pay for stuff that were not our responsibility. Over time, the mould problem in the bathroom had gotten considerably worse. I still have the photos, it was horrendous. Black mould growing all over the ceiling, down the walls and even inside the medicine cabinet is definitely not my idea of luxury. Health hazard alert! The woman we had to contact for maintenance issues, Viktoria, was always so disgustingly rude to us. She told us they would sort it out this time but if it came back it would be at our expense. Painting over the mould with a bucket of B&Q Value Matte paint is NOT going to solve the problem. Especially when there is no window, the bathroom is the size of a matchbox and the extractor fan is faulty. They knew it would come back eventually, they just love to charge the poor tenants excruciating amounts of money for their rubbish properties. I hated those maintenance guys too. They would always just let themselves in to the building and would have the key in the front door before I had a chance to open it!

Our neighbour upstairs had lived there for 40 odd years and she told me about all the mould, damp and even rat problems that the building has had. Viktoria made out to us that nothing has ever gone wrong with their properties. Yeah, okay. Two of the flats in the building couldn\'t even be let out because of the damp and mould problem. Another neighbour was told to keep the heating on to get rid of the damp. Who would pay the bill for this exactly? The Heating Fairy? Ridiculous.

The experience was just terrible. There was so much wrong with that flat. Oh, as for the shop that would never become anything, it became a fried chicken shop. Cedar knew long before we had moved in that is was going to become one. They full on lied to our faces. The walls, floor and ceilings were so thin in that place because it was so old, we had to go through months of construction work underneath us as well as builders singing very badly and when the shop opened we had to put up with loud voices, rubbish music and a hell of a lot of fights. What is it with fights in chicken shops? I\'m sure there\'s enough poor quality chicken to go round. I just couldn\'t believe the floor was so thin we could hear voices!! Full blown conversations and all! The council were called out numerous times about how noisy they were but nothing was ever done. It\'s not their fault our flat was made of cardboard. (Quite literally actually, the wall surrounding the toilet was actually bits of cardboard painted white. I found this out before we left. There was even a sell-by date on it. From 7 years ago.)

Cedar, why do you rent out such rubbish flats? With such rubbish furniture? Our coffee table was 2 bits of wood, possibly found at the dump, that looked like a dog had constructed it. The seating was sofa shaped rocks covered with brown fake leather. Urgh! Glad we had our own furniture. I\'ve seen the other flats you let out and surprisingly, mine wasn\'t one of the worst.

You are the worst agents ever. You\'re the only agents we\'ve ever dealt with but you\'re still the worst. I\'ve read the reviews. We informed you that we received a £500 electric bill because one of your storage heaters was faulty and you replied \'Okay, thanks\'. Are you even going to sort it out or just let the new tenants deal with the massive bill they\'ll receive?
Sitting here in my gorgeous new clean, mould-free house now, recalling our experience and it was honestly a living nightmare. Words can\'t described how horrendous our year renting with you had been. Thanks for charging us £100 to reseal around the bath that was mouldy. It was mouldy when we moved in but I\'m sure you can treat yourselves to a bottle of champagne now. After all, it costs £2.50 to buy a tube of sealant. As for the £100 you charged for the cleaning of the communal hallway, I suggest you use some of that to redecorate it. A bit of hoovering and a sprinkle of Shake \'n\' Vak really doesn\'t disguise the fact that it\'s mankier than a 2 week old egg sandwich in the bottom of my gym bag. A prison cell has more appeal than that.

Filth. Mould. Rude agents. Strange maintenance guys. Cardboard walls. Faulty appliances. Hidden charges. Threats. Chicken shops. Poor spelling and grammar in emails. A shower that\'s not fit for a rat (thanks for replacing it with a crappier metal version by the way). Foul odours. Drunk men peeing in the alleyway when you come out the front door. Rent being put up £20 after 6 months. £100 admin fees to deal with the paper work which they kept misplacing. £100 fee when you renew the contract. Hiddens fees left, right and centre! Arghhh, the list goes on! I feel so sorry for the new tenants. You hated it when we were in when they came to view it didn\'t you? Afraid of the answers we might give to their questions? You can\'t possibly say it\'s quiet living on a busy main road full of bars and take-aways can you? Why did you tell the new tenants that it was? (Bit of a silly question to ask though, it\'s a main road, of course it\'s noisy!)

People, if you have any sense, look up the reviews of agents before going with them. A bad mistake I made! If you scroll through all the fake ones, you\'ll find the real stuff and believe me, they\'re far from delightful.

Cedar Estates. Renting Out Rats Nests Near You Since 1988.

P.S A posh suit, shiny shoes of sh*tness and a slick haircut slathered in grease does not make you a respectful businessman by the way.
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By: YetAnotherDisgruntledFormerTenant
Mar 22, 2013
I've also had recent dealings with Cedar and can confirm the above reviews... Truly appalling. Aside from being in breach of contract for my entire tenancy, they also creamed as much as they possibly could off my deposit on leaving, despite the flat being in virtually the same state on leaving as it was on moving in. I also don't know where they find cleaners that charge the amount they apparently do, but by the time you find out that Cedar plan to ream you, it's too late. There are a few other legally questionable practices employed but I have no intention of writing an essay here - suffice to say that in future, if it came down to ever having to deal with Cedar Estates again, I'd rather crash on a mate's sofa indefinitely...
Nov 01, 2012
I'm also a previous tenant...DEFINITELY A REAL REVIEW!!! stay away from these people!!!
By: Previous Tenant
Oct 30, 2012
Oh Boy, do I feel for this Tenant as this is not a fake message either. I recently moved out of the Cedar place and not to mention where it is or the ridiculous amount that they think they are going to get because they charge outrageous carpet shampoo rates of $645.00 that is never heard of. Well it looks like that a class action lawsuit might be into place since there are quite a few tenants they have charged ridiculous amounts of things that either don't exist or they have no invoices for a long period of time, because they created a big invoice with just numbered figures beside them without proof. Be careful when you fake charges for things that were not really done because you will be investigated thoroughly Cedar and it will come back to bite you, your managers might even be embezzleling the money for their own expenses. This will come to a head.
By: Jen
Oct 09, 2012
In response to your comment, thanks I guess. Not interested in what you have to say to be honest. Why this? Why that? Well, I never looked at this as a long term home & I simply can't afford to move house every six bloody months. There was no sign of that damn shop until after we signed the contract. We were stuck!

Rubbish attempt at trying to make us look stupid by the way. If you don't like receiving bad reviews, do something about it and sort out your flats! Many reviews are on here that all state the same thing. Mould & damp. Lovely, just lovely!

Jen Martinez

P.S Yes it was black scum on the windows, we spent ages cleaning it off.
By: Cedar Estates
Oct 08, 2012
Dear JenLondon,

Thank you for your recent feedback.

Review sites such a this one are designed so fake reviews cannot exist. They have IT security measures in place so the agency is unable to use their own IP address to give ‘self reviews’. We have been established since 1988 and place a high emphasis on the service we provide. Individual names are mentioned, as customers are genuinely pleased with the service that we give and feel it’s important to highlight individuals for their ‘stand-out’ performance and service.

I’m sorry to hear you haven’t enjoyed your experience with Cedar Estates and as we value all feedback, I want to take time to respond to your individual points.

With absolute respect, if you didn't like the street entrance or communal hallways, why did you let the property? We advise all our Landlords to price their properties in line with the current letting market and this property was priced similarly to comparable properties in the local area. Neither Cedar Estates nor the Landlord have any say over the state of repair of the communal front door or the hallways.

The carpets in the property were not brand new and did have some staining and discolouration due to normal wear and tear. As the property was not newly redecorated, general wear and tear was seen when you first viewed the property and the property was let as seen. Again, the condition was reflected in the rent you paid. Had the property been newly refurbished and in perfect condition, the rent would have been considerably more. When you moved into the property it had been cleaned and the windows were not covered in ‘black scum’ as you suggested, the exterior of the windows were dusty and this was noted in the inventory report that was completed on 12/09/2011. Please understand and appreciate, that being on a busy high street in London; it is normal for the exterior of windows to become dusty.

The bathroom of the property was dated, although it was clean, newly repainted and in full working order at the commencement of your Tenancy. When you moved into the property you did contact us saying that the handheld shower was difficult to use. That day, we mentioned this to the Landlord and they authorised us to install an electric power shower at their expense. With the exception of the bathroom, it was not agreed nor discussed that the property was to be redecorated.

The property was let as seen, at no point was it requested that the bed was to be removed. When you moved into the property, you did request that you had your own bed and had requested that the existing bed be removed. We contacted the Landlord immediately and they authorised the removal at their cost and this was completed.

With regards to the shop below the flat, this was vacant and on the market. The ‘TO LET’ sign outside the shop confirmed that it was available on the market. Furthermore, the shop to let was being advertised on our website. At the time you moved into the property the shop was vacant.

You mentioned in your review that you had to put up with music, singing and fights from the local area. Although we sympathise with this, it’s not something Cedar Estates have any control over. Living on a busy London Street with lots of restaurants, take away shops and late night bars will always come with the noise that is associated with kind of environment. Your Tenancy was for an initial period of 6 months, at the end of which you were free to leave the property. However, you renewed your Tenancy for a further 6 months. If you were so unhappy with the condition of the property and the local area, why did you renew for a further 6 months?

In your review you mentioned you'd incurred hidden charges. This is simply untrue. We believe in total transparency and our Terms & Conditions detail all charges and what they are for.

We take each review extremely seriously and always look to resolve issues or problems when they are first reported. If they are reported at the end of the Tenancy there is very little we can do in order to improve the situation. We are extremely sorry that you had reason to complain and should you wish to discuss this further please feel free to contact us in confidence on 020 7431 1100.

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