Jul 31,2012
Jul 31,2012
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Every single time I get through to Cardwells I can recognise Susan from the sight at the beggining of the call that she had to answer a call. The most unpleasant experience ever.
Never mind when I lived at the property I called few times to get the fence fixed and luckily the neighbours were kind enough to fix it.
When I move out I repainted the house with a 3 year old boy on site all by myself and handed the keys 2 days early. Unfortunately my ex partner has broken the toilet by dropping a bottle of aftershave in it right before he moved out 1.5 years ago. And since I could not afford to replace the toilet as a single mum on a low income, I glued it together and it has been like that for over 1.5 years now.
Susan said the toilet needs to be replaced because it is leaking, as I advised her that it did not leak for 1.5 years she would not let me speak from there anymore. I was trying to make a point that the toilet is not leaking and I would understand it if it needed replacing, but every single time I got to the part of telling that the toilet was not broken Susan just started talking over me, I was asking how long the rest of the deposit will take to be returned to, as she could not answer that she kept talking over repeating herslef over and over again as I will need to get in touch with my ex partner which I explained to her around 4 times that I cannot get in touch with because of the damage he has done to the property he is trying to avoid the responsibility but ignoring my calls. Therefore I did not get my question answered at that point, I called back this week and another woman in your office said that the rest of deposit will be sent to Osman (the ex partner), because Cardwells named him as a lead tenant, as I asked her why this does not appear on my tenancy agreement and why noone has advised me that when I handed the £250 in cash to Dave she said she does not know why because she was not there at the time. The lady that I spoke to today also argued with me what Susan told me she has spoken to Osman and finally got the decency to double check it with Susan who confirmed there were not able to get in touch with Osman the last time Susan spoke to me.
But since our last conversation Susan has spoken to Osman and knew that the deposit will be sent to him. I asked why has noone let me know and the woman did not answer the question to me and said that we are going round in circles. clearly because she was not answering my questions. The lady said that my agreement is with DPS and I argued that my agreement IE the Tenancy agreement is between me and Cardwells and it states that there were two tenants, I was asking why DPS are not aware of this, why Cardwells have notified them Osman was the lead tenant without my knowledge, again I got the same answer \'we are going around in circles\'. I have advised the woman on the phone that she lacks empathy but she\'s replied to me that her customer service skills are good, im the only one with problem and as I advised her that I will complain about this her exact words were \'go ahead".
The customer service is beyond awful, absolutely every single time I had to speak to Cardwells based in Bolton the two ladies based there have absolutely no personal skills and need to develop some telephoning manners. There is a big differences when speaking to Bolton and Bury office and you should try that yourself as a mystery shopper.
I had spent enough of my time to be told that I have an attitude problem and that Cardwells have nothing to apologise for, I do not wish to be spoken to like this ever again therefore I will not be contacting Cardwells agin. I will file a complaint with FSA because noone has even spared a minute to listen to my complaint over the phone, just kept talking over me in very impolite manner.
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