Jul 28,2012
By: 'KMAC'
Jul 28,2012
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I have used three letting agents in the Glasgow area over the years and Fineholm is by far the worst I have ever encountered. They are a law unto themselves.

They treat you as though your flat is a Fineholm hotel and you are merely paying them £400 a month for the use of the walls and their bathroom. Their idea of leasing a property from them is that you pay them loads of money, but you must remember they make the rules, they can come and go with their own set of keys as they please and you just have to be happy with that.

When we first moved in, the flat was disgusting and was not cleaned for us and when we arrived late at night after moving all our boxes and furniture, we discovered there was no electricity and they had not given us the fob to put money on the meter. Then when we finally received all the keys we should have originally been given, they didn\'t tell us the correct information on how to reset the meter and so when we put £50 on the fob it was immediately swallowed to pay the debt the landlord had run up on the meter. I phoned Scottish gas and a lovely man there, as a gesture of goodwill, refunded the money and told us the correct way to reset the meter.
We had already at this time paid a massive admin fee and pro-rata rent to move in to the flat in the middle of the month and yet we couldn\'t even turn on the lights or do any cooking until we got the meter sorted.

We also gave them a list of maintenance issues to be sorted and the only thing they fixed on the list was getting a man to come screw in the curtain pole that was hanging out of the wall!!

But the worst part of the experience has been trying to move out of this horrible flat!
I sent a letter intimating our 28 days notice to terminate our lease but I received a phone call from Shelagh Speirs telling me that I had not given the appropriate notice, as we had moved in on the 20th of April and were on a 2 months rolling lease after our years\' lease had run out, we had to give 28 days notice to terminate at the end of the rolling period only and so had to pay for another two months rent and send another letter to terminate on the 20th of August. I had lost my job and explained we didn\'t have £800 to give them and just wanted to leave the flat. She informed me that the only options were to stay in the flat and pay the rent in full, or continue paying rent and give then a few hundred pounds to \'re-advertise\' the property and if they found a new tenant they would take over the lease. If they didn\'t find someone in the two months, I would get half of the \'re-advertise\' fee back. What a load of rubbish! They would have to re-advertise the flat to find someone in two months anyway so why would I pay £800 rent plus another £200 for them to find another tenant...when they will have to find another tenant ANYWAY.

So now that our lease is coming to an end at the end of this month they want lots of people to come view our flat. That\'s fine with me, I know they have to get another tenant, it is a money-making business for them. I phoned Fineholm to ask what happens in a viewing of the property and the rude woman on the phone said " Well you had a viewing to move in there so you know what happens". Well, no actually, I was the first ever tenant of the flat and when I viewed it was an unfurnished property with nothing in it. My boyfriend and I have a fairly expensive TV, furniture, a playstation, jewellery etc in that flat and what I wanted to know was if they vet the viewer before allowing strangers access to my belongings or if they are ever left on their own in any room of the flat while viewing.

What annoys me the most is their attitude. I was under the impression that they would ask me if times were suitable BEFORE agreeing the time and day with the viewer, but not Fineholm, they pick the day and time and phone you and TELL you when someone will be coming in to your home.
They phoned me at work on a Tuesday and told me that someone would be coming on the Thursday at 4.15pm to view, I told them this wasn\'t suitable as I finish work at 3 on Thursdays and I wasn\'t hanging about for hours so someone can view my flat. I told them that they could come between 10 - 3pm and that would suit better. I went back to work and when I finished I had a voicemail with a woman from Fineholm telling me with great smugness in her voice that since that wasn\'t suitable for the viewer she would be coming at 9.30am on Saturday. Sorry, but in whose world is it acceptable to come on a weekend early in the morning in to someone else\'s home when they have been working all week?!

They came this morning while I was sleeping, buzzed the buzzer, then 10 minutes later knocked the door and then let themselves in. I came out of my bedroom and she said " Oh, did nobody tell you we were coming?" I informed her that yes they had, but I had told them I wasn\'t happy about it and that I was not leaving the flat at this time on a saturday morning. She proceeded to show the girl around and then left. Then at 10am just as I was falling back asleep, she unlocked the door and came back in!! I came out again and asked her if there was more than one viewing?! She said "No, but her friend wants a look and she was late"
I\'m sorry, but I AM THE PAYING CUSTOMER WHO HAS A LEASE FOR THE PROPERTY UNTIL 20TH AUGUST. If this girl thinks it is acceptable to come half an hour late for a scheduled viewing in which a tenant has expressed she will be sleeping in her bedroom she is a moron. I also think it is unacceptable that Fineholm think it appropriate to treat paying customers in this manner. They should have phoned the viewer and said since you are late and we have informed the tenant it is a viewing at 9.30am we will have to reschedule, not let themselves into my flat twice and wake me up twice!
I\'m not surprised though, my friend also used Fineholm to rent a flat and they told him to vacate his own flat for 5 hours one day so they could show people around the flat!

They have no respect for tenants and just take your money and give you nothing in return. They find it very difficult to be civil to you.

Thank God the law has changed regarding Letting Agents keeping your deposit. If they try and keep even half of my deposit I will not let it go.

My advice, don\'t ever use Fineholm in Glasgow.
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By: Nell
Sep 04, 2012
I am a landlord who entrusts my property to Fineholm whilst I am working out of the country. It sounds like you have been treated appalingly by them, as was I as a landlord. Unfortunately they seem to tell the landlord that everything is the tenants fault, and tell the tenant that everything is the landlord's fault; thus mucking everyone around, getting everyone's backs up, and making the most money for themselves in the process! Do not be fooled into thinking that the landlord of the property ran up the gas/electricity bill. Also do not believe that the landlord actually allowed that meter to be installed into their property in the first place. Fineholm treat the property as if it belongs to them, and in my opinion they invent things which need repaired in order to make the maximum profit from both the tenant and the landlord. You will probably find that if they keep your deposit the landlord will not get a penny of it, but rather will be told that you broke several items etc and will make you out to be a bad tenant. They are so transparent it is unreal, and I have been stung majorly by them. I hope you have managed to escape, and get on better in future lets. Just remember the landlord is probably a genuine person who only cares about their property, and that you would probably get on great if you were able to deal with them directly without the evil middleman/woman!

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