Jul 13,2012
Richard Candy
Jul 13,2012
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Richard Candy is the most unprofessional person I have EVER met, that also goes for the Letting Agency & I use that title VERY loosely.. I let my house from LettingsRus. He lied about ...parking..its terrible, double glazing....its not, the boiler...it doesn\'t give you constant hot water, , He did not tell me that the view from my dining room & living room was a brick wall approximately 3 foot away from the window...it was Feb, we viewed in the evening, it was very dark & the curtains were closed,.... When confronted he said he didn\'t know about the view & we were advised that we could have moved back into our old home on the moving day,..Would this be the one that we had given up the tenancy on & another tenant was moving into?! Also it was our own fault for not looking, ...Errr IT WAS DARK! As there\'s a wall in the way we wouldn\'t have seen anything anyway..and not his for misleading us or having the decency to suggest we re view in the day time?!..Oh sorry.. no, because he didn\'t know about the wall... He lied about how much would be taken from our bank account for the credit check, £97 each & approx £ 240 went out of our account.. There is NO complaints procedure, they are NOT a member of ARLA or any other guidance legislation agency to protect the tenant. He was rude & abusive when I called him to try to put in a complaint, the correspondence I received from the LettingsRus office was also rude & very upsetting when I tried to complain to them in writing &was told not to contact them again. In a letter sent on my behalf by David Heath our local M.P. saying the reason he didn\'t tell me the view was good from the dining & bedroom was because that would be a lie..Hold on I thought you didn\'t know about the view Richard?? The local Council WONT recommend them, the YMCA wont recommend them the CAB wont recommend them. I have since has an article in the Somerset Standard media coverage on radio & I\'m in talks with other Government bodies about letting agents, I requested people to send me their experiences of letting agents & I have received local horror stories of terrible practice, 98% relating to the unprofessional behaviour of Richard Candy & LettingsRus.
What agent could do to change your mind?
Tell the truth, be professional, become a member of a legislative body, took responsibility for his VERY bad practice. Learnt some manners.
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By: Lettings R Us
Jul 24, 2013
We are not part of the transparent agent scheme as the comments on this website are not vetted correctly and if it were free and worked like trip advisor then we would sign up to it. We would never make a tenant pay for another month's rent unless they missed there rent date and did not give the correct notice period. We always give referencing for future tenancies whether bad or good. We understand that different tenants have different live schedules, we give 24hrs notice for a viewing and if not good for the tenant then we will reschedule to suit both parties.
By: DisappointedDoc
Apr 15, 2013
I totally agree with you all. I was intimidated to pay for one month more and denied of references for future tenancy, because I was not able to be present at every appointment he fixed with new clients. He denied the right of the privacy by using a second key to inter in the flat WITHOUT MY PERMISSION and refused to understand the limit that working on shift in hospital I have some limits that I MUST RESPECT!. He is not only unprofessional but he denies the human rights and the respect of the person, which is the first point in a Person.
By: iagreewithhim
Aug 10, 2012
Well why are you not signed up to transparent agent' scheme yet? you are a nasty man and need to sp
By: Lettings R Us
Jul 18, 2012
We have housed many YMCA tenants but because legislation and insurance policies have changed we find it hard to use YMCA as there bond does not last for the entire tenancy only the first six months which is useless as our tenancy agreements roll onto periodic after the six months has ended so any damage done after the six months can not be claimed for. We do speak quite frequently to Carol who works for the YMCA.
By: youknowwhoiam
Jul 16, 2012
Mr candy,your above comments really are "out of this world"you are a natural born LIER,you con many folks,my daughter recently went to the YMCA to try to get housing,THEY HAVE REMOVED YOU FROM THEIR LIST OF AGENTS THEY DEAL WITH,as even recently you tried ripping off traveller families refered to them for their deposits.

You sir are the most uncouth corrupt man i have ever had the miss-pleasure to deal with.

The sooner legislation comes in to shut companies like yours down the better.
By: Lettings R Us
Jul 13, 2012
We are a professional agent and conduct viewings in a business-like manner with courtesy and professionalism. Our Agency fees are £95 + VAT for each tenant that will be residing in the property who are over the 18 year old threshold (We are one of the cheapest agents in Frome and do not charge a renewal fee every six months like most agents do!). We do indeed have a complaints procedure and we answer all complaints that come to the office in writing. We spoke to the MP that you have mentioned and put our point across and indeed he found that we were not in the wrong on this and said that he would contact you. We deal with the council on a weekly basis and have housed many of their tenants and YMCA. In fact the office today had an email from the council asking if we had any properties available that would accept housing benefit (I do not know where you have got this information from!). We believe that all agents should be regulated but that this should be a free service and not chargeable. When this happens then we will defiantly join.

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