May 24,2012
May 24,2012
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Awful. When you appoint Main & Main you are paying for a completely passive service - they do very little on your behalf, just wait for business to come to them - we didn\'t hear from them for months at a time.

The photos they took of our house were with a cheap digital camera and were very poor. The write-up on Righmove appears to be the same for all customers - some key features of our property were ommitted completely.

We were promised that viewings would be at convenient times and with plenty of notice. In 5 months thay managed to arrange just 2 viewings, both at short notice, and on both occasions none of their staff were available so we had to cancel our plans in order to show the viewers round.

Most times I called their office the phone just rang out - what if I had been a potential buyer?!

When we finally sacked them they kept hold of our spare keys and we were given a letter saying that if we sold to anyone they had introduced us to then we would owe them money!! This made us laugh as they hadn\'t introduced us to anyone for months!

I have seen plenty of homes sold in our area recently, but none that have Main & Main boards outside. In our house "Main&Main" has become a by-word for rubbish. Avoid!
What agent could do to change your mind?
A basic level of customer service. Actively selling our house rather than just waiting for someone to buy it.
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By: Ben Thomas
Apr 19, 2016
The person writing this comment, is 'known' to us, was not the Vendor, we have never acted for this person, and therefore this comment has no relevance to this website or our company.
By: Ben Thomas
Apr 19, 2016
Dear Annoymous,

We are saddened to learn that this is the opinion you have formed about us and that you feel you have not received our best attention.

We feel we deliver an exceptional service and the fact that you do not feel this is the case is a disappointment to us.

As we do not know who you are, or indeed if you were actually our Client, we are unable to comment and provide a response to your unkind words. The team at Main & Main in Reddish work very hard to provide positive outcomes for Clients, invariably not all houses sell and this can sometimes be greatly out of our control, and can frustrate our Clients.

In order to resolve your issues, we would encourage you to reveal your name or something that would help us to identify you as a genuine former client and we would be pleased to respond factually at that point.

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