Dec 16,2016
Dec 16,2016
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Apparently we are not the first people to have the trouble to get deposit back. Island estate London refuses to answer the call, never reply message or email.
Dose anyone take legal action and get court help?
Please give us some advice if you have been through the same situation.
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By: Unhappy Landlord
Jan 17, 2017
how can he sleep at night doing this to us, we were once the source of his existence and living he should respect the fact we chose to give him an opportunity and not scam us in return. So morally unethical, unprofessional, unreliable.
By: Unhappy tenant
Jan 16, 2017
He was arrested just before Christmas for fraudulently taking money but it looks like he has been released and has ran away away to Dubai. Not too much of a surprise. He stole a lot of money from my renting through him too. I don't think he acted alone and must have had help from some of the other staff we dealt with.
By: landlord
Jan 05, 2017
yes we should do, this should not be allowed to happen, unsure how many more there are like this
I am so angry he is 25 years old and not fit to run a company,
he has a duty of care to his customers.
lots of people are looking to receive their rent and deposit back and he seems to be sunning himself in Dubai as per Facebook !
By: Sherry
Jan 05, 2017
Yes, we just take action through Money Claim Online which is recommended on government website. It seems a part of court service. We paid £105 only. However, it will take several weeks or longer.

I also leave the message to them saying there are many people facing the same problem and we share story in this website. Hope it can grab their attention and they could actually do something to prevent it happening again.

At this stage, we couldn't do anything more but wait. Hope everyone here will have money back soon.
By: jenny
Jan 05, 2017
I would suggest that we have a get together to agree a course of action.
By: Unhappy Landlord
Jan 04, 2017
According to Companies House there is an active proposal to strike this company off. I have lodged a complaint with Trading Standards, but I don't know if they have been able to track him down....

By: Unhappy Customer
Dec 28, 2016

i have also done the same thing just before Christmas and reported to trading standards. i think there is a new office open in Westminster should we collectively go there
By: Unhappy landlird
Dec 23, 2016
We have lodged a complaint with Trading Standards
By: Anonymous unhappy customer
Dec 20, 2016

im in the same boat and unsure how many others, we need to jointly do something, cant believe I'm dealing with this at Christmas its so stressful, have you tried reaching out on Companies House Website address, since there are no other addresses for Island Estates
By: Unhappy customer in the same boat
Dec 20, 2016

i am also in the same boat so annoyed have to deal with this stress at Christmas have you tracked him down on company's house ?

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