Aug 11,2011
By: 'Mr Smith'
Aug 11,2011
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I have been asked to provide a bit more details after my earlier review regarding my dissatisfaction with Victoria Knight, so I am editing my earlier post.

I am advised that Victoria Knight have been in contact with Qype and asked that my review is removed, but thankfuly this request has been refused, as I am not doing anything wrong.

I have however been asked to elaborate on the reasons for my dissatisfaction with Victioria Knight, so my review appears genuine and I am not seem to be trying to defame Victoria Knight purely out of malice. I can assure you that this is not the case. I have been free from VK since the beginning of the year, but still hearing awful things from buyers and tenants/ prospective tenants. Rather than sit back and allow more people to suffer, I wanted to give people a chance to run for the hills, hopefully before losing any money or being tied into a tenancy agreement.

So, here goes. This is why I am unhappy with Victoria Knight, Stratford (And its thanks to Mr Kaur of VK contacting Qype that this review has gone from a few lines to a whole essay)-

Extortionate fees. I am aware that a credit check costs around £10, but the fees charged by VK are far higher than any other agency I know of. I am aware that they need to do more checks than just a credit check, but as Estate Agents, surely this is their job???!! And why do VK charge so much more than anyone else! They are not transparent here either, and will wait till you have given a huge holding deposit for the property of your dreams, before giving you the great news about all the extras you need to pay! By that time its too late to back out. Whooopppeee Dooooooo! Great!
When I raised concerns about a few things relating to my tenancy, I was passed the directors contact details by my landlord. I politely emailed him with my queries. I was hoping for a response along the lines of ¢â‚¬Ëœ'sorry to hear you feel concerned, please let me know what the issues are/ please give me a call/ come and meet me, and I will try to address your concerns'¢â‚¬Ëœ. Unfortunately, that was not the response I got! The director was so rude and defensive and basically had a go at me for daring to judge him/ VK without knowing them! I was so shocked that I had to re-read my email to him over and over because I was so confused by his reaction, and rudeness to me! I was like ''Whoa! What the hell did I do to deserve that!!!¢â‚¬Ëœ' I have since heard of this same person being rude to someone who was in the market to buy (great way to treat the people who pay your wages, eh?). They used one person to describe this director-¢â‚¬Â¦. 'horrible'¢â‚¬Â¦Thankfully, I was able to reassure them that it was not personal. I explained that he is just a very arrogant rude man, who looks down his huge nose at everyone.
Even the response to my earlier review on Qype is typical of their behaviour (from another high up member of staff, Mr Kaur), who has threatened me with legal action for writing a review! I have a business, albeit a very small one, and whenever I have received negative feedback, I have been keen to address my customers concerns. I would have been impressed if Baulinder Kaur (who I don't even know- and he does not know me as he has clearly referred to the wrong person in his reply) responded along the lines of ¢â‚¬Ëœ'we are sorry to hear that your experiences with VK did not meet your expectations. Perhaps you can elaborate on why you feel so dissatisfied, and we can address/ respond to this, as we feel that this review is unfair'¢â‚¬Ëœ. Unfortunately, Mr Kaur's response just re-confirms the stereotype of estate agents being arrogant bullies. What a shame when he had a chance to redress this!
During our tenancy, there was a time when our (indecisive) landlord decided he wanted to sell his property. All very well for him, but me and my family were not prepared for the intrusion we would have to suffer at the hands of VK. We are not difficult people so we tried to accommodate the staff when they wanted to do viewings, and it all went ok at first. However, on one occasion, I had to cancel a viewing a few days in advance because we were holding a family reunion in our home. The member of VK staff was not happy! He rang up and became more and more demanding and rude about me cancelling the appointment, told me I was being uncooperative and asking me what I was doing that day!!! Not even my parents/ friends demand to know my plans! I mean c'mon mate! After that, our relations with the sales staff deteriorated and they would often not even tell us when a viewing would take place and would use their keys to let themselves in whenever they felt the need. We would get home to find them there, and often had strangers turn up on our doorstep, and we had to show them around as no one from VK would bother to show up. Embarrassing for us, embarrassing for them, and (although they didn't see it), embarrassing for Victoria Knight (not the most professional of behaviour!)
Thankfully, we didn't find the need to report repair issues many times during our tenancy, but when we did, the agency that manage VK's properties, Reliance was in no rush to help, and completely disorganised. They were all very nice and polite when you spoke to them, but that doesn't help when you are freezing you're a** off with no boiler! When repairs did take place they were done on the cheap, by operatives who did not seemed to be skilled. I do accept that this may have something to do with our landlord, who may have stopped them completing more thorough/ expensive work (to save cash), but even the work that Reliance's operatives did do, was to a poor standard, often messing up the most simplest of repairs. We had to then call them back and take more time off work to wait in for them.
There is plenty more moaning (!), I could do about Victoria Knight, but the above summarises the main issues. I am so much calmer and happier to be away from them as we never knew what drama was coming next at our last home. In fact, I can even feel my anxiety levels go through the roof just having to write about them!

At one time, the thought crossed my mind ¢â‚¬Ëœ'is it just me?/ Am I the problem??', but my new agency emailed me once we had moved to our new home to say how lovely me and my partner are, and how smooth the check in went and they wished it was always so easy! I was grateful for that email as it confirmed what I knew deep down all along- it was not me that was the problem- it was Victoria Knight!

So, to conclude, I would urge people to stay well away. I do hope that this review will stop one person from using them and going through the stress that me and my family did.
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