Mar 13,2012
By: 'Helen Mills'
Mar 13,2012
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Were not made aware of all of the fees. The fees at Townends I believe are one of the most expensive. I am a student and due to this they wanted me to pay an extra £50 on top of the £50 each (2 of us). There is also a fee called 'in and out' fee. This is a fee to check that the property has the same inventory in place at the beginning and at the end of a tenancy. Our property had no inventory that required counting and thought it a waste of paperwork and money (£110). This was a total of £620 of fees before the deposit and 'holding fee'. Townends were also supposed to supply us with an 'Energy Performance Certificate' which would have let us know how energy efficient the property is. This is something that all landlords/agencies should provide. We did not know this at the time so now we are living in a flat which costs too much to heat and encourages damp and mould to appear causing us health problems! Not impressed!
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By: Zamorano
Jun 26, 2012
Actually we've reached the point where your opinions (read: insults) damage all the real honest and not frustrated estate agents out there and you've finally realised it's best to beat a hasty retreat to your £9.99-Argos-desk.

Enjoy Weston-super-Mare this summer.
By: Honest estate agent
Jun 26, 2012
Lol I can keep going as there is a lot to say for all you idiot tenants on here, but we've now reached the point where you just keep saying the same old stuff and actually got boring so I will not be coming back to this thread.

Thanks for entertaining me while it lasted!! Absolutely loved winding you up!!

Bye bye!!
By: Zamorano
Jun 26, 2012
5 posts from Honest estate agent are enough to read insults for:

-Helen (twice);
-me (multiple);
-idiot tennants who post rubbish on here;
-those who like to collect stamps;
-my parents;
-those on the dole.

Is this the typical frustrasted agent without enough work to do? Who knows...

p.s. you were nervous now you literally went berserk :-)
By: Honest estate agent
Jun 25, 2012
You're a joke man!! I'm laughing my a** off at your stupidity.

Go claim your dole and get lost loser. I probably earn more than your parents combined, unless they're on the dole too!!

I won't be wasting more time on you so let this go now idiot.
By: Zamorano
Jun 23, 2012
"Let me explain something to you - I owe you no answers and no explanations..."'s simple then: shut your mouth and keep chasing your £1300-plus-bonus-salary that makes you feel as if you were a winner.

The end.

p.s. you look very nervous now
By: Honest Estate Agent
Jun 22, 2012
Let me explain something to you - I owe you no answers and no explanations. In fact, I do not even have to waste time replying to you.

Looking at your spelling of the word "gratuated" it looks like you are the uneducated monkey here. I'm not nervous and never have been. You are out of your depth and like most idiot tenants who post rubbish on here, you probably should spend your time on something more suited to your brain capacity, like stamp collecting. Keep looking, I am sure there will be something.

Stay off these websites and refrain from posting unpalatable rubbish on here.
By: Zamorano
Jun 22, 2012
You have not answered to my question (perhaps the fact you gratuated was a lie!?) and look rather nervous...I have now understood I am right.

By: Honest Estate Agent
Jun 21, 2012
I am laughing at you. Really, are you still on about that? Believe what you want, you sound just as thick as Helen. You really do not have a clue, do you?!

Get a life loser.
By: Zamorano
Jun 02, 2012
@Honest Estate Agent - What did you study to end up like that? The fact there are graduated failures that you decline doesn't mean you are a winner. Perhaps you have not yet realised that graduating and ending up like you makes you worse than the majority.
But I have no time to waste now: today is Saturday and I guess that any given pub near an agent's office will be packed with cheery- £1300-a-month-plus-bonus-salary guys who pretend to be cool but actually live in a flatshare and dress £19.99 suits and I am going to spot them.
By: Honest Estate Agent
May 30, 2012
@Zamorano - I can confirm that I am graduated myself and also that I interview and decline many graduates every year. I can also confirm that we are most definitely not miserable and you only have to visit the nearest pub to an agent's office after work on a Friday evening to see that they are a cheery bunch indeed. By your response you seem like the miserable one TO BE HONEST. Sorry Helen darling if my insults appeared disguised, they were not meant to be.
By: Zamorano
May 24, 2012
@Honest Estate Agent, bear in mind that a) it's always best let the others judge whether you are honest or not and b) your disguised insults to Helen just because she is a student are pointless as she will avoid being a miserable estate agent once she'll graduate.
By: Honest Estate Agent
May 23, 2012

I am also an estate agent and get really upset when I read these reviews. Your opinion might be that the "in and out fee" is a waste of money, but you obviously do not realise that it protects your deposit and that the tenancy desposit scheme will need it if the landlord wants to make a claim on your deposit. For your info, he pays the same amount.

They are also necessary on properties with no content as they cover condition of the walls, floors and ceilings in all the areas. You are unclear as to why you had to pay £50 more for referencing and I can only assume that it was for additional guarantor referening as students are less than ideal tenants.

Their fees are most definitely not on the high side darling. You don't seem to have an understanding of these things and that it understandable as you are just a student. But maybe rather stay off these websites for the moment.
By: john
Mar 21, 2012
i also faced damp & mould issue, approach to Local Council -< Envt agency
They tried to screw me...

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