Feb 11,2012
Feb 11,2012
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Kim is definitely their worst asset. She does not seem to be able to listen, show empathy, be helpful or even slightly friendly. Throughout our time with this agency we have had the landlord turn up with no phone call from the agency, when trying to reach them they never answer the phone and when they do they are aggressive before you have even said hello. We always pay on time and have a reference number against our name for payment. they decided they couldnt find our payment (because they could not be bothered to look through their accounts) and accused us of not paying even though our banks confirmed that our standing orders had gone through and our bank statements showed the same. I hasten to add we set the standing orders up to pay them 3 days before due date. Kim was continually aggressive and once they finally did check their account and saw that they had had the payment 3 days before it was due, they did not even bother to phone up and apologize. A couple of weeks later Kim phoned to inform my partner that we were now on a list of late payers - when he pointed out it was their mistake in the first place and that it would have been nice to have an apology, she became aggressive again. Unbelievable behavior basically throughout our time with them, we pay them money but they treat us like dirt and apparently after speaking to the owner they treat him the same way.

Do not use this agency if you can possibly avoid them - useless, aggressive and act like we are a nuisance if we phone up saying that there is a problem. To date when we have said about damp the response is it isnt covered on the insurance and so have done nothing.
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By: Kim Dixon
Apr 12, 2013
Thank you for your review and sorry to read that you are not happy with our service. We received over one million pounds in rent every single month and ask all tenants to put a very specific reference on each payment. Without this payment, it is very difficult to allocate payments against tenancies and tenants therefore fall into arrears. If you would like to discuss any issues with us direclty we will be happy to try and help.
By: tenant
Mar 31, 2012
Agree with Bob absolutely. We have the same impression about this Kim.
No service at all but very keen to charge.
Avoid Harringtons letting at all costs.

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