Jan 28,2012
By: 'P & D'
Jan 28,2012
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Absolutely the whole reason why estate agents are given a bad name! I feel sorry for genuine hardworking estate agents who have to put up with this agency ruining the trade others try so hard to work in. My partner and I were tenants via Northfields and have been at the property for over 3 years. We had a wonderful relationship with our landlord until Northfields decided to play underhanded tactics to turn our landlord against us with lies (which we have proven to be completely wrong). They then went on to offer him incompetent, inexperienced advice to try and evict us with a notice of no more than a week! If it hadn't have been for advice given to me by an acquaintance who is a property professional in a respectable company elsewhere, we would have been homeless. AND the reason why they did this? Simply because they had a person willing to pay more rent which meant a nice new commission fee. What is more, only after I pointed out basic tenancy law (which a junior negotiator ought to know) they replied to acknowledge a ¢â‚¬Ëœmisunderstanding' had taken place..... how can telling us ¢â‚¬Å“you have no options and will have to leave by a week, our word is final¢â‚¬Â be considered as a ¢â‚¬Ëœmisunderstanding'? Furthermore, not a single simple ¢â‚¬ËœSORRY' was uttered in any form whatsoever, a senior staff member couldn't even be bothered to simply pick up the phone or email us, instead it was all passed on to an admin girl to deal with. I hope the next tenants are not faced with this problem purely driven by this company's greed for another commission fee. Tenants beware, once they have made their commission out of you, thereafter they couldn't care less. Landlords be careful, their lack of industry legislation and bad advice could wind you up in a lot of trouble. Just to add, I have documented evidence of all I have mentioned in this review, my only reason for writing it is to warn others, if it had not have been for someone I know advising me on what to do, they would have thrown us out by conjuring up a story that we breeched our contract. And lastly, if English is not your first language, this company will use it for their benefit. Wish you the best should you decided to go forward with them.
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Dec 07, 2012
Dear Ms Silvia Eldawi

Please can you confirm that you are still the managing director for the Northfields Estes agency in Northfields Ave Ealing?
If so, can you please write here your email address so that we can contact you directly. Thank you.

We have serious concerns to raise and so far, none of the agents were either professional or helpful.

We wish to address our concerns to the right person.

Kind Regards

By: P&D
Feb 02, 2012
We have never never "openly admited to subletting" and i never gave consent to 1 week notice, as for a staff memeber speaking my language, I dont know what she translated back to this company and why it is not what my partner had said??? If this lettings director had done thier job right in the first place, I wouldnt be wasting time to put a negative review - I have emails from northfields supporting what i have said. I would like this comment from the lettings director to be removed as it is a complete lie. Should Allagents.co.uk not be able to do this then I think it only fair to paste all emails from this company online.
By: Response from the Lettings Director
Feb 02, 2012
Dear Mr Mem

Allagents do have a policy of monitoring IP addresses to moderate the site and I have reported your comment as abuse, in case you are not who you say you are.

As you have made your assumption that WK is a bogus review, then I can be forgiven for assuming you could be a fellow estate agent acting as a disgruntled landlord as you seem to be keeping a close eye on our reviews (So I have reported your response just in case you are). It doesn't feel nice to have your review doubted does it? I would be grateful if you could respect those of our longstanding clients.

If you are genuinely a previous landlord that has not enjoyed the same positive experience that the majority have and continue to, then Allagents is a good platform for you to air your views. However, in doing so, please do not mock or doubt the integrity of our other reviewers.

Kind regards

Silvia Eldawi
By: Response from the Lettings Director
Feb 02, 2012
Dear P&D

I acknowledge your complaint and perhaps a fairer overview of your experience would have included the fact that you had initially requested to terminate your agreement with only 1 weeks notice and in addition to this you have openly admitted to subletting the apartment, which I am sure you are now aware with your property professional connection is in breach of your tenancy. Whilst I appreciate English is not your first language, you have been dealing directly with a member of the team who is fluent in the same language as you.

We have facilitated your request for early release without penalty, and we are still working to your timescales. But if you still feel that an apology is owed I am more than happy to discuss with your version of events and I will address any shortcomings and apologise if the information we are handling is incorrect. Feel free to call me on 020 7402 6554.

Best regards,

Silvia Eldawi
By: Mr Mem
Feb 01, 2012
After reading this genuine review by these tenants (P & D) who were clearly messed around by Northfields, I find it hilarious that the '5 star review' three reviews up - signed and dated 'WK' 1/2/2012 has made a presence here. What a blatant attempt by the agent’s themselves to pick up on key point from this negative review and try and turn it around. Way too much of a coincidence (have a read) and to top it off, I fail to believe that this 'landlord' has remembered to mention (what seems to be) all staff members names!!! This feeble attempt by an agent clearly trying to claw back points has made my day! I haven't laughed so much in a long time. Don't take my word for it, have a read of this negative review(by P&D) and then read the '5 star review' three reviews up - signed and dated 'WK' 1/2/2012. I wonder if allagents.co.uk checked the IP address of this supposed reviewer? Good luck landlords and tenants alike. Northfield, I would like to thank you for making me laugh today......maybe I should give you five stars just for that! Signed, a previous landlord who wished allagents.co.uk was around earlier!! BRAVO Allagents.co.uk!

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