Oct 29,2011
By: 'Holly'
Oct 29,2011
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I recently saw a property advertised on Right Move for a lovely 2-bed flat in the town I'm looking to live for 'Offers in Excess of £89,995'. I was really shocked at the price so rang Express within minutes of seeing it online, and arranging a viewing for the very next night.

My partner and I absolutely fell in love with the flat and rang Express the second we left to put in an offer. As it was advertised as 'Offers in Excess of...' we decided to hedge our bets and offer £95,000 which we thought was fair. The girl from Express told us that only the highest offer would be put to the seller, which I found difficult to understand as there could be more potential viewers who may offer more, so how would they know when they had the highest? She also said that as it was a Friday and the office was closing for the weekend, I probably wouldn't hear back from them until Monday.

That evening I researched Express online and was dismayed to see all the bad reviews (I now know why!) and was also shocked to see that they have a 24/7 helpline so they never miss a viewing/offer. So much for being closed over the weekend. I rang them on Saturday morning and told them, truthfully, that we were still looking elsewhere and would need to know if our offer was accepted or declined. The guy I was dealing with, James, called me back within the hour and told me that the seller had declined, but recommended I put in the absolute most I could afford so that if it was declined again I would know it was too expensive. We discussed it and decided to put in an offer for £105,000.

After 3 days with no news, I had to ring Express to see if my offer had been accepted. They called me back and told me again it had been declined and that the seller was after £115,000! I couldn't believe if this was the case that they had put the starting price so low. I felt cheated and really annoyed. Express then asked if we wanted to meet in the middle but I had to point out that my offer was the absolute maximum I could afford, so he suggested I leave the offer on the table and he'd talk to the seller and see if he could convince them to accept.

For 2 weeks I called periodically and asked if there was any news, and every time I was told he was working on it. In the end I told James that I would be happy to just be told it was a definite 'no' as I couldn't bear all the hanging on waiting.

Finally after getting no response, I posted a letter through the door of the property telling the seller I was having difficulty getting anything from Express and gave them my offer and my mobile number so we could discuss. A few days later, the seller's son (who was dealing with the sale for his mother) rang me and said the offer was too low and they needed £115,000 so we decided to part ways. He was very apologetic about the situation and told me he had warned Express that was the price they were after.

I have since seen on Right Move that the price is now advertised at 'Offers in Excess of £99,995'... still not very honest or accurate. As of today I am also still waiting for a phonecall from James to confirm if my offer has been accepted or declined, because as far as he's aware I still don't know if it has.

Every time we rang, James was either not there and we were promised a call-back (which never came) or he would say all the right things to us on the phone but then never call us back with information we asked for. Also, had the property been online for an accurate price from the start we wouldn't have gone to see it as it would have been deemed too expensive. I am also furious that I had to go out of my way to get in contact with the seller to find out about our offer.

I'm absolutely disgusted with the service we received from Express and I feel sorry for anyone who is trying to sell their property through them.
What agent could do to change your mind?
Express should have been honest and upfront about the price the buyer was after. They should have called back when they promised they would. They should not have assured me they could get my offer accepted, when they were fully aware that the seller wanted more.
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By: ostmos
Dec 12, 2012
Spot on Ashley. I was also wondering what position "wrongsideofthepennines" holds with this company. I told them i was looking to achieve a minimum of 124K,but they insisted it should be marketed at 115K. Very misleading to prospective buyers.I am convinced they are only interested in their inflated selling fee,and not in getting you the price you need for YOUR property.
By: ostmos
Nov 05, 2012
Holly,you are absolutely spot on. I put my property on with them for THEIR suggested price of £115000. I told them i would not accept an offer anywhere near this price,but they insisted this was "necessary to get people through the door". I pointed out to them that i thought this is very misleading to prospective buyers who would expect an offer to be accepted if it was over £115000. Having had an offer of £117000 i was advised to accept this which i refused. It seems that they are NOT interested in the seller achieving what they want but only in selling quickly for whatever they can get for the property in order to secure their much inflated fee. I would advise anyone who is thinking of using this company to sell their property,to be very careful. If you are desperate to sell at any price,then this is the company for you. However,if you need to sell to achieve a price which you feel you need to progress,then STAY WELL CLEAR. Insist on a price you need to achieve. If they refuse to advertise for this price then go elsewhere,after all its your property not theirs You have been warned!!!!
By: steaknmash
Feb 19, 2012
Holly, don't worry about it pal. I've had dealings with these guys as well and they treated me, the buyer, in exactly the same way. They are just robbers and treat people like they are stupid. Don't use them. they've did the same thing to me 3 times. they're just assholes.

You are bang on with your comment, Holly.
By: Ashley
Dec 12, 2011
What a load of rubbish, you clearly are employed by these jokers judging by your many comments on this site.
Lets look at the facts. The advert stated "Offers in excess of £89,995", £95,000 is in excess of the advertised asking price.
If the vendor has stated that they are looking to achieve a MINIMUM of £115,000 why on earth market it over £25,000 less than what the vendor wants. Surely a realistic asking price of OIEO £110,000 or a guide price of £110-120,000.
These people are misleading potential buyers by making the property look like a bargain because they cannot generate leads any other way!
By: wrongsideofpennines
Dec 01, 2011
So Holly, basically you couldn't afford the flat? Why were you "shocked" by the asking price originally? Presumably similar properties in the area were marked up at a substantially higher price? Did the "offers in excess of" flag something up to you? Was your original offer of £95k realistic relative to the price other properties in the area were achieving. Sounds like you saw a property out of your price range, fell in love with it and you are now smarting because you can't afford it. Thats life love.
By: Holly
Nov 02, 2011
In a follow-up to my comment above I would like to point out that on seeing my review online, James gave me a call to see if I would discuss the points I had made, which I was happy to do.

Firstly James claimed to be surprised that I had felt let down by a lack of communication from him. He said that as far as he was aware, my offer was still on the table and he was doing his best to see if the sellers would accept. I pointed out that in my last phonecall with him, I had been promised a call back with feedback later the same day, but that after a week I was still left waiting. I also told him that since I had spoken to the sellers themselves, I knew my offer was not going to be accepted as it was still far lower than they were willing to accept. We agreed that this could have been confusion in communication.

James seemed to feel offended by my review, so I pointed out to him that it was not to be taken as a personal attack on him, or even as a personal vendetta against Express, but as an honest account of the experience I had with them, and my own personal onions. James told me he thought we had good rapport on the phone, which I agreed with and was the main reason why I found it so frustrating when there was a lack of communication between my phonecalls chasing. I told him my biggest qualm with the whole experience had been the issue of the inaccurate pricing, and he told me that he was not responsible for valuing properties or pricing them online. I told him he should not feel too bothered by the review then as this was my main bone of contention.

He finished the phonecall by apologising for my bad experience, which I was really appreciative of.

Since then, I have also had a voicemail from one of the partners at Express which I have not yet followed up. As long as I am not hounded by phonecalls from Express regarding my review of them, I am happy to rescind most of my original negative comments about them and James, apart from the issue I have with the pricing, which still stands.

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