Sep 26,2011
Sep 26,2011
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To give you an idea of how bad the service was I have never been compelled to go out of my way to write a negative review about a company. In my opinion London Residential isn't just the most unprofessional estate agent I've ever used, they're the most unprofessional business I've ever had to deal with!

Please take the time to read our story as it may save you a lot of hassle and money. Whilst reading bear in mind that finding a property and moving whilst working full time isn't the most stress free thing you can do at the best of times. Also if you are a landlord think about the commission you're paying London Residential who should be trying their up most to find you a decent tenant. 

Tony Kyriacou called me at 9am asking if I'd be interested in viewing a property that evening, it sounded ideal so I agreed to meet him at 6pm. Tony said he just had to check with the current tenants and he'd get back to me. He never did and I had to call him four times to get hold of him and secure a viewing, this was annoying as he was the one who rang me.

Tony was late, the tenant saw me waiting outside and kindly offered to show me around himself. Unfortunately one of the tenants was away and had locked their door so we couldn't view the whole house. Surely if Tony had communicated with the tenants properly he would have known this and could have picked a viewing date when all the rooms were unlocked. 

Tony Kyriacou arrived just as we were leaving the property and I gave him my offer pending viewing the locked room.  Frustratingly, because of the locked door, we now had to view the property again. He told me he'd get back to me the following day but he never did. Two days later I managed to get hold of him and arrange a second viewing. Throughout this whole farce Tony constantly assured me he'd call me back and never ever did, I have always had to chase him.

Tony was 40 minutes late. To gain access Tony then had to have a heated discussion with another tenant who apparently hadn't been informed of our visit

We put in an offer which was £40 less per week than the asking price. Tony was adamant that the Landlady would accept, in fact he told us this before I'd even seen the property. He then drove us to London Residential to pay the holding deposit. Small talk on the way consisted of how ¢â‚¬Ëœthe Chinese were the dirtiest tenants' and a dubious, uncomfortable story about how he once showed a singer from the band The Saturdays round a property and ¢â‚¬Ëœf**cked her' during the viewing?! 

Once we arrived it took him 2 hours to write down our simple requirements (two lines which he wrote without any punctuation and which barely made sense) he also had to tweak two passages in the T&Cs on our insistence. He clearly wasn't listening to us and had to print all the details out 3 times as he kept missing bits out. 

Towards the end of the 2 hours he kept mentioning the Wimbledon tennis tournament, he then turned his monitor round and showed us the current score. It turns out that throughout the painstaking two hours we had been sat in the London Residential offices he'd been watching a tennis match on the internet and this was why he hadn't been paying attention to us. He also told us our council tax was in band C because ¢â‚¬Ëœall properties in Camden were band C'! We informed him that, that wasn't correct and we then had to explain to him how Council Tax banding worked. With his new found knowledge he then looked up our property up and realised it was in Band E, big difference! He also noticed that he'd given us the wrong moving in date, he was out by 10 days!

Our offer was accepted but it took him over three weeks to send us the reference forms. Once those were filled out and sent over to London Residential, Tony then asked for a scan of our passport and of a recent utility bill, why couldn't ask for all this in one go I don't know as this slowed down getting the agreement signed.

Nine days before we move in, Tony called me to explain that the Landlady had been offered a higher amount of rent from another agency but she would still go with us if we were willing to increase our offer by £20 a week. As a gesture of goodwill he would waiver his hard earned admin fees. According to our Landlady this was in fact a lie, Tony had been phoning her neighbours and exaggerating about the amount of money he'd got for her house. She found out from one of these neighbours what he was doing and was so enraged by the fact that he'd been telling other people her private business she told him he could go and request the amount he'd boasted about from us or the deal was off. This explains why he was so eager to help us carry on with the deal, hence the wavering of admin fees so he would still get his commission. 

Therefore, because Tony had taken so long to provide us with the reference form and had taken so long getting the deal signed (we viewed the property around the beginning of July it was now the end of August) and because as our Landlady informed us, he shared confidential information with other landlords in the area, we now had to pay over an extra £1000+ a year or find a home within nine days. Begrudgingly we agreed to pay, but wanted the security of having the Landlady sign the papers that day. Tony agreed and said he'd call me back I didn't hear from him so I had to chase him again. 

Just as we were about to pay the rent we got a call informing us that they'd used the wrong info on the references and we would have to re-sign them all again. 

Once we were ready to pay the rent we then got another phone call to say the sort code London Residential supplied us was incorrect. Luckily it was before we had paid the first month's rent, otherwise the transaction would have failed or worse still, the money could have possibly gone into someone else's account. I asked our Landlady to confirm that the second set of payment details were correct and they weren't!

My flatmate has requested this five times Tony again promises to get back to him and to date still hasn't bothered.

This was a simple straight forward rental that I assume London Residential carry out all of the time, everything that could go wrong did go wrong! This not only caused us added stress and inconvenience it also cost us money and almost somewhere to live. 3 In my opinion you should stay well clear of these cowboys. I can confirm all of the above is completely true with the exception of my Landlady's reason as to why the rent was increased, although it does make sense and I do believe her in fairness I only have her word. However, this is beside the point as if Tony had carried out his job in an efficient and professional manner we would have had the contract signed weeks before the Landlady wanted to increase the rent.
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Dec 06, 2013
this needs to be made into a film!
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Sep 28, 2012

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