Aug 11,2011
By: 'Kirsten'
Aug 11,2011
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I have been absolutely appalled with Fineholm and am not surprised to see other reviews on here stating the same.
When I first went to view my property I was in desperate need of a place to stay, and even though it was a bit old fashioned I thought I would be able to make something lovely out of it. The first problem I encountered when viewing the flat was that they were over-charging for the rent for the state the flat was in. My mother told them I would only be taking the property if they dropped the rent, which they did.
Only when I moved in did problems begin. The first came when I went to sit on my 'sofa'... I leant back and there was a nail sticking out of the middle of it! It was also uncomfortable so I lifted the cushions, and there was just planks of wood underneath (??). This meant I had to move this sofa as it was unusable and bring a new one in. The first night I slept in bed I could not sleep at all- bed springs were sticking out everywhere, and it was so unbearable I had to pay £60 for a mattress topper. Also, out of the EIGHT chairs that were present with the table, TWO were not broken (why the others had not been thrown out I have no idea).

This was all superficial, and as they had already reduced the rent I hesitated to contact over such small things, so I didn't. Then, within one month of moving in there was a severe leak in my kitchen ceiling, where I had to turn off my electricity due to dripping onto the oven and electrical sockets. When I phoned them about this they said someone would be out the next day. I told them this was unacceptable due to where the leak was happening, but while making this phone call one of the other tenants had a plumber in straight away. This meant that Fineholm (presumably) did not have to deal with it as someone else had discovered the problem. This has left a horrible brown stain on my ceiling which I complained about and nothing has been done.

In Winter, the close suffered with frozen pipes (not uncommon in a tenement flat). However, I noticed a dripping sound coming from the artificial ceiling in the alcove and the ceiling beginning to bow in. I called for advice on this and got "call back if it sounds like its becoming a stream of water". I took pictures as evidence of the ceiling bowing as I thought this attitude was ridiculous. When I woke in the morning the ceiling had fallen in. There was debris and rubble/dirty water/sodden carpet everywhere. I called the 'emergency number' as it was first thing in the morning with no response. I had to wait until the agency opened. When they did, they sent a plumber out. The plumber said it was back up from frozen pipes and did EXACTLY what we had been told by fineholm NOT to do- pour boiling water onto the outer pipes. This lead to MORE back-up and he flooded our bathroom. When there was no water coming in, he left. Workmen came round the next day (we had to find our OWN accommodation that night as the flat was damp and stank) and ripped up the carpets/took debris away.
A day later they entered my flat WITHOUT PERMISSION to put a dehumidifier in. A couple of days after that they again entered WITHOUT PERMISSION to remove it. NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE SINCE. I still live in a flat with an unusable space I am paying for, and bare floorboards in my bathroom. It has been 8 MONTHS since this happened, with complaints made to 3 different members of staff who said they would 'follow up' on it.

Every time I write to the company to speak to the landlord I get a response from the agency. I have no idea who my landlord is or how much input he has into the running of this property.
Oh, I also never received an inventory. I rang on 3 separate occasions about this as well, being told there was a 'backlog' and they would get one sent out 'asap'. I only received one 8 months after being in the property, when I was in the office talking to them face to face. The inventory was dated 2008. There were tenants in the property in 2009 and 2010 so I am worried that we are going to be charged if things are missing that previous tenants have lost/taken. Also, when I dealt with the woman I was speaking to in the office, she told me the complaints I had 'were not her department', and when I asked to speak to someone whose department it was she said 'the person who deals with your flat is on holiday'. I told her this was not good enough, so she got someone else from the department, who took a note of my complaints.... never heard another thing from either of these women, whose last words to me- by the way- were "boy am I glad to see the back of you". She said it jokingly but I was astounded by the lack of professionalism on her part.

The latest thing that has happened here are the complaints we have had from a downstairs neighbour concerning our dog. WE DO NOT OWN A DOG. The company were quick enough to contact us about this though, and did not even investigate this guy's LIES, even though he has been abusive and threatening toward me and my partner, and does not even live in the flat directly below us.

All in all they have been completely incompetent, rude, unprofessional and I will NEVER, EVER rent with them again.
What agent could do to change your mind?
Absolutely awful. I wanted more contact with the landlord and not the agency, I wanted them to deal with my complaints and not make ME feel like I was wasting THEIR time, I wanted professionalism and all in all a recognition that THIS IS THEIR JOB when clearly they can't be arsed to do it properly.
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By: Sally
Aug 24, 2011
Kirsten and Mum - I would be happy to arrange for a rep to inspect whether we feel property is habitable - I will contact Kirsten direct and will also advise you of a window cleaners number Kirsten as we do require windows to be cleaned. Some old sash and case windows do not open on the hangers anymore which is one of the normal issues in an older style property.
By: Mum
Aug 18, 2011
Sally....why is it that it has taken so long for a reply - is it because of the 'bad' review that has made you react. taking the dog issue out of it completely....I am the mum of my desperate long suffering daughter, who has had to put up with living in a flat that has been , in my opinion, unsafe to live in at times - she was student and was desperate for somewhere to live - and was prepared to take the flat in the condition that it was in - but why should she now be living with a kitchen - where she has lost the full function of - where she is paying for an area that she cant use as there is debris and the view of her upstairs neighbours floorboards are not what she wants above her head as she is eating - the wallpaper at the back of the kitchen is hanging off - yes a dehumidifier was put in - but no follow up to check that there isnt dampness etc - walking on bare floorboards - having to buy furniture that she can barely afford as the furniture left was unsafe - and when she called - and said that she would buy her own bed - and could the old one be removed was told that she would have to organise this herself and if the old bed was removed leave a replacement??? I have stood back and let her get on with all the complaints etc herself as she needs to learn - but
I have seen the e mails, and picked up the pieces of the tears and frustration, and even put my hand in my own pocket - to sort out what I could for her.
Its now a little too late - as you know Kirsten has put in her notice - and will be moving to a property which is a palace compared to where she is living.
My question is now - when its too late to make good the issues - why not make a guesture of a rent refund for the last eight months of grief.
I challenge any at Fineholm - to view the flat and ask the question whether they would pay our good money to live there - I bet you wouldn't.

It's a shame - beacuse the flat could be a lovely place to stay as it has so much potential and I know that my daughters throughts were to settle there for a longer period of time - but - you have lost a respectable tennant, who has made the best of a bad situation - she didnt ask for much - just that the flat was made 'safe'.............Wonder what a Health and Safety inspector would make of it???!

Kind Regards
By: Kirsten
Aug 18, 2011
To 'glasrenter': dirty washing powder holder?!?!?! That is ridiculous!! They will NOT be taking my deposit from me. That I can GUARANTEE. I don't care whether it takes for me to ring them up and have someone WATCH me clean the flat. I'm most worried about the carpets as they were in a sorry state when we moved in (BLACK around the edge of the CREAM carpeted bedroom). We bought our own carpet cleaner but it does not seem to have done the job. I don't understand how they expect tenants to clean to the standards of professionals, as clearly no professionals were in this flat before I rented it!!

And I know what you mean about the windows! I am on the 2nd floor and the outside of my windows are dirty because I can't find a window cleaner that does tenement flats, and the way the windows are SUPPOSED to open does not work.
By: Sally
Aug 17, 2011
Kirsten - I understand you feel let down by our service and although I don't know the history of the maintenace I did personally deal with the dog issue and you accepted that you did have a dog in the property - I am unsure why you state here that you did not? If you would like to discuss your issues in more detail please contact me personally at
By: glasrenter
Aug 15, 2011
I totally feel for you, I had different problems when I was renting from Fineholm (Dangerous & Faulty boiler which took 3 months to sort out) although I did have the same problem with an old green sofa! They only started pulling their finger out when I started to research what can be done about landlords who are not sorting out problems and various other regulations relating to it. Once I started providing documented evidence, photos and telling them I have spoken to various landlord regulators they then started being a bit more pro-active. It is also worth noting they did not return my deposit, we paid for professional cleaners to come in and leave the flat spotless. However they we left it dirty (we have photos to prove otherwise!), they deliberately pick up on things such as 'dirty washing powder holder' in the washing machine, dirty windows (we were on the the 3rd floor). We also replaced any items lost or broken, again nothing major just a couple of glasses and plates, however they managed to find £180 worth of broken / stolen items. Absolute con artists!!!! I hope everything gets sorted soon. I WILL NEVER EVER RENT WITH THEM AGAIN and will advise anyone I know the same.

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