How Can First Time Buyers Get on the Market?


How can first time buyers get on the market? There is a lot of woes written about the millennials, generation rent and increasingly older renters, who are unable to buy a home. The first time buyer has never had it harder with ever growing property values and a lack of affordable housing, whats the answer? A first time buyer whether buying alone or as a couple, will usually be the hardest and working people in the office and working the longest hours. When do they get time to look for a property or view it and if they don’t know London where to look. Evenings looking online, weekends and even holidays can be taken up with viewings traipsing all over London, to sometimes find disappointing properties. that have been photographed by  an estate agents wide angled lenses, and not representative of the real property. A buying agent can suggest areas that are affordable to first time buyers.With the cross rail opening this year a lot of lesser known areas will have excellent access to central London and across London.​ First time buyers understandably don’t know the property market how it works, what to ask, what not to reveal.Its like playing chess with a blindfold on. Buying a property is the biggest single spend in a persons life, wheres the impartial help and  advise?A first time buyer needs a proffesional property buying agent, someone the buyer can trust and is on their side. An estate agent is working for the vendor and will always seek to achieve the highest price for their client, who may have been given unrealistic valuation expectations. A buying agent is working for the buyer.  It used to be that until recently, agencies that act on the buyers’ behalf have been the preserve of celebrities and the very wealthy, but that has changed  A new breed of Buying agencies in London look mainly for first time buyers who are working hard, have saved up a deposit or may be being helped by BOMAD (Bank of mum and dad). Their salary is big enough for a mortgage, but they do not have the time to view a property before it goes to an investor or buy to let Landlord. A buying agent will search, view and negotiate the lowest offer for their clients and offer support throughout the buying process.They will work  with the estate agents, solicitors management companies and surveyors to achieve a quick and stress free purchase The cost of a buying agent can often be off set by good negotiations on the offer price, saving the buyer thousands of pounds.

Laura Johnstone

Director, Greengrass Property Buying Agents