New capacities on allAgents


[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=10px][SIZE=12px][FONT=arial]Not everyone is a negotiator or a valuer, so by adding more capacities, we can open our review website and customer feedback to more specific services within your operation and the staff who work with and for you.

We have also opened the door for additional property related businesses to be reviewed and take advantage of this powerful marketing tool.

A full list of the selectable service capacities are:[/FONT][/SIZE][/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
I am a Landlord / Landlady
I am a Tenant
Prospective customer (Lettings)
Property Management
Accounts [/FONT][/SIZE]
I sold a property using them
I bought a property using them
Prospective customer (Sales) [/FONT][/SIZE]
[*][SIZE=12px][FONT=arial][B]Property Management[/B]
They manage our building
They are our factor
They manage our estate[/FONT][/SIZE]
I got a mortgage through them[/FONT][/SIZE]
[FONT=arial][FONT=arial]Surveys – they provided a surveyor
Conveyancing – Legal search and services
Buying agent – Introduction or facilitating agent
Relocation agent – Wider role management
Holiday rental – Holiday & Short term stay providers[/FONT][/FONT]
[SIZE=12px][COLOR=#000000]Now you can ask your clients to recognise more of the people from your company that deserve a mention.[/COLOR][/SIZE]


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