We all have ideas about Spain – SUN, SEA, SAND, SANGRIA and SIESTAS often come to mind.

Houses poorly built on illegal land, homes being pulled down, people’s dreams left in tatters.

This is only one side of the story and for only a few compared to all those who have bought in Spain with no such problems. The media haven’t caught up with the reality that people are still happily buying homes in Spain without any problems but this doesn’t make headline news!!!

What if you have decided to buy a Spanish property, how do you go about it? We know from our clients that many of them started with internet searches. It’s a good place to start, especially if you have plenty of time to spend going through hundreds of properties on many different sites, as it will give you an idea of what is on offer.

Then for many the trail went cold. They had questions they wanted answering but didn’t know where to go to find the answers or worse still were being given poor advice. For example, one couple were told You don’t need a lawyer to buy a house in Spainâ.

Yes you do!!! A qualified lawyer ( abogado/abogada) with thorough knowledge of Spanish property law.

We have recently found that people we have been in discussion with about Spanish property have said they hadn’t known where to go for advice. Many British banks and estate agents no longer offer Spanish property. Indeed one of our clients even said that a Spanish bank here in England told him “We no longer deal with Spanish mortgages”. So where do you go to find this advice?

On-line can take you so far, but what if you have questions to ask and/or problems you want to discuss? It is all too easy to pick out a property but what about the area this property is in? Can a website pick up your needs, your likes and dislikes? What about local information? What about alternative properties which might not be shown on the site you are using?

Do you have time to search every site available or would you rather someone else did the groundwork for you and then continued to help you with your purchase once that property has been found?

This is where the purchaser in Spain needs the help of a specialised agent.

You need to find someone you can trust to have your best interest at heart not someone who is just selling you a property.

An old-fashioned value but the computer doesn’t have feelings when giving you property options!!!

What kind of advice should you expect to get from an agent? Make sure that you find someone who :

Is independent, so they can offer you a whole range of properties not just from one developer.
Is able to tell you how to go about the buying process.
Understands Spanish property law and is able to help you find a qualified lawyer.
Regularly visits Spain so sees first-hand what is happening in the different regions of the country.
Is able to property-search for you because they have a good network of contacts to help you find that special property.

It shouldn’t cost you any more to buy through a reputable agent than to buy directly from a developer. The cost is the same, so in effect the agent comes free!!!