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I appreciate the whole property industry has had it hard for quite a number of years and we are all due some good news but how much more can we take and how much can we believe? I know most Estate Agents have had their best year in 2013 since a very long time previously and all the signs are good for the next few years. Low mortgage rates set to continue, Help to Buy making it possible for first time buyers to join in, foreign buyers investing in our market and new found confidence in the market has set prices moving upwards in virtually the whole of the country.

So what could go wrong? Christmas perhaps? Our annual phenomenon that puts all buyers interest on hold when their thoughts turn to other priorities. Perhaps some inclement weather, let’s face it, who would want to go viewing in torrential rain, but what about the Bank of England? they now also have the power to control our market so let’s hope we have a mild winter, the Help to Buy does only as it was planned and just reintroduces First Time Buyers to the market place and that Father Christmas brings his joyful effect just to the official 12 Days of Christmas and then the market continues where it currently is. Through all of this new instructions coming to the market hold the key to what will happen next year. If the supply is slow then prices will rise more quickly, if there is a reasonable amount to satisfy demand then we should just see a sustainable growth which is what everyone wants.

So if you are thinking of selling or know somebody who is then do your research on allAgents, chose the best agent in your area and get on with it because one thing is for certain and that is prices and the ability to move will never be this good again.

[FONT=arial][SIZE=12px]Francis Marshall FNAEA is the Managing Director of the [/SIZE][/FONT][URL=””]Bradleys[/URL][FONT=arial][SIZE=12px] Group[/SIZE][/FONT]


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