What to expect from 2014?


I think you may agree that 2013 was a significant year in property. But, how will 2014 stand up to 2013?

Following a national press outreach we see confidence returning, we will see a further increase in prices, and with this we should see a natural upward progression on sale movement too.

Whether you are an agent or a consumer you will no doubt have formed many opinions on agents and the market in your area.

I would like to share 2 of my company commitments with you and invite you all to think about what commitments your company is setting this year or maybe if you are a customer what you would expect to see from your agent?

1 – ALWAYS do what you say you’ll do – another key to ensuring that my clients are always aware of what is happening. False promises are not good enough.

2 – ALWAYS go one step further. Before any action is taken always ask yourself if you have done the most you could have done for that client.

It is very difficult to be seen in what is a very crowded market place, but thinking of where your clients come from is key to ensuring you have strong bridges in place for them to cross.

My clients come from referrals. These two commitments ensure that I’m the first agent they think about. Remember that poor service is always remembered. It is not some grand gesture. It is not some gimmick for an influx of new customers. It is a foundation that your company should be built on. A strong foundation will keep your company standing tall through an uncertain future. An investment in longevity.

I run a north west local online based estate agency VMOVE. I would be interested to see what your 2 most important company commitments are for 2014. Please feel free to share these with me.

Victoria Green
Twitter on @VMOVE_limited