Just a week after the allAgents awards


Just a week after the allAgents awards where those who deliver the highest standards of customer care are named and awarded we see the worst of the industry named and shamed on National TV. Of course it was nothing to do with the companies and only the fault of some staff who have since been reprimanded. Like anybody would be foolish enough to believe that! My daughter was recently buying in London and she phoned me in despair that one of the companies named last night refused to register her or inform her of new instructions if she did not take their financial services! I advised her to contact trading standards but just like everybody else she was not interested in sorting out the agent or the industry she just wanted to buy a house, so didn’t bother.

I operate in sleepy old Devon and Cornwall where the practices such as these shown last night are much fewer but it is completely beyond me why Trading Standards and the Ombudsman, now in receipt of the irrefutable evidence don’t prosecute those firms and start to sort out the shady practise which tarnishes all of our reputations. Just as a matter of interest has anybody looked up the allAgents reviews for those firms featured?

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