Help to Buy scheme: Will it help?


[FONT=arial]So finally the lenders are able to offer the Help to Buy scheme and the rules are made clear. Will it help?

Yes has to be the answer, but it certainly isn’t going to overheat the market or create a bubble. Following on from all of the spin of the last two weeks, the rates announced today for the 95% mortgages are considerably higher than those on offer for an 80% mortgage with the same lenders.

If you think back, what is the problem with that? My recollection is that a 95% mortgage always did cost more and the borrowers with a higher deposit always were rewarded with lower rates brought about by safer lending.

From my point of view we will just return to a market where the first time buyer can now buy but it won’t be easy and I think that is both prudent and correct in terms of a healthy but sable market.

Of course there should be increased demand with more people now able to buy and agents will require more instructions to service the increased levels of applicant and that is where I am so glad we have allAgents to be able to show potential sellers why they should trust us with their biggest asset as reviews from previous customers are without doubt the best form of marketing, after all nobody buys anything without first reading the reviews do they? [/FONT]

[SIZE=12px][FONT=arial]Francis Marshall FNAEA is the Managing Director of the Bradleys Group[/FONT][/SIZE]


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