It will never be this cheap to buy again


We may be approaching mid-winter but there are no storm clouds on the horizon for the property market, in fact from my corner down in the South West everything is very sunny, Help to Buy comes into force in a few weeks, the buyers are continuing to view and buy in December and the UK continues to recover economically which is in turn giving the confidence to drive the buyers on to buy now.

I have said this before but, it will never be this cheap to buy again. Mortgage rates remain low and available, property prices are only going one way in the face of strong demand and a shortage of supply. This is where a sellers choice of agent is vital to achieve the best price in a rising market. Firstly the asking price must be right, too low and anyone can give a property away but too high it won’t sell and will go stale eventually requiring a reduction below the market so the vendor will have to bridge a bigger gap when he does eventually sell. But don’t choose your agent just based on the ability to value accurately, you need an agent who will deal with you honestly and have your best interest at heart all of the time.

You should use an agent that comes with a track record of delivering a good service and achieving the right result and you will ideally find that agent by word of mouth from friends and relatives who have sold recently so were able to give you a good recommendation.

If you don’t know anybody who has recently had a good moving experience then that is where allAgents comes into play and you can take your advice form 1000’s of people who have recently moved and have independently praised the good and shamed the bad. If you think about it why would you even rely on a single recommendation from a friend when every agent in the country is available to be judged on allAgents and you can very clearly see who you should instruct if you want a good service and the right result. Equally you can clearly see which agents are best avoided.

Don’t leave the sale of your biggest asset to chance take your pick from a top performing agent on allAgents as they will certainly come backed by 100’s of independent recommendations and that is about as good as it gets.

[FONT=arial][FONT=inherit][SIZE=12px]Francis Marshall FNAEA is the Managing Director of the [/SIZE][/FONT][/FONT][URL=””]Bradleys[/URL][FONT=arial][FONT=inherit][SIZE=12px] Group[/SIZE][/FONT][/FONT]