[{"name":"Terry Ward","display_name":"Terry","date_added":"2021-01-22 14:00:53","review":"Tracy and all at Coultons \r\nThank you very much in handling the sale of my property, from the outset you were confident you knew your market and you indeed delivered\r\nWorking myself in the property industry for many years it was great to know an agent with an honest & positive approach \r\nI would highly recommend your high standard of a professional service","capacity":"3","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"420021"},{"name":"Anthony Moussaioff","display_name":null,"date_added":"2020-11-06 10:18:31","review":"i was very impressed at the energy\\\/speed and enthusiasm displayed throughout the marketing and sales process of our house! excellent Agents all round","capacity":"3","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"411888"},{"name":"Susan gower","display_name":null,"date_added":"2020-11-06 10:17:55","review":"Coultons was my agent of choice as I had previously used them as I was going through a very difficult sale due to separation, they handled the situation for me, were very helpful and understanding and went above and beyond to get a satisfactory result that we were happy with. I was contacted regularly and kept informedThankyou for your help in a very difficult situation.","capacity":"3","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"411887"},{"name":"Kyriacos agamemnonos","display_name":null,"date_added":"2020-08-21 09:00:16","review":"Coultons is without doubt one of the best estate agent in chingford.\r\nAll the personnel are highly professionals.\r\nThey are motivated to selling your house even through COVID-19 we had 100% support from them.\r\nAs soon as the estate agent could open again they were there for us.\r\n\r\nI just won’t to say a big thank you to all of the guys at Coultons especially to Gina.\r\nHighly recommended.\r\n\r\nK.agamemnonos.","capacity":"3","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"402402"},{"name":"Anthony Wood","display_name":null,"date_added":"2020-08-01 19:00:01","review":"Gina, Paolo and the team at Coultons are incredible. We have now bought and sold through them and I would recommend them to anyone. Honest, trustworthy, the list goes on. \r\nIf you are looking to either buy or sell, please trust me when I say that this local estate agent ticks every box!\r\n\r\nThank you","capacity":"4","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"400088"},{"name":"Marlene Norcott","display_name":null,"date_added":"2020-07-29 12:30:07","review":"Very good service and competitive price,always there to talk to and kept a chain\nTogether through lockdown. It\\'s the first time I\\'ve used coultons but would definitely \nrecommend them.","capacity":"3","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"399669"},{"name":"Jozsef S.","display_name":null,"date_added":"2020-03-06 10:43:20","review":"Our experience is completely positive!\r\nThe staff was always nice and friendly with us.\r\nWe received all the necessary information.\r\nWhen we had questions ,the answer came shortly...\r\nWe hope that everything stay like this in the future as well...\r\nThanx for the helpful and quick administration.","capacity":"2","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"389216"},{"name":"Alexandra Friend","display_name":null,"date_added":"2020-02-25 23:00:04","review":"I have now rented 2 properties through Coultons, they have always been professional and helped with the process to run smoothly. \r\nAlways called back to help with a problem if one occurs.","capacity":"2","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"387994"},{"name":"I matranxha","display_name":null,"date_added":"2020-02-25 22:00:12","review":"We have searched for a house to rent last month in chingford area and Coultons has been extremely helpful for this period of time in assisting us finding a property.","capacity":"2","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"387989"},{"name":"Anne P","display_name":null,"date_added":"2020-02-25 18:18:03","review":"We have used Coultons Estate Agents twice now and each time they have come up trumps! They always answer calls\\\/emails within a reasonable time frame. They sold our house hassle free and now we use their rental service for our house. Gina, Paolo & Lauren are very efficient.\r\nCoultons does what it says on the tin!","capacity":"1","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"387952"},{"name":"Irina","display_name":null,"date_added":"2020-02-25 17:00:16","review":"Very friendly and helpful from begging. Excellent service , professional. I would recommend Coultons Estate Agents to any tenant. Was a pleasure to deal with them! Thank you to all team members.","capacity":"2","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"387921"},{"name":"Natalia Radecka","display_name":null,"date_added":"2020-02-25 15:00:27","review":"I have been Talking to a very friendly person. She has explained everything to me very clear and she was really lovely.","capacity":"2","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"387897"},{"name":"Anthony Wood","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-12-19 23:00:13","review":"Our property was initially listed with another agent who struggled to sell our property and didn’t communicate well with us. We moved to Coultons and were absolutely delighted with their professionalism and attention to detail. They provided us with regular phone updates & advice and acted in our best interests at all times. We could not be happier with Coultons and the outcome that they delivered us. We would be pleased to recommend Coultons very highly to anybody considering selling.","capacity":"3","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"381220"},{"name":"Chris Weekes","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-12-13 14:00:15","review":"I thought Coultons were absolutely excellent. Always helpful, always there to take a call and answer an enquiry. Very professional service!!","capacity":"2","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"380386"},{"name":"Roy Enroy","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-12-09 18:00:04","review":"Being in the financial services myself and experiencing various property transactions it was a comfort to know that the efforts of the Coultons Team were there at hand when required. As a result I have to commend Levent and team for their assistance in my recent purchase for their overall professionalism and candor. \r\n\r\nWe experienced various highs and lows (none negatively reflecting on the Coultons team) but when it came to the crunch they were there to assist me in a very proactive manor.\r\n\r\nI would definitely recommend their services to others in future as a house purchase can be daunting even for those that are experienced and they definitely went over and beyond.\r\n\r\nWell done..","capacity":"4","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"379823"},{"name":"Miss K Brown","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-11-01 14:00:13","review":"The entire experience with Coultons was simply seamless. \r\n\r\nTheir attention to detail when writing our property description was outstanding, as were the professional pictures they produced of the property prior to marketing. From start to finish, the entire process was made so much easier as the entire team were always on hand to assist with any questions or help.\r\n\r\nI would highly recommend this company. Coultons strive to achieve the best results for their clients and achieved the best possible outcome at the end of our sale.\r\n\r\nA huge thank you to all the staff at Coultons.","capacity":"3","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"374974"},{"name":"michael grace","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-10-31 22:00:03","review":"All I can say is that these guys are amazing I brought my first property via Coultons and they helped me every step of the way and kept me updated at all times.\r\n\r\nThank you Paolo Di Bernardo and also Levent Kemal\r\n\r\nA friend of mine has also let a flat from these guys and once again the service delivered by Lauren was just amazing","capacity":"4","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"374908"},{"name":"Erik Maurice","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-10-31 15:00:09","review":"The agency has been very responsive and proactive from day one! The rental potential assessment was spot on and the support throughout the process absoluely perfect. I can only say...Thank you!! Despite difficult circumstances the agency got everything organised and sorted out. Thats what being in a safe (competent) pair of hands feels like!!","capacity":"1","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"374844"},{"name":"Audrone Gedrimaite","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-10-25 13:17:47","review":"I am very happy with the service I received since the day one when I came to view the property property the agent Lauren came on time and was very helpful with all the procedure of documentation and helping to rent the property. She was friendly, helpful and understanding her service is excellent I very recommending her she takes her job seriously and honest.","capacity":"2","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"374058"},{"name":"James Clifford","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-10-25 11:20:08","review":"64 Stanley Road \n\nI found that Lauren was very professional and efficient during the entire process. I would recommend her.","capacity":"17","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"374025"},{"name":"Tanyel , Rasit","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-10-22 16:54:20","review":"Very professional firm. Everyone there is hardworking and always provides the best thorough service. Will definitely use Coultons again... Very happy customer","capacity":"3","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"373581"},{"name":"Gaillies Codd","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-10-22 16:17:33","review":"Very supportive during the stress of moving and very calming when the chain was getting stressed! Also excellent advice as to solicitor.","capacity":"3","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"373567"},{"name":"Christine Willett","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-10-22 16:09:23","review":"I would recommend this company. They were efficient, helpful, friendly and honest. Even when I was getting stressed they stayed calm and done what they said they were going to do. A special thank you to Paolo and Levant.","capacity":"3","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"373546"},{"name":"Leslie Burkwood","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-10-17 14:46:48","review":"A friendly, helpful and professional service. Very proactive with prospective buyers and their solicitors as well as their clients. Realistic with estimates. Good guidance given during probate process. Good communications all round.","capacity":"3","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"372961"},{"name":"Pratheep Suntharamoorthy","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-10-17 14:38:30","review":"Absolutely brilliant agents. Kept me well informed throughout even with a difficult purchase. Would definitely recommend. Highly professional and friendly","capacity":"4","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"372957"},{"name":"Lorraine Clifford","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-10-16 17:31:33","review":"It has been a pleasure to deal with Coultons Estate Agents. They have been informative, helpful and proactive at all times.\n\nThank you for your help at a difficult time.","capacity":"3","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"372842"},{"name":"David Roberts","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-09-30 21:00:16","review":"As a landlord with over 30 years experience I can quite honestly say that Coultons are by far the very best I have ever dealt with.\r\nIn particular Lauren is one of the most professional letting agents I have come across. \r\nAs well as dealing with matters promptly she has an in depth knowledge of the latest tenancy compliance.\r\nWith highly competitive rates and such a wonderful , sincere and honest service I can not recommend Coultons strongly enough.\r\nThank you Coultons.","capacity":"1","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"370949"},{"name":"Sarah beer","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-09-13 15:55:51","review":"Absolutely amazing made moving In really simple and very accommodating to our personal situation. \nVery friendly and easy to talk to any problems they have sorted in no time at all!","capacity":"2","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"368841"},{"name":"Sophie Curtis","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-09-06 19:00:04","review":"Great service and support throughout the selling process. Coultons promoted our property well which allowed for a very quick sale. Communication throughout the process was constant and easy. Would highly recommended to others in the area.","capacity":"3","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"367831"},{"name":"Marc","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-08-23 13:00:01","review":"Very pleasant people to deal with from start to finish. Plenty of advice given when needed which made the whole process easy and stress free.","capacity":"1","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"364564"},{"name":"David FAvSmith","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-08-21 20:00:09","review":"Letting property is a serious business and to negotiate the hurdles, the level of “agent competence” is a paramount consideration !\r\nCoultons have proven their top pedigree over considerable time !\r\nMany might wish to rent your abode ,\r\nBut sourcing the right client is an art in itself .\r\nApart from a prompt and highly efficient approach to admin ,Lauren and able colleagues strive to get you the right result ‘\r\nThey will also ensure, that going forward your investment is nurtured and every thing reasonably possible is geared to customer satisfaction !!","capacity":"1","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"364170"},{"name":"Ekeoma Abdul","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-08-17 15:00:01","review":"Laura was very friendly and helpful and answered all the queries that I had. I foynd the service at Coultons warm and welcoming","capacity":"2","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"363570"},{"name":"Janice Culley","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-08-10 18:00:04","review":"Excellent and responsive service throughout the process. Brillant communication at all times. \r\n\r\nThanks Sasha, Gina and Paola - you were amazing!","capacity":"4","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"362162"},{"name":"Keith Newman","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-08-07 14:38:08","review":"Sold house in a very difficult market. We received regular updates and were kept informed of progress at all times by Paolo and his Team who were all very helpful. I would have no hesitation in recommending Coultons.","capacity":"3","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"361775"},{"name":"Ilia Adzhiev","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-07-18 13:28:31","review":"Great service, Livent was always helpful.","capacity":"4","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"359621"},{"name":"Kushners","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-06-18 16:52:26","review":"Went out of his way to help us. Very efficient, always answered our queries, extremely polite and respectful. Absolutely on the ball.","capacity":"3","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"356280"},{"name":"Niusha","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-06-08 17:00:03","review":"We had a smooth experience with the agency during the whole process in order to rent the property. I would like to mention Lauren, she was really helpful with all out inquiries!","capacity":"2","rating":"4","willreturn":"1","rid":"354995"},{"name":"Toby","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-06-05 20:00:15","review":"Gina and Levent could not have been more helpful with our sale and even helped with advice on our onward purchase (even though they didn't have to). \r\n\r\nCoulton's are a great local agent who I have used previously for both letting and a sale. I couldn't recommend them highly enough.","capacity":"3","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"354588"},{"name":"Roshan","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-06-05 17:00:07","review":"Lauren was great with whole thing from showing the property around to actually finding the right tenant. Gina is also great always give good advice . they all great at Coultons helpful.","capacity":"1","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"354558"},{"name":"Tom Adlam","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-06-04 12:09:17","review":"Lauren has been very pleasant to deal with - on time, responsive to emails, and always very professional. I really appreciated her willingness to meet me on a Sunday to hand over the keys to the property","capacity":"2","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"354311"},{"name":"jay","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-05-15 19:00:04","review":"Lauren was great with everything from the very start she has helped and given me all the information i needed to know. it was very smooth an easy as she helped alot","capacity":"2","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"351825"},{"name":"Kim","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-04-08 10:31:36","review":"As it was my first time renting, Lauren made the experience less nerve wracking and very straightforward for me. She was very helpful and keep in contact on every update. The whole process was quick and I felt like I was treated with the utmost care and respect.","capacity":"2","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"347024"},{"name":"Tanya","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-03-25 15:28:08","review":"Lauren has been remarkably helpful to ensure my proposal was met when trying to rent a flat with a young kid. She has always been fast with her reply to my emails and all questions are answered with no fault. \n\nLauren has a very professional attitude to her work ethics, she talks in a calm and a helpful manner.\n\nWhen meeting the team at the office they always smiles and acknowledge you with eye contact even when they are busy or on the phone. For me that is good customer service.\n\nI would recommend Coultons anytime and be ensured that with Lauren, you are at safe hands.","capacity":"2","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"345027"},{"name":"Great service","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-03-01 18:26:47","review":"As a first time landlord, Lauren did a great job to find me the right tenants to suit my property. She went over and beyond in assisting me by providing all the information required to let my flat without any problems. Pricing was clearly laid out without any hidden surprises. She was quick with answering any questions, a true professional that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. Thanks Lauren and everyone at Coultons.","capacity":"1","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"341709"},{"name":"Miss Crosse","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-02-19 21:00:06","review":"Can't fault them at all... great staff, went well above and beyond my expectations right to the end of sale... I drove Gina mad I think constantly emailing but she got back every time. Brilliant and would thoroughly recommend.","capacity":"3","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"340208"},{"name":"Rai","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-02-14 16:47:28","review":"We have very difficult sale and purchase, Coultons team were amazing! They recommended very good and reliable solicitor, kept updates regularly! Very friendly, hard working and reliable agency!","capacity":"3","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"339807"},{"name":"Gareth","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-01-27 23:00:02","review":"As a first time landlord I was very nervous and unsure on how to go about letting out my flat. Gina and Lauren have been fantastic from the very beginning. Advice and questions are given very quickly and you feel supported at every stage. I would not hesitate to recommend to others.","capacity":"17","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"336891"},{"name":"Justina","display_name":null,"date_added":"2019-01-14 15:00:05","review":"I recently completed a purchase via Coultons and I couldn't recommend them more. Paolo and Levent were always available to answer queries and helped move the purchase along, even when it was running into difficulties. They were open and honest in their communication (not something every estate agent is good at) and were very easy to deal with.","capacity":"4","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"334694"},{"name":"New landlord","display_name":null,"date_added":"2018-12-06 11:26:31","review":"Coultons have provided a friendly 'local' service and considered all my concerns and considerations in finding the right tenant for my property.\r\nLauren kept me informed and updated throughout the process and is a pleasure to deal with.","capacity":"1","rating":"5","willreturn":"1","rid":"330444"},{"name":"Anne","display_name":null,"date_added":"2018-12-04 10:51:13","review":"Lauren was pleasant and very knowledgable. She answered every question I had quickly and never left me wondering about things.","capacity":"2","rating":"4","willreturn":"1","rid":"330106"}]