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Customer Review of Martin & Pole by 'Baggy'

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Reviewed by Baggy
on 7th May 2009

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M&P used to be a pretty good agent for letting your house....but they stopped being so good when they closed the Crowthorne office and moved everything to Wokingham. It's got especially bad there the last year - as in Romans Property type bad - calls never returned, contracts sent out with blinding errors (if you're lucky to get a copy before they hound the tenant to sign it without you seeing it first - which is a big 'no, no').

Depending on who you speak to, they can be either pretty nice and helpful or just downright rude and arrogant (I bet they love working together).

If I had a penny for every ARLA code of practice violation, this place would be saving the economy single handedly - I'm amazed there haven't been more complaints on here about them....but like I say, this is a relatively recent change in standards. A shame really...they used to be so good.

I'm looking to get away from them when the current tenant decides they've had enough. In the meantime, I couldn't recommend this agent to anyone.

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