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Customer Review of OM Property Management, LU2 9EX by 'Taken For A Ride'

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Reviewed by Taken For A Ride
on 19th December 2011

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Peveral OM manage my flat. 12 months ago I reported noises in the communal loft area, as did other residents. Several phone calls, and about 8 months later, they finally sent someone out to get rid of the rats. A few weeks later we started getting electric shocks from all the sockets / appliances. I called an electrician out who discovered (and took photos of) chewed cables in the loft., So..... I wrote to Peveral to say that I thought they should replace the chewed cables, given that they were caused by rats which were not dealt with for 8 months after first reporting them. They sent out their own contractor (electrician) who went into the loft, said he couldn't see anything, and left!!!!! I then sent photos of the cables, and an email saying that had the cables been properly sealed in the first place then the rats wouldn't have been able to get to them, and asking for another electirican to be sent out to do the job properly. No reply. Another email sent. No reply. 4 weeks later.... no reply. BUT I have just had an 'end of year adjustment' statement telling me that I owe them over £50!!!! WHO CAN I CONTACT?? Is there an Ombudsman? I have sent copies of all the emails to BBC Watchdog......


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  1. maxwell, 19th December 2011

    you should look into 'right to manage', which basically means sacking your exiting managing agents and appointing another. please let me know your email adress if this of any interest and i will send you some further information.

  2. Kevin, 12th January 2012

    Do not pay them that money. Don't worry - they will not take any legal action against you for just £50 and if they do mention it then keep mentioning back the problems you have faced. They will give up. You may not get compensation but satisfaction from feeling you weren't bullied until the very end will do you a world of good. Move to a bettr place - shocking treatment.

  3. tony g, 27th April 2012

    Well I hear what you say and the have a really bad rep. Perhaps give a try to Fresh Property management at

  4. Matt HZ, 4th May 2012

    Speak to ARMA (Association of Residential Managing Agents). This is the association that governs Block Managing Agents, and they should be able to tell you what action you can take. If your current agent has ignored safety issues, shame on them. Failure to address electrical faults could result in serious injury or even loss of life. This is a matter of great urgency and they should be taking action immediately, not 8 months later. Your landlord (assuming there is an independent freeholder) is ultimately responsible because he appoints OM as your agent. You should perhaps be speaking to him/her too.


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